Monday, September 15, 2008

Pounding the broken pavement

Wow, I skipped a beat! Missed a day. Thing is that I am just so tired.
I was going to blabber about the rough nights we have been having since getting back to the city but I am feeling like a bit of a broken record.
I am also too tired to get deep and make any sense at this point.

Instead here is the project I was talking about last week, but never shared.

To see the completed painting click here.

Remember that other painting, the one with the kids waiting for the bus?
I added to that one too and an excited to share it with you but my photos of it turned out a little rough in the evening light so I will wait till next post to show you. 
I took a few suggestions and incorporated them. Actually I can hardly wait to show you because it was really fun. Soon though.

Anyway, since I am not able to think things through and make this post flow smoothly here is the next subject.
We went on a bit of a road trip this weekend. Just a day trip to hang out with family.
We ended up on highways that really didn't resemble highways at all.
Ummm, where is the pavement?
Oh, there is a bit.
Broken pavement. No kidding! Where is the pavement half the time?
Once at our destination we went out for a hike with Grandma and Poppa.

The guys didn't warn us that the hike was through dense brush and over logs and tangles of weeds.
We did it in style though.

And that is how we roll.
Don't know why I just said that. Hmmm. It is way too late!

Anyway I wanted to tell you a story.

On our way home from our walk tonight we came across a cat and the kids stopped to check it out.
Kaitlyn exclaimed, "Awwww, it is sooo cute!"

Dave said, "Well it may be cute but that doesn't mean we are getting one."

Kaitlyn says. "That's ok daddy because I am getting a cute pony, a real pet one. You remember right?" 



Angella said...

You are able to pack more into one day than I can in a week! You amaze me :)

Kami said...

Where's the pavement?! No doubt.
The truck painting is gorgeous!
And Kaitlyn, how cute is she?

A pony, a real pet one, indeed!

The Chatty Housewife said...

A pony- hmm, where would you put that?! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna,
Brooke (formerly Kilcup)here. This comment is about a post from last week. My son will NOT stop asking to hear "the Jesus song" and I am having trouble sleeping at night because "Jesus is a friend of mine, Jesus is my friend" keeps running circles in my head : ) Thanks for sharing--the kids really love it! CUTE red dress, by the way

Anonymous said...

Grampa Walter wants to know what Dave's response was to Kaitlyn reminding him about the pony.
Love to you all
The Grumpys

Anonymous said...

Glad y'all brought some style to the woods! The first photo is fabulous!

Stacie said...

lol...too cute!

I love the first picture too, very cool angle!