Sunday, September 7, 2008

Wall paper and puffy eyes

This is a terrible photo but tonight it is all I've got.  I have been rubbing my eyes all day and  am so wiped and am just about to crash. 
Last night the kids each woke a few times before midnight and then around 3 am Ethan got me up crying and thrashing. After about an hour, rocks  in the rocker and cuddling he wanted to go back to his room.
Not content to go back to sleep he started squacking and gesturing. 
He wanted his room cleaned up and organized. Every car had to be lined up and clothes put away.
Then he settled down. It was 5 am. He really likes order and routine.
I need to get with the program! (during the day)
Part of the reason for his restlessness was the ongoing project of our  bedroom closet.
We are finally getting the finishing touches done. 
The end walls were a mess from previous closet shelves and rather than drywall we came up with something else.
While Dave was out I asked him to pick up some wall paper. Anything he though would look good.
Seems this guy knows me.
Kind of reminds me of a painting as well.
So as accent walls in the closet up it went.
It seemed a little bold at first.

But once the clothes went in and the organizer it ends up being a subtle background.
Now I don't know if I made any sense this post. I am too tired to think.
Sssss, I mean, ZZZzzzzzz..........


cc said...

i think the wall paper looks great.

and, i wish it got cold enough here to actually wear a big, soft, cozy, pink robe.

Elaine A. said...

OMG that wall paper is cute! I think you need to bring it out of the closet and find another wall for it! And your hus picked that out!? Yeah, he's definitely a keeper... ; )

nicole said...

love the wallpaper. rest easy.

Kristen said...

YEA! THe wallpaper is fabulous!! Thanks for showing us! I can't believe that your huby picked it out too. That IS impressive.

Hope you are getting lots of sleep today, and make sure to take it easy incase you have any more 4 AM organizing of trucks. :) Cade is the exact same way. Everything has to be just so.

mamatucci said...

as soon as I saw the wallpaper it reminded me of your painting. Really cool and the closet looks great

Anonymous said...

Those socks and sneakers are the perfect accessory for that robe!

The closet looks great! Love those brainstorms!

Hannah said...

I LOVE that wallpaper - but I'd want it on a wall where I could see it more, not just in the closet. It's GORGEOUS! Your man has good taste in wallpaper :-)

Get some rest, girl!

Temeculamom said...

Lovely wallpaper!! And I believe I have the exact same robe. It is so snuggly and soft, but I don't wear it with your panache. Get some rest; you deserve it!

The Chatty Housewife said...

I totally have those socks in several different colors. I love them in the winter, under jeans even. It's been years since I've worn them because it's warmer here.... here's a photo of my grey ones.

I guess that doesn't really work, maybe copy and paste it into the browser?

Stacie said...

that IS fantastic wallpaper!

Kami said...

Looks fantastic and how cool that it's so similar to the painting and your mug!