Thursday, September 4, 2008

Doodling in fashion

Today is about one piece of clothing working in more than one outfit. This top was one I have for the most part worn with just jeans but today I thought I would see what else I could put it with.
Comfy and cozy with a stretchy knit skirt.
Add a layer for more depth.
OK, now I am just having some fun with the self timer. 
I was feeling a little playful and excited today after getting my issue of Lou Lou in the mail. (my free subscription from Rogers as a perk for spending way too much on our cell bill)
I am not as uncool as I thought. There are some pretty wacky trends out there that I won't be bandwagoning but the classics are still the same, whew!
Not that I really care. My fashion is all over the map. I just wear what I am drawn to.
Oh, and I was  a little inspired by all the model posing in the layouts. Can you tell?
In the above photo I think I should have gone with a paler strappy heel but I wasn't about to dig through the massive pile of shoes that Ethan had been working so precariously on while I changed.
Anyway, my intent was to show a range from casual to dressy with one piece working it on all levels.
And this is what I made it out of the house in after all was said and done. Way more kid friendly.
Ethan just had to have his turn when I was done. I don't think he was quite sure what all the hoopla was about with the photo shoot on the front steps(not sure what the neighbors were thinking either) but he was going to be a part of whatever it was that was going on.
And now for the daily dose. It was Dave's birthday today, well technically since I am posting after midnight it was yesterday.  How terrible am I?! 
Belated now, but not forgotten by any means!
He had to work a 13 hour shift so while he was gone we shopped and played and made wrapping paper.
When he got home the party began. Not really, we are saving that for Friday but we had a little celebration before bedtime.
Happy 35th Dave, you are an amazing husband and father! I really could not ask for more and should take stock and honor and praise you way more, you are our rock, I love you!!
Yup, squinty smile and all, you make my heart all fuzzy inside!

Now here I go changing the subject again, not to take away from Dave's day or anything but....

Around 4 months ago Kaitlyn watched this video on a friends blog.
Then while in the car the other day she said this.....(what is recorded is what she said when I asked her to repeat herself for the camera---before it died)

I was so surprised at her memory. It sounded so familiar and then I realized that she was repeating something she had heard. It was then that I turned on the camera and played along. Of course I had missed the best and funniest parts, isn't that how it goes though. 

"....ha, ha, ha, whaaaat?"

Oh, and before I forget, (since I did last post) I got the latest paintings up on my art site. 

Ethan now cries, night all!


Kori said...

Love the photo shoot; Ethan carries off a diaper with a certain panache, doesn't he? Happy Birthday to your hubs-I hope he knows how lucky he is!

Hannah said...

Wow Anna, you've got that "head tilt" down pat! You look amazing in all those photos, love the top and all the different things you paired it with.

Happy Birthday to Dave!!

Kami said...

Wanna come and play in my closet? I am not sure I have as many cool clothes as you but maybe you can help this fashion illiterate girl!

Happy Birthday to Dave! Did you tell him I don't believe he's 35? He doesn't look a day over 29.


Angela Fehr said...

LOVE the wedge heels in the last shot! And I had a denim skirt I rocked all summer - goes with everything and cuter than shorts! I'm enjoying the fashion show but now I want to go shopping!

Anonymous said...

Love the fashion show and the wrapping paper!

Kristen said...

I love the photo shoot too! I too was wondering what the neighbors were thinking. hee hee!

Kaitlyn is so cute at the end. I just love hearing everyone's voices. Blogging always makes me wonder what people sound like in real life! :)