Sunday, September 21, 2008

Flopped soup and red clogs

Can you imagine slaving over a hot stove in this?
I lasted two minutes. My intentions were great but by the time Dave got home I was back to bare feet and kackies. I just couldn't suck in my gut all day either. That skirt has a high waist and it dates back to before kids.
My shape just isn't quite the same.
So how about my new necklace?
Thank you TT! She picked it up in Croatia last week. Love it!
Now remember that cauliflower  I told you about? The cheddar cauliflower?
Well  Iwas going to share the recipe that I used to make a soup with it but I am not happy with the results. Not creamy enough and too many onions.
Next time with a few adjustments it should be better.
Maybe it needs some fungus. I am sure the neighbors wouldn't mind if I raided the clusters popping up all over their lawn. However I have no idea what is and what isn't edible so I'll just steer clear.
Since that soup was just not hitting the spot we spent the rest of the night looking for something to fill the void.
Don't you hate it when that happens. Like when you have a craving for pizza and rather than order some you eat a little of everything out of the fridge, off the snack shelf and from the pantry. By the end of the night you feel like a bloated jelly fish and still want to order pizza.
That is how I felt.
We porked out on apple caramel cake and decaf tea before bed. 
It was something.
I still want pizza.
The following morning we lazed around until Auntie TT came home.
Bearing wonderful gifts!

Now I have a travel itch! Our Mexico trip just can't come soon enough!

OK, I am off to prep for my craft classes. This $10 a class budget and 25 kids each class is really pushing me to be creative. 
Any ideas? I am all ears!
They have to be super cheap though and take at least 30 mins to complete.
Challenging I know!


Hannah said...

Girl, you did well even *attempting* to cook in that outfit! You are better than I!
Love the necklace and clogs ... hmmm, travelling to an exotic country would be lovely right about now! When are you off to Mexico?

Elaine A. said...

So you are going for the sexy chef look now, huh? Yeah, I wouldn't last very long that way either! HA!

Those clogs are awesome!

Stacie said...

that necklace is ze bomb!!!

Kori said...

I love your new Autumn look; beautiful. The cake also looks good. As does the brocolli. I was in a hurry this morning and did not eat breakfast; can you tell? And um, as much as I admire high heels? I don't even own a pair. :)

Badness Jones said...

I have some ideas that could work for your craft class from the Summer Arts Camp I teach at...We made pinwheels from vellum, straight pins and straws, Animal Zodiac masks, Dragon sock puppets - e-mail me if you want to chat about it in detail!

Angela Fehr said...

I love the Crafty Crow blog - has lots and LOTS of kids' craft ideas from the elaborate to the easy cheapies!

MJ said...

Dressing up to make dinner? Isn't that the reason why I have clothes' hangers for that stuff? (wink) I wear frumpy at home so I don't feel guilty that I've splattered batter, food of any sort, paint, etc upon me! I give you lots of credit for making the effort!