Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The coat affair

What I really wore all day.
 Now don't get me wrong, I love my Lululemon but when it comes down to it I would go for Bebe any day over it. I think that Lululemon is way overrated and truth is that Bebe holds up better and has more flattering styles. They both make your butt look good, are priced similarly and Bebe doesn't have free hemming but in the end if the two stores were across from each other (which if I remember correctly they nearly are in WEM) I will choose Bebe in a heart beat.
Anyway, you might be wondering about this coat?
It came in the mail yesterday. I looooove parcels, they make my day!! I feel the exact same way that my friend Nicole expressed in a guest post here.
I get giddy and happy and I don't care if it was something I ordered or a gift. I just love parcels!
I also love coats. Almost as much as shoes.
Well I had shown Dave this coat in the catalogue and expressed how much I liked it.
Next think you know here it is.
I liked it at first and now am not sure if I will keep it. It's cute and all but feels a little big and  with the buckle and all the buttons it seems like a little too much work.
Then last night on the way home from getting groceries we drove past this little boutique in our neighborhood.
And this cute vintage inspired coat was hanging in the window. 
Dave says it looks granny but I thought it was cute.
He says it looks like a Christmas tree.
Guess I might stand out in that one. So much for that idea but I love the bones of it.
Back to my day. There are particular times that I feel I am going to loose my mind. Those are the times we head outside to blow off steam and escape the dive.

"Everybody was kung-fu fighting...."

Kaitlyn. "No, no, no, no, no mommy, not that song, I am the chitchen (chicken)!"
Every week when we are driving home from my parents place we pass this play structure in a park. 
Kaitlyn calls it the "Sfider" ( Spider) park.
Last night rather than work on the house we split for some fun family time.

Once home the kids fought bedtime. This has become routine the last few weeks and I think it has to do with all the going back and forth to the lake.
It is now noon and I have barely got a thing done so I must crack down. I am dying to go coat shopping but the house needs me today.
I might just sneak out to the library though. No day is complete without at least one break.
Hmmmm, maybe this is why I get nothing done.
OK, ok,  work first!


Kori said...

I love the red coat, hate the green one (sorry, I am with Dave there), and had no idea any of those stores you were talking about! Glad to hear you got away to the park for a little while; it looks like fun!

Kami said...

The red coat! I LOVE it...especially with the black boots and hat. I have never heard of Bebe but that outfit is very cute. Lulu tends to me more yoga wear which isn't always nice to lounge in.

Miss ya! Time we got together again, any news on the registration for that class?

Hannah said...

I LOVE the red coat! Definitely think you should keep it. Not sure about the green one, but you're so cute you could pull anything off! Loving all these fashion shots lately ... sorry I haven't had time to comment on all the posts. I have been reading though! ;-)

Kathryn said...

Love the red coat and black boots. Love them!!!!!
Great pics!

mamatucci said...

I agree the red coat looks fantastic!

Little Mommy said...

I love the green coat and if I had the money I would go and snap it up myself. The red coat is also nice. I have a black one that is almost exactly like it. You are so cute with all your model posing!

Talk to you soon.

Elaine A. said...

Bebe can make my butt look better?? Sign me up!!

Love the green coat but I don't have the figure for the red one like you do.

And I adore Kaitlyn & her Kung Fu moves and the pic of her in the "Sfider" web! ; )

Catharine said...

Keep the red coat! The fuss with the buttons and buckle are a small price to pay for such extreme cuteness!