Sunday, April 26, 2009

Oh belly!

I am feeling like the time is coming soon, and I am soooooo not ready!
Who knows, this baby might just hang in there for another month and a half and put me way over due but I am not so secretly hoping it will decide to get out of there in the next 4 weeks...or less!
While we were away on vacation the baby was still in the normal position. Middle.
On the flight from PV to Calgary this happened.
It dropped.
This doesn't really mean much though since both Kaitlyn and Ethan did this around the 34 week mark as well. Kaitlyn held in there for two weeks and was born at 36 weeks and Ethan held in there until 40 weeks so who knows. It sure makes things a little more uncomfortable and I am walking a little awkwardly now but it is hanging in.

 I did freak Dave out in a huge way last night though when I started cleaning and dusting and organizing. 
It just needs to be done...that's all.
 The energy that I got to do it though is what freaked him out more than anything.
With all the baby talk around these parts the kids are really getting into the baby spirit. 
Ethan is still very convinced that he is the baby and soaks up all the cuddling and snuggles he can get.
Kaitlyn babies him and all her dolls and is quite excited to help take care of a real baby.
I have a feeling things might change over time but I might be wrong.

When I look at this picture it just doesn't seem so big. I can see that I have a month to go. However I just feel huge already!

And then when I took this to see what I looked like from my kids angle I realized why Kaitlyn has been telling me that I have a very fat belly.
I sure look different from down there!
Sometimes I just wish I could have the baby already but then I just think about things for a few minutes.
We don't even have teeny tiny diapers yet or vitamin D. I haven't washed the newborn stuff and have yet to find the receiving blankets. The car seat is not installed and I have no idea where my breast pump is.

I know that this baby will come when it does whether I am ready or not so I think I will get back to my nesting now.
Oooo, and the name  game. 
We still haven't settled on a boy name.
Any suggestions?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Now for the first few in PV

I am sure I am going to get this eye from some of you.....ya, uh-huh, ok, enough with the trip already. Could you post any more pictures?

Actually yes I could, you know me.
So here is the batch from the first few days of the trip.
I have a few more to share with you that are trip related but they will wait till next time.
They are of a few finished pottery pieces and my prized market purchases.
I want to stage those photos though.

Back to the batch.
From first light in the morning until supper Ethan was content to sit on the beach with his trucks and Poppa.
Boys being boys.
While I sat with my sketch book under the grass umbrella things. What are they called?
I had grand plans of writing a book while laying on the beach. Ha, ha. Did I forget that I have kids or something when I planed that?!
I don't think they know I snuck this shot. you guys!
And you guys.
Fernando. the master salsa maker.
Don't ask. Ok, stop looking at me, look at Alex's head and the bowl.
Whew, that is better. I kept forgetting how big my belly looked. And then I saw the pictures.
What they were looking at I have no idea but their expressions are all different.
The cafe.

Ethan loved to pick flowers for Kaitlyn and I. He made it a mission.

Playing into the sunset.
This was one of my favourite times of the day besides first light in the morning. The beach is empty and there is just the sound of the waves.
This will be my happy place when I am in a bad state.....or labour.
Ahhh, good morning!
And after a quick jaunt down to the beach we would get set up with painting pottery.
I wondered and I know a few others do too about the paints we used.
I had never seen such vivid colored paints for pottery or clay before. Here they are all really pale and then after fired come out brighter.
I wondered if maybe they were lead based or an acrylic of some sort but the pottery guys spoke no English and I could only understand the part of the label that said "Toxic, keep away from children."
So if anyone knows what kind of paint it was I would love to know!
After painting Kaitlyn would meet up with Grandma and head to the pool.

Around lunch we would meet at the beach and watch the vendors go by with their loot.

Once in a while we would buy something.

Then it was down time. Naps or little strolls.

And then back out again for...of course......Bingo in the bar!

Another night to cherish and hide away in that happy place.
Breakfast! Chex with yogurt balls. I have never seen such bright or vivid cereal.  Kinda beats the pancakes and eggs I made the other days.
Mornings on the beach. 
Before everyone else comes out and there is no music blaring from down the beach, it is bliss.
I always thought this time of day would be cool and not so enjoyable but it wasn't at all. 
I have read many times over on SAJ's blog about their early morning outings and how they love them. I figured it was just them and that was their thing. Turns out it is a pretty amazing thing.
I wish I could go back and soak up those mornings a little more than I did.
Even the goofy parts.

Another morning of painting.

This was the morning that Lori joined us.
The pottery guy would go over all our work and outline certain parts of it.
I loved the results.
Now I have to remember to take pictures of the last piece I did. It is a little plate. 
I can really make a dress look like a tent.

Another favourite thing was the fresh breads and pastries at the market. I have never seen anything like it before. 
There were four isles of pastires. My mouth would water and we would get all kinds of goodies to try.

The second time that we went out for dinner....actually the first since this post should have come before the next.

We got sarinaded. It was interesting. Quite the festive spirit.

Then we walked down to the boardwalk for an evening stroll.

We bought cotton candy and ran into one of Fernando's uncles on a street corner.

Another night I hope I will never forget. I still am trying to sort it all out in my mind. The sights, the sounds, the smells.
The melding of a few languages, cars honking, birds chirping uah-uah, music sifting out from businesses and clubs, the ocean waves and vendors with their gadgets.
The sights, all the different people, both tourists and locals, the kids, the balloons, the sun setting, the sand sculptures and all the statues, the trees, the buildings and lights, and the colors. I love colors.
 And then the smells. Food being one, street smells of the cars and trucks, perfumes from passer byes, the ocean and garbage.
Somehow it just all comes together as a magical and intriguing place. 

Ah, Mexico.