Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A hungry studio

Not much going on. I was lazy in the fashion department today. It was cleaning day.
Ethan did dishes.
Kaitlyn tended to the gardening.
Then it was time for a  break.

Really that is it. A boring day.

It was my job to get the living area cleaned up. This included the 'dining' room.
I don't even know where to start with that space. Therefore I ignore it.

Wonder why you never get invited to dinner?
I will show you why we never have company over.
unless you want to sit on the floor this is why.
My 'studio' swallowed my dining room.
I sure look forward to a dining room and a studio divorce some day.
Till then please do not feel shunned by their affair.
We could always plan something behind their back.
Or just go out when they are not looking, ah, ha, yes!
My goal was to get the area some what cleaned up so I could paint tonight.
Ethan drifted off early so to keep Kaitlyn busy while I painted I set her up with a project. We headed out to the street and collected a bowl of sand.
Sand art was incorporated into both our pieces.
Once they are finished and dry I will get them posted. 
Mine still has a ways to go.

Then it was off to bed with my "bid" girl.

As I lay next to Kaitlyn tonight  I told her it was time to pray. She said no. So I said my prayers first. When I was done I told her it was her turn. 
She said " no mommy I don't want to pray, I want to make a wish."
"Ok." I said, "what is it?"
"Mommy I wish for a pony, a pet one."
Oooo, boy, I am glad it wasn't a prayer!


Kami said...

A pet pony! A girl can always dream can't she :-)

She is one special girl, what a beautiful imagination she has!

Angela Fehr said...

Your dining room table looks like my scrapping table! Fortunately I don't have to feed my family there...a studio would be so nice, wouldn't it?

Kori said...

Your dining area looks like my whole house. Only cleaner. I wish I were kidding.

Angella said...

I wish I had but an ounce of your artistic talent!

MJ said...

Amen to that! Don't let Kaitlyn see the Sears Xmas catalogue: there's a huge horse that can be brushed, neighs, and does everything except the big deeds. My K desperately wants it. A mere $300 plus price tag. I recommend ripping that page out of the Sears catalogue!

Anonymous said...

Looks like good housekeeping help to me!