Thursday, September 25, 2008

Getting our crunch on

"Cluck, cluck!"
No, not my fashion for the day. I forgot to take a picture so today you get Kaitlyn the "chitchen."
"Baaaawwk, baaaawk."
This time of year is so fun for costume shopping. With Halloween around the corner the selection is fantastic. We always try to stock up on cute outfits we can play dress up in all year round.
This was one we just happened to stumble across while out on our area carpet hunt.
I decide to check at Winners/Homesense to see what they had and couldn't resist a swing through the kids section.
Can you believe it was only $19.99?
We just couldn't resist.
Many happy clucks to you!
And of course I cannot forget this!
My beautiful bowl. Made by the talented Bethany. I am in love with her creations!
And....this is exciting ( I have just been reading and still have to go back and get the details)....right now you can go there and enter to win a piece of her pottery.
Click here to check it out!

Moving along.

The crunch underfoot is on.
With the still warm afternoons, golden leaves and beautiful sunshine being outside is hard to resist.
We caved and got our crunch on!

Happy fall everyone. Well that is if it is fall for you. I understand there are different seasons going on around the maybe it should be 'Happy season all!'
Eh, have a good day!


Gayle said...

The bowl by Bethany is beautiful.

Love the photos! We don't have as many leaves on the ground where I live yet. Soon!

Stacie said...

love the costume, the bowl and the pictures of the leave fun!

Not many of our leaves have changed or fallen yet but soon and I love getting out there in all the glory of it!

bethany actually said...

The photo of your sister peeking through the leaves is great!

Thanks for the link to the contest info, Jill and I appreciate that! And if you are interested in donating a buck or two to her cause, you'll get an extra ticket since you mentioned it on your blog. :-)

Kori said...

I have bowl envy; I really do. And costume envy. :)

Hannah said...

Aww, what a cute chicken costume!!
Glad you are making the most of the fall weather. We are doing the same with our spring weather! ;-)

mamatucci said...

great costume,loven the weather

Kristen said...

Oh my goodness! I love the chicken!

Last year Cade and Anya were a chicken and his farmer for Halloween! It was awesome and they got so many compliments!!

ispeakbeanish said...

Cute chicken!

LOVE the bowl!

Playing in the leaves looks like it was so much fun!

BeachMama said...

Bethany's bowl is gorgeous. And look at your Fall so yellow and crisp. We have had a banner week weather wise and I don't want to let go...

herM said...

delicious yellows, chicken and leaves alike, and yay for dots :). happy crunching, we're getting close here, there's a few leaves already that i can crunch with the stroller wheels on the mad dash to school in the morning :) happy fall to you!

Elaine A. said...

I am in love with that bowl! So cute! I love polka dots on anything right now...

Fall already? Well you know, it Texas it doesn't happen for a while. Although the temps were nice and cool (for us anyway) this morning!