Friday, September 19, 2008

Working some superwoman

Another successful night. Haaaaaaallelujah!!
I think we are on to something here. Night wakings  are still an issue but until the kids are 100% again I am not going to care.
Truth is that with all my whining I got to thinking how really blessed I am. To be complaining that my kid are acting up is so silly!
When there are people out there who I am sure are cursing me saying, " Well at least you have kids, I have been trying for years and have nothing!"
Or maybe saying, "Well at least they have their health and their own beds, mine is in the hospital on life support and will most likely never come home, shut up already!"
I really must count my blessings and not get so caught up in trivial little moments.
We have our health, warm beds and food on the table. We have love and have fun every day, giving thanks for that should be at the top of my list!
Ok, so obviously I had a better sleep! I can think today! Lets get on with the fashion stuff!
Day 19 already! Actually it feels like it is stretching on forever.

Lately I wake up and go for my old comfort pieces but with the promise to myself to change later.

With the kids nursing their drips for most of the morning we decided to lay low for the day so my resolve to change into something dressy kept getting pushed back.

By noon we just had to get out and get fresh air. Another scorcher and it was not to be wasted. 
To the back yard we went with a haul of mags from the library, a coffee, and a sketch book.
It was the perfect sick day.

Ethan who  is always digging in the dirt, found a treasure. If it were Kaitlyn she would have rushed in to put it in her treasure basket but Ethan only wanted to destruct it and get the marble out so he could throw it around.
Plants were watered and so was Tigger.
Next thing I knew it was late afternoon and I was rushing to get supper on before Dave walked in the door. Then I remembered I was still wearing regular old grubs. 
As I was pulling my dress over my head I heard him pull up.
Just in time!
With this whole 'working on each other thing' Dave and I have been doing he has been blowing me out of the water.
Specialty coffee's in the mornings waiting when I wake up (on weekends) and then a huge bouquet of flowers just because. He has been doing dishes and cleaning the living room every night.
I was really feeling spoiled and feeling like I needed to do something extra for him.
Getting dressed up is only a little thing but it is something he really likes.

Having a fantastic meal is another thing he likes and I was a little worried about this one.
He sat and stared at it for a few minutes.
He is not fond of spinach nor of beats. The ravioli was a spinach and cheese filled one with 4 cheeses on top, I really pushed the cheese part and he ate it,  all of it!
Then the beets, well they are steamed.
He ate them and said they were good, whew!  They were fresh from the market gardens and baby ones so they were sweet and juicy.
Chicken was pan seared and then I added diced tomatoes, paste, zucchini and Greek seasoning and then topped it with three cheeses.

He nearly licked the plate clean. Happy husband! (I know the cal's must be crazy in these dishes, maybe I was having a calcium craving or something when I made it)
Score anyway!
Now if I could only pull this off every day!
I could almost be a superwoman!


Kori said...

Is that a mug you MADE? It is beautiful, and looks like you. I love "sick" days like that, and think you are so amazing for being aware of and willing to work on the things that crop up in a marriage; whether you know it or not, it influences me very deeply. And I love your kids. Not so fond of the green earrings, though, ha ha.

Stacie said...

Hope the kids are feeling better, sure glad that the routine seems to be working!

yay on getting dressed up and making a lovely dinner that Dave ATE and LIKED!! You are superwoman to your family, remember that.

Elaine A. said...

Look at your new cute header! I just love your illustrations Anna!! So fun!

That dinner looks delish! And I think that green dress is awesome!

Hannah said...

Go you, you awesome superwoman!!! YEAH! Dinner looked & sounded amazing. SO glad things are better with the kids. You look HOT, as usual. Not only do you suit yellow, but green as well. And your new header is CUTE!!!

Kristen said...

The new header is awesome! :)

You are so creative, a super Mama, cute, a great cook, and look fabulous in green!

Sounds to me like you are a super woman!

Catharine said...

I love your new banner - I am really getting into fall as it is still nice out here and the leaves are beautiful!

BeachMama said...

You are looking fantastic getting all dressed up like that. It is nice that you are doing stuff for each other. All to often we get sucked into the Mommy world of comfy clothes and playtime and forget that we too are important and deserve to get dressed nice and do or have nice things done for us (the adults).

Hope the kids get over the sickies soon, we have drippy noses here too, something I am so done with right about now.