Friday, August 29, 2008

Chore day, and of course anything else that distracts

It is extremely rare that Ethan is the one that sleeps in. He is our early riser and is usually up before me and dragging me out of bed to his room to play cars. 
This actually consists of him playing cars and me laying with a half lid open in his toddler bed. 
So to actually see him sleeping in the morning, I just had to capture it.

Yesterday was one of those days. One where I had planned to get it all  done and more. 
Ha, ha!
Needless to say I got caught up with jobs around the house. And of course side tracked by anything that seemed funner. (I don't think that is a word) I guess I should say more fun.
Anyway, it was a really good thing to finally get some city work done!
The kids made pasta art while I got a custom order underway between loads of wash.
The whole day was consumed with house stuff with many interruptions for art.
One thing I can tell you I learned. 

Finger vacuuming bites!

I forgot the vacuum and the cottage so kernel by kernel and crumb by crumb we made progress on the shag.
Chores almost done and it was time to get ready for bed.
chhh, ch, ch, ch, ch, chhh, ch, ch, ch, chhh...

Ta da, done!
And she rocked to sleep in my arms. When I carried her to bed she stirred slightly and in her sleep exclaimed, "One more push mommy, one more push please."
Sweet dreams.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pinata party and my little rant

My rant. 
The one I mentioned last post is still fresh. It has to do with my Salon art show.  They would hang my art and price cards and would have my info and business cards up front. 
They would benefit with having some pretty art on their walls and I would benefit by having my work displayed in a busy trendy salon. Well they hung the art. That's it. I should have checked in sooner but I guess I just had faith they would do as we agreed to. I thought that it was strange that I had not received any calls from them saying a piece was sold but just shrugged it off as it being the wrong setting and I would just soak up the exposure.
So I decided to throw one of the pieces up in my shop online and see what happened. 
It sold.
So I called the Salon and gave them 4 days notice to pull it and another sold piece down and then I would be coming to pick it up.
It was still hanging.
And then I saw that there was no price cards or anything. It was as if they owned the art.
I was miffed!
I am now pulling it all, nuf said.

That's it. My rant. 
So how about something lighter now. I went shopping. At Wal-Mart. Got a few dresses for $12.95 each.

Gave Dave an excuse to take me out for dinner. I am so sneaky. 

Now what this post is really supposed to be about is Ethan's birthday.
I decided to make a pinata for him since we had cake already on the weekend. He still needed his day celebrated so we got balloons, ripped up a few flyer's and made a paste.
It was sticky and awkward but it came together.
Then we put him out to dry.
And got busy painting him as soon as he was crunchy.
Auntie Em came for the fun, and to ditch out on her math homework.  
Now be warned. The poor thing is hanging in a rather sad way but I couldn't come up with a better plan, he was so lopsidedly heavy.
(In the background below is the painting I picked up and was getting ready to ship it)
I never realized shipping such a huge piece would be so tough, the packaging, the $$$, it is crazy! Thank goodness I have a brother in the shipping business!
Anyway, yes that is our sad little pig.
Once dry we popped the balloon, cut a little flap and filled it with goodies.
Pigs do fly!
The stick was brought out and then party began.

treats for all!
And this I just had to share. Kaitlyn got these new sandals for her birthday.(thank you Grumpy's)  Adorable?!
But sometimes she doesn't get them on quite right. She insists that that is how she wanted them though. Goof! 
That's it.
The pinata party was a success and now I am off to place the dreaded call to pull my art work. I don't know why I am a ball of nerves about this but I think it is just the used feeling or a non respect thing. Come on folks, it was supposed to be a two way street!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Party with the Grumpy's

Another 500 and some photos later and here we are. Once again I feel like I am cramming 8 posts into one and they would all be way more interesting as stand alone but none of us have time for that so cramming it is.
I have a few thoughts to share but I will save those for the end. Lets talk about our birthday/family/anniversary weekend.
Before heading to the lake we had to have a good balloon smashing. With summer winding down the good times must get squeezed out or bust.
We hit one of the market gardens along the valley on the way out and scored some yummy fresh veggies.
for only $3.00!!! The whole lot, I am not kidding! Love it!
Once out at the lake the party preparations once again got under way as we waited for Grandpa and Grandma Grumpy to arrive. 
Kaitlyn hauled me out to the porch step explaining that she needed to tell a story.
Here is a much shorter one this time btw.
Then we settled in with the Mr. Potato head's for a while.
Miss Potato head made an appearance.

Then as the weather turned sour we sipped tea and waited for the baking to finish up.
The Grumpy's rolled in the the festivities started.
Decorating with Grandma G turned out some yummy treats.
Cupcake cones for the kids and fishy ones for us. 
Into the oven (for storage) they went for the night as we headed out to enjoy a fire.

Of course it only lasted about 10 minutes for the kids and then Kaitlyn was begging to get her school work done before bed.
Strange one I tell ya.
Next morning was our anniversary. This year we gave flowers since last year we screwed up and did wood. I don't know how or why but we did these years backwards. (We are following the traditional guide)
Peek a boo Eth-man around my flowers.
And of course I had nothing to give so Grandma and I rushed off to the market with kids in tow to find something.
I found and fell in love with this frog flower pot. It has flowers painted on it and holds flowers so I figured it would pass the guide test. However at $110.00 I nearly gaged and left it where it squatted. What I got is, hmmmm, further down somewhere, oops.
Back home with my meager gift in tow and it was time to hit the pool. (This is what the kids chose out with their birthday money from Auntie Lolo and Uncle Fernando, Thank you, they love it!!)
Ethan then decided that every one needed a foot washing with water from his little boat and Kaitlyn took it upon herself to follow him around and do the drying, amongst major bouts of giggles from both of them.
OK, here they are... the flower gifts.
Dave gave me lilies, reminiscent of the ones he gave me on one of our first dates almost 9 years ago.
And I gave him a painted turtle, painted with flowers of course. Uh huh. Oh and a few perennials for our garden next year. Yup.
Then we were off to my parents place for boat rides and water skis.
While the kids and I hung out on land. This time they both decided they were not cool with the whole boating idea.
Rides were given and then we rushed back home to get the party ready.
We ate and ate and blew out candles and ate again. Then the kids opened their gifts and we waited till dark.
Time for fire works!
Dave had gone in to town and come home with a box of explosives.
Here are a few of the ones he shot off.

Happy day us!!
And we were off to bed.
Sunday was a wind down day and after breakfast we all headed down to the playground.
Then after a little walk we said goodbye to the Grumpy's. Thank you for coming, love you!

Back home we lazed around wondering what to do. Then I got this idea. We could cut hair.
Ethan's. I don't know why because I have had many nightmares about this.
He chickened out after one little snip and ran to Dave for safety.
I did get him today though and cut an inch all the way around.
I nearly cried. He looks so grown up now. I kept the locks. I think I am going to cry.
Let's move on.
Since we were bored Kaitlyn and I get busy painting while the guys went out to dig in the dirt.
To see the finished painting click here.
Then it was time to wrap the weekend up and head in. But we were too lazy so we stayed an extra day. Now I am back in and getting business done. Shipping a painting and working on a few custom orders. However as I watch the day(s) go by I itch to get back out there.
As we were leaving the little birds above our porch light were just learning to fly.
Taking turns, they would land on the phone wire or pic nic table. I am guessing they will be gone when we get back.
All my flowers in the garden are done as well as summer wraps up. Leaves are turning and starting to fall, though only a few so far.
I wish summer would last forever but to tell the truth I am ready to start some fall crafts and  get ready for winter. I am soooooo nuts!! I hate winter, smack me now!

 I mentioned before I had some rambling to do. However now that the kids are in bed and I have spent some alone time with my man, uh, huh, I somehow have less to say.

Of course I do have some though. I will save the ranty stuff about my art showing for next time, I seem to have lost some steam on that one.

So here goes.

When it comes to my art(this is not the rant part) I have felt some pressure to join a guild or group. I do not beleive that I need to be tied down to a group or association or style or medium or be defined in any way. 
Painting is a form of expression for me and I do what I want when I want with the exception of custom orders. I enjoy freedom. 
I don't struggle with defining myself or finding a place to fit in. I love what I do and that is it.
However I do have to say that I do have a lot up my sleeve. Some interperative stuff but those are time consuming. Maybe years away at this point. I am really enjoying them as they fester and grow though. I am excited by the possiblities.
One other thing I have never done is associate myself with other artists. 
I know some of you think I am a weird artsy fartsy. Its all good. 

Now one other thing tonight. Something I am working my butt off to overcome is passing judgement. Wether it is on the strange toothless unshaven guy at mcDonalds or the loopy strung out on somethiung or another mom at the library. Since when was it my place to judge them??
There have been times where I just avoided eye contact and pretended I didn't notice them.
Now I have been making an effort to do the opposite. You know what I have been finding out?
They have stories and some good ones. They need an ear and a smile and a compliment. I know it makes my day when someone says I have nice shoes or hair. Passing that on, you get such an amazing reaction. It is not like I am offering them a ride home or anything, just polite conversation in lineups or waiting rooms. A few Bible verses are what have gotten me thinking about this.
The first one says judge that you be not judged. And the other is that man looketh on the outward appearance but God looks at the heart.
I need to see past the outside and look for the heart.
I know that growing up in an atmosphere where I was judged so much (church, aka, meeting) I won't go into much detail but I am so glad and feel so free to be away from the scrutiny. My actions are between me and God. I don't need furrowed brows and tounge wags because I wear big earrings and paint my nails. (yes that and much much more has happened)
So I admit I stumble and fail and it smacks me in the face but I am learning.

Whew! I think I covered a few bases there. A video, a party, company, art, religeon, I think I will stop there.
Night all!
 Oh and seeing that it is now technically the 27th, it is Ethan's real birthday, Happy Birthday my little man!