Friday, September 26, 2008

Pain in the jaw and class

I am  miserable! 
Last night in the middle of the night a wisdom took broke all the way through. The tissue around it is all inflamed and swollen and is really gross. I'll leave it at that.
It hurts, bad.
I was supposed to get them out 4 1/2 years ago but was pregnant .   After loosing that baby I thought about getting them pulled but they didn't hurt so I forgot about them.
Then I was prego with Kaitlyn. They started to move and caused great pain. Once again being pregnant I could do nothing about them.
After she was born I made an appointment but then found out I was prego again.
During the pregnancy with Ethan they moved again and caused some pain but once again I had to wait.
Six months after Ethan was born I once again had inflammation and pain and booked myself in for an extraction. I wanted them out.
After the x-rays the Dr. came in and said it looked like I should get them pulled but that my cause of pain was from tissue that was irritated by brushing.
He charged me an arm and a leg for the 'consult' and told me to come back in a few weeks.
I fired him.
The pain went away after a few days and I once again forgot about it.
Now, I HURT!
I really hope that now that the tooth is through the pain ends. If not I will be booking in first thing next week to yank em.
Needless to say this was the last thing I wanted to deal with when I had a craft class to teach.
I popped a few tylenols and downed a massive latte (thank you my man) and headed off to class.

It went well. 23 kids, $10 budget and 45 mins.
It was a stretch and after 30 mins we were done.  I sent the kids off in groups with parents to wash hands and lost half of them. The older girls returned to colour and draw for the last few minutes but the younger ones were done. 45 minutes is just too long for 3 year olds.
We did survive though and now the plans for next week get under way.
After an afternoon of classes the kids and I headed over to mom and dads for dinner.
The school work continued.
"We are learning numbers and writing mommyo."

Th rest of the evening was spent visiting and lounging around in the yard. 
(this is my sister-in-law on the swing)
Visiting and relaxing and debating about what to do about my class.
the only solution I came up with to keep the kids entertained is to either shorten the class to 30 minutes or increase the budget so I can do two crafts each class.
We'll see what happens next week when I talk to the treasured and organizers. 
Anyway I am so beat and my tooth is throbbing terribly.
Good night and have a great weekend!


ispeakbeanish said...

OW! Not fun! I hope it subsides soon or that you can get to a dentist soon.

Gayle said...

Oh, no. Hope your pain goes away quickly. I had my wisdom teeth taken out when I was 18, before they came in. I was asleep for the procedure and took tylenol with codeine for that night, and maybe the next day. (I'm not sure. It was a long time ago!) My face was swollen for about a week, but it really wasn't that bad. And once it's done, it's done. No more pain to worry about!

Elaine A. said...

OH Honey, so sorry about your tooth. That is so NOT fun (as you well know!)

HOpe it gets resolved soon so you can feel better.

mamatucci said...

I feel for you,tooth pain the worst.Affects everything.Hope ypu feel better soon

herM said...

wisdom teeth do not make one wise, they make one crazy ... hope you survive till the come out! i had mine pulled 2 days before starting highschool ... it was a lovely way to start off :) hugs.

Hannah said...

Oooh, sorry to hear about your tooth, Anna! I hope the pain goes away so you don't have to get them pulled ... but if you do have to get them out, I'm sure it will provide the relief you need. ((hugs))

Kami said...

LOVE the new banner! That's so cute, you talented girl.

I think shortening it or getting more to do one more craft is an excellent idea...or you could read a story to them at the end....Or bring music and do movement...

Just a few ideas that I have seen work with that age group :-)

This week? Maybe Thursday?

Stacie said...

i hope you feel better! you poor thing!

I LOVE Ethan's is precious!

Kori said...

The only good thing about tooth pain/issues is that sometimes you get really good drugs. Just sayin. I love Ethan's sweater, too, and think my Owen would look great in that color! :0