Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sweaters and feathers

I went digging for this one and it wasn't until late this afternoon that I realized that I was dressed for fall.
I know, not  very exciting and so last year.
It will get better, I promise. I have just been a little lazy so far. 
I do match my carpet though. It's all about coordinating....yeah.
I do have a lame excuse. See we were invited out for a playdate this morning but Dave came back  home just as we were getting up. (He usually leaves for work at least an hour before the rest of us get up.) We settled in for some good family snuggling and then the mad rush to get out the door followed. 
So truth is I didn't dig too deep.
Out the door and the kids were one up on me with style.

I hauled along some foam balls, feathers, googly eyes and tissue paper with the intention of seeing how a group of kids would do with a craft project.
Gotta get all practiced up for my preschool craft class this fall. 
However ten minutes was all it took and the kids were rushing around with their creations.
How the heck am I going to keep the attention of 20+ kids for 30-40 minutes?!
I think I am going to have to regroup and go back to the drawing board.
Perhaps a few crafts all involving the same supplies of the day will do the trick. I am so glad that Kami sent her craft book home with me. 
My measly 12 ideas for 10 classes just isn't going to cut it any more.

Chirp, chirp! Squaaaaak!


mamatucci said...

cute crafts and I like your outfit doest look last year to me

Kami said...

Anna, you are way to hard on yourself girl.

first of all, that outfit yesterday was hot! I loved it, you always manage to look so put together without spending hours trying. That is class!

And the kids adored their birds, you just need to drag it out a bit more with breaking it down in will do great! I know it. Kamden had to give his bird to Daddy for his birthday present, it was so cute!

and I have your yarn still....if you need it, let me know, I'll drop it off :-)

Love you girl!

Kori said...

Pour just the tiniest amount of Benadyl into their juice cups. I would totally do that-which is perhaps why I am not asked to teach ANY kind of class? Plus I have no talent! And hey, I keep looking at the photo on the tope thinking, "Now, what's wrong with that?"

Hannah said...

I just LOVE all the photos!
You look totally cute & hot in that outfit, so chin up and be proud! Strut your stuff!!

Elaine A. said...

You're just such a cute and crafty gal, I can hardly take it!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the birds they made!

Adkins Family said...

So, you look kinda familiar to me, I was at Lassen those years too. Its just been so long ago its hard to remember!

I have to say you are so creative and inspiring, I've been trying to do a few fun projects after looking at your blogs. I love your paintings, I wish I had the natural ability to do that!