Friday, September 12, 2008

I need eye lid proper-openers

Day 12 of fashion month.
I am going to make this one brief. It is now after 1 am and Kaitlyn just went to bed. 
We have been having quite the struggle with bed time routine the last few weeks. Although  she was up earlier today she did have a nap so I am guessing this is why she was pushing the limits tonight. 
The day was amazing, sunny and warm and after burning the heck out of lunch we had to clear the house for a few hours to let it and us air out.
 A summer dress for a summer day.

Now I have got to get on with this. I have a project that I am in the middle of (not the one below but another) and need to get it done so  I will continue in choppy point form.
Any ideas for what to add in the middle?
Should I add anything?
Really. I am stumped. Any ideas will be considered.
My whole idea was to do something that popped out.
This is the painting that had sand incorporated into it.
Even the noses and her heart pop out. 

(click the image above to read)
Kaitlyn loves this book. (my dad is shuddering for sure. He hates it) I find it quite funny myself but then again I have loved Robert Munsch my whole life and still collect his books.
I wish he (E-man) would wear these. 
But he is stuck on his sandals and wants nothing do do with any other shoe. Winter should be interesting.
What, don't give me that look! I have been evil eyed by a bug.
To the park for our air out session. Even our clothes stunk of burnt fries.
And after having the windows open and cooking a roast and veggies for supper it still stinks.
Must get candles!

So much for the project, I am tired. 
Need to invest in eye lid proper-openers.
I am fading fast.
Don't forget to share idea's for the painting up there. Anything will be considered unless you think I should just leave it. I never seem to know when enough is enough so I could use some fresh eyes on this one.
Thanks all, good night!


Hannah said...

Anna, I read your title and thought "if you find some of those eyelid propper openers, send me a pair" but then I read about you being up with Kaitlyn until 1am! I really shouldn't complain about being tired! At least I get 8-9h sleep a night. I'm so sorry that you're dealing with sleep issues again, I hope they settle down. It is so hard to function when you're exhausted. You amaze me!

LOVE your summery dress ... I can't wait for summer here!

Oh, and Ethan's shoes are SO CUTE!! I hope he starts wearing them, he'll look like a mini model :-)

SAJ said...

a snail parade!

Catharine said...

I was going to say something a little less the bus actually arriving.

Hayley said...

First thing that came to my mind was a puppy running towards the kids :)

Elaine A. said...

How about a duck family walking on the road? Or perhaps a rainbow in they sky? I love rainbows...

Kami said...

Love the dress! It kinda goes with your blog template ;-)

And the painting... my first instinct was that it was perfect exactly how it is... but I am an accountant!


Stacie said...


I like the painting just as it is..simple...!!!

Those shoes are cute! I have a picky boy too, blogged about it today.

Kori said...

My boy has a shoe fetish-any kind, his or hers, striped or not or his sisters...yeah. I am lucky that way. :) Hope you get more sleep this weekend.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the print on that dress. Fabulous!

Melanie said...

I think the picture is great just the way it is but I also thought that you could add a bus as well since they are waiting for a bus.

Badness Jones said...

At least he's stuck on sandals - Bad is stuck on rubber boots, and without socks, in this weather my whole house smells like his feet. Who knew a 21-month old could produce that scent?!

Victoria said...

How about a dog (or cat) or a kid on a trike? :)