Saturday, June 27, 2009

The long visual version

I have lots to say. (nothing new there) But no time.
Too many photo's and just no time to split them properly.
So instead of the wordy stuff here is a post in full randomness glory.
My baby boys toes. 2 1/2 yeas difference.
A flower so lovingly picked by Kaitlyn...from my bouquet.
She is sweet like that. 
She will also pick all the flowers right out of your garden. 
Even the very last one.
I accept with joy and thanksgiving and massive giggles inside and then take them into the house and put them in a glass. It is not like they last long in this climate anyway. Either too hot or too cold, they will just shrivel one way or another. Might as well pick em!
Post baby body.
Not coming along so quickly this time hence the few photos of myself.
Still 20 lbs to go and it is not coming quickly.
I know...I am only 3 1/2 weeks into this postpartum bod but I am not making very quick progress and I am pretty darn sure there will be no bikinis this summer!
We can never get enough. This reminds me that I am still waiting on canvas for a client who has ordered a set of dandelion paintings. I hope it gets here soon because this canvas delay is bumping back my summer schedule. (Mentally willing it onto the truck the suppliers are set to unload tomorrow)
Dave's mom made a quick trip out to do our dishes, wash our floors, bake and cook for us...oh, and see Hudson. (of course, he is the reason)
I got the finishing touches done on the painting that she carted with her back to Calgary.
Better photos of it soon over on the art blog. (which needs updating in a major and bad way!)
Hudson's baby party cake. It was bigger and heavier than he was. And sooooo good!
Thank you TT!
What happens when you let our kids craft at their own free will.
One thing (amongst a few others) that I have not been able to find in the baby boxes are the teeny tiny socks. I did find the moccasins. Not a very flattering shot of poor Hudsy.
But how is this?
Or this? Definitely better!
Kaitlyn loves to tie one on. A baby that is. 
All about being a little mommy.
Father's day. We forgot all about getting stuff together and shipped off. Just like mothers day. We have flopped badly in the being good kids to our parents department this year. We have had our heads stuck slightly in the sand with all our own stuff and rarely come up for air.
I did remember Dave at the last minute and the kids and I whipped something up. 
They where then so excited to give him his gift they couldn't wait until morning.
So the night before they presented him with his new t-shirt. Every time a child is born into our house we make a new shirt for him. The last two ended up being for his birthday since it fell right after their births and this one fell conveniently right after Hudson's.
The boys toes again.
I cannot get enough! Munchable!
And the rain. It has rained a lot lately. Not that I usually mind but sometimes I want to get this butt into shape and trudging through mud is not the picture I had in mind.
I don't mind this butt though!;-)  (Sorry folks)
Being out at the lake with Dave and a few days off was nice. With all the rain we ended up going for drives and drives and drives. 
I do actually really like this part of summer. It is cooling and refreshing but now I am really looking forward to sitting down at the beach with a sketch book and a bucket of sand toys.
I think my little big eyed diva is too.
Though she can really bust a move to bust boredom.
So can the E-man for that matter.
They can get their groove on and no one had to teach them.
I believe we were made to move and shake. 
We get our wiggles out this way.
I think we just might go wormy if we didn't get them out.
Gymnastics does help with the wiggle madness some. (her last class of the season wrapped up this week)
But if you don't get the wiggles out you might just end up captivated in a crampy dark fort by a big ol' dragon.
Then again they might just find their own way out if you don't let them out. 
Like when your mom asks you if you would please pose pretty for a mini photo shoot.

That hip just might wiggle out of place.
An arm might just flail.
A hand might just raise.
A pout might pop.
Or a tongue.
You have just gotta let em out some how!
And that bod again, it needs to wiggle!
(totally sucking it in here!)
Caught the moment he woke up.
And the continuing destruction out at the cottage.
This time of the old pump house and out house.
The progress seems so slow, but it is happening.
However when work for Dave and the pool for the rest of us calls we get very little done and rather distracted.
Uncle "Phife" and Eth.
Kaitlyn. She is a fish! (and in the deep end swimming like crazy)
As much skin as you get to see. Working on the tan lines.
This one is for you mom. (and other Leaf fans) Enjoy your moment because Dave nearly flipped when he saw this. I am sure he will have him decked out in full Oilers regalia in no time.
Playing fire man with a friend.
I cannot believe how much Hudson is changing already. 
He is not much bigger but his swelling has gone down and his looks are changing.

And we still cannot get enough of him. 
He is already learning how to get his wiggles out!