Friday, January 7, 2011


I have been having a hard time over the last few weeks pulling things together. I am sure Christmas and New Year have had something to do with it but it just seems that we are all out of whack. Here I now sit with my coffee. It is 11:30 and we have just finished breakfast and are still in jammies. I have a lot to do today and here I am dragging my heels. Our schedule is totally off, kids are waking up at 10 and having late naps and therefore are not ready to sleep until later. Last night Ethan fell asleep at 7, too early but I thought it was ok and we might get back to some semblance of normal. Well, then of course he was awake again by 10 and up and out of bed until 2am. Everyone was up earlier today but we are still dragging. Maybe the fact that I am a little stressed has something to do with it. I don't know.

But I am happy. In a bitter sweet kind of way.

We have sold the house. That's cool. But now I need to pack, and haven't even started. What is our move date? Well I have three weeks to get this done. We turn over the keys on Feb 1st. I know I need a fire lit under my butt but it is hard to get my mind wrapped around the fact that we are moving when I don't have a place that is ready for me yet.
The kids have been taking the idea of the move a little hard. We have had a few teary nights over leaving this house. I hope it is better once we get some stuff out at the lake and it feels more like a home.
Transitioning is hard no matter what, for the good or bad it is still change and change is hard.

I get choked up looking around this house. Sure it is really old and has old house issues but it is full of great memories. Warm fuzzy memories. Packing up is closing that chapter and although I know great adventure and fun and newness awaits us it is tough to let the old go.


Dave is going to be working like mad over the next few weeks to get us out there. Floors are going in this weekend. Tile has to be picked and laid too. The kitchen is being built, appliances have been ordered. We have a toilet in a box somewhere and there is a tub in a warehouse waiting to be picked up.
I would love to just get packed and move but it doesn't feel real when you don't even have a floor to put a box down on. This is going to be a long transition and I have a feeling it won't feel complete for a few months. I won't even have my kitchen island ordered until we get moved out there. It will be a process.
For now I am feeling really torn between the two places. I have everyday things to do like dishes and cooking and schooling but I also need to pack and clean and yet at the same time I need to be out picking tile and faucets and a counter and sinks and doors and hmm, maybe a few blinds.
Yesterday I wound up at the antique mall looking for storage solutions so I have a shelf or something other than a tote to throw stuff in once we are out there. I ended up buying three vintage light fixtures instead because my mind was just spinning and I couldn't remember what I was really supposed to be doing.
Today my goal is to first decide which direction we are going to lay the flooring and then to write out an agenda. I need to create a list of things to be done and in what order and set goal dates so I can just reference it and not go out with my head spinning and wind up buying silly things like a huge funky clock instead of tile. I do want a huge funky clock but really, it can wait!

I have to go get started on this, Kait is asking me when we are going to get going cause it is almost the night time. It is actually lunch time but close enough.