Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just dandy and I'm not lion

Another duzy here.  Our night did not go well.
 It started off really promising but then both kids showed signs of coming down with  colds.
Dave ended up in the rocker with Ethan until 3 am and I ended up cuddling with Kaitlyn all night.
I just cannot figure out why the transition from the lake to the city has been so rough.
Maybe we should just make the move now and save our sleeping sanity.
Then again living through a massive reno and gut job might mess with our sleep too. Ugh!
So yesterday my strategy was to stay outside the whole day and wear the kids out with fresh air.
It was an amazing day after all.
So we headed to the park to hang out.

"Blow mommy!"

After getting back home for dinner the kids started crashing at the table. Not good. If they napped now then they would be up all hours.
So we headed out with daddy for a short walk to extend the evening just a little.
It was fun but not a great idea.

(Oops I uploaded the wrong photo, I meant to load the one of the dandelion in focus.)

Evening extended we headed home with hopes of an early bedtime. Ethan seemed ready so off he went. A few minutes later he is bouncing around again. Time for a drive. Drives always work.
Well they used to.
We drove around and Ethan fell asleep, yay, one down. After nearly an hour out Kaitlyn seemed sleepy but was still chatting up a storm. Then Ethan woke up.
We headed home.
The rest is history.
A dandy day and not so dandy night!
I wish I had more to share but my brain is still fried.
I haven't even been able to get around to all my favourite blogs and have no idea how you are doing. I miss you and have not forgotten you. Soon, when we get back to normal here I will be back. ;-)


Stacie said...

dang it, I wish I had some great advise on how to make your nights a little more bearable!

Here's to hoping you find a solution!

Kori said...

When all else fails, use Benadryl. Ha, am only kidding but sleepless nights really, really suck.

Hannah said...

Oh man, I wish I knew what to say that would help! I don't know how you are coping with this, I really don't. Seriously, I hope that things change soon and you can get the kids into a really good bedtime routine. It's always hard to drop the daytime sleeps but in my experience it is the way to go if you want to encourage the good night-time sleeping. Makes the days soooo hard though!
Hang in there ((HUGS))

bethany actually said...

Sleep battles are so frustrating! I have had more than my share of those, but I only had one. It has to be TEN times more annoying when it's two of them. :-) If you want advice I can try to share some of what I've learned, but I don't want to write a book here so email me if you want my thoughts. If not, that's totally fine too, because everyone's situation is unique and what worked for me might not work for you.

I hope the colds fizzle out before they get serious and that things perk up soon. Also, these photos are gorgeous and I love that cute top with the oversized buttons!

Kami said...

I know what works for us on the bedtime thing and that's routine! But then again we are a type A family ;-)

Hope tonight goes better!

Gayle said...

I hope you have a better night tonight. My youngest is eleven so we haven't had sleep problems for many years. Just try to remember that with kids, nothing lasts forever, even though it feels like it will. Wishing your family sweet dreams!

mamatucci said...

I get the sleep problems,had our fare share with Frankie.But it does get better and hopefully sooner than later. Hope you all sleep better tonite. And we sure are not routine parents but sometimes I really wish we were.Just never worked like that for us.

Elaine A. said...

Love the dandelion photo of your hubs blurry in the background. Very cool!