Thursday, September 11, 2008


Inspired by beads. (We'll get to the 'zap' in a bit) I found this in a little vintage shop a few months ago and couldn't resist.
The fact that it only cost $1 had nothing to do with it. OK, well maybe a little.
The kids do love it.
But every once in a while I have to steal it away. Paired with black the beads give me an excuse to wear my favourite red shoes.
The shirt is simple and since it is black it is so versatile. However what I like the most about it is not the umpire waist or the little puffs on the shoulder but the back.
Adds a little surprise factor to an otherwise simple top.

Kaitlyn thinks it is weird and that I am missing part of my shirt.
But have you seen the way she dresses. Who is she to talk?
OK, yes, she is a mini me.
Right down to the baby on the hip, a bag on her shoulder, glasses and a handful of stuff, she is like a clone.
She lugs around all this stuff and when we went to the library today this only meant that I had to carry that much more stuff so she could run ahead. "I'm going to win mommy, come on let's race!"
Right!, Under 50 lbs if books and bags and toys. 

Before we hit the library we stopped by my parents for lunch.
The kids love seeing Em and Phil and it gives me a few moments to chill. 
I have no idea what Ethan was up to and I didn't even mean to snap this one but his little pout cracks me up.
Em. My 9 year old hippy sister.
Back home and out from under my weight of books and bags and toys Kaitlyn let me braid her hair. For a few moments the elastics held. Poor child has my thin wisps.

Now I just remembered that we have been unloading the basement, purging and sorting. Dave came home early today and made a pretty huge dent in piles down there. 
I should really be taking pictures of that. 
Something for tomorrow.
Before the work got started a few good snuggles were needed.

Daddy time. I could soak this one in forever.

And finally....Are you wondering about that about the post title?
I have to show you something. It is hilarious. Dave saw it at work and said the guys in dispatch were getting quite the kick out of it and even singing along. 
It is catchy.
You have to listen to the end, it gets better as it goes along and the ' zap' happens around 2 min's.
Enjoy. (and please don't blame me if you find yourself singing it throughout the day, blame dispatch)


Hannah said...

What fun & funky beads - and only $1?!
I so LOVE your top, it's very cool. I need to get one! My back is one of the only parts of my body that I truly like (that and my shoulders ... but not my "bat wing" arms) so would be cool to have a top like that.

JeniBeans said...



lol =)

Elaine A. said...

Ok, between that picture of Kaitlyn and all her garb and that video I am crying laughing over here.

My husband is gonna love this... ; )

Stacie said...


The necklace, shirt AND shoes are great!

Love your clone too!

The Chatty Housewife said...

Zap?! Really? LOL.

I love the line that goes something like he's like a mountie, he always gets his men! What a canadian line to add to a song, hilarious!

I love the guy in the chorus who dances by swinging his arms haha.

Catharine said...

LOL!!! Luke was minding his own business playing plydoh at the table when I hit the play button. He immediately came over and started dancing and bopping to the tune. So funny! The lead singer guy cracks me up! I was thinking I might have to show this one to my Bible Study Leaders and sing this at LMO opening!

Catharine said...

I just read my entry...Luke was actually playing with PLAYDOUGH, although it is quite pliable...LOL - I need to slow down!

Kristen said...

I love that picture of your hubby with the kids. Priceless! :)

And the black shirt is also too cute. Too Cute. Thinking I might need a shopping trip to Canada to find some cute stuff! :)

Kori said...

OMG, I have a green pair of beads just like that; only Owen steals them and wears them all of the time!

Anonymous said...

you and the top and kids ... cute! the video? too much, and makes me shudder! playdough people :)

Tracey said...

Oh my God. I don't know what made me laugh harder: the lyrics? The guy on the orange guitar rocking out with all his might? The middle-aged, spectacled folks singing back-up?

Holy moly. I really, REALLLLLY needed that giggle tonight. Really. Thanks for that link...

Shoot. I forgot what the rest of your post was about after that video!

Anonymous said...

The necklace and shoes are a great pop with that top. What a great expression on Kaitlyn's face! She's such a cutie!

mamatucci said...

too funny,Matteo was dancing up a storm!

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