Sunday, March 28, 2010

That green day

When I take photos I often write snazzy posts in my head and think that somehow I will get around to sitting down an posting them all. In reality I end up sitting down two weeks later and after finally cruising the photos pick only a few and just-get-them-out-there-already!
Gone. Forgotten.
I am just so tired these days. Extra commitments are my undoing. Even just a few crafts here and there do me in. I now know the secret to a clean home.

However I am a sucker for happy and excited children and love to see them create and develop.
So....what else would we do for St. Patrick's day?
Throw a spur of the moment mini green party and make a few crafts and eat green food.

And of course wear green hats! (Thank you Aunty Kathy. Your party's in a box are a huger hit than you can imagine.....and amazing life savers.)

Kaitlyn even got busy cutting up all the clover leaf streamers. "I'm making fake salad mom!"

And then we moved on the planting. Not that we need to start anything indoors for our garden or anything. W aren't even sure if we will have any form of a garden this year yet or if we will be mostly soil prepping for a future garden (at the lake) but we decided to get a few things growing in containers for fun.

Part of our home schooling...or life schooling or whatever.

And within a few days we have had cute little herb sprouts, yay!
Well, after Kaitlyn planted these Ethan was excited to plant something and was lucky enough to get some....hey wait a minute! I haven't uploaded those photos yet.

To be continued when I get my act together! Yikes, see how tired I am! I have got to get my act together, and I mean it! I have been one cranky mom these last few weeks. I swear that I am forever telling them to share, sit proper at the table, mind their manners and for goodness sakes clean up after themselves. I feel like I am a broken mean old record sometimes. Ack!

I had a nap today. Hello world! Ya, I need one every few hours of every day!

Friday, March 19, 2010

When you have no money....

...and you really want to get out with the family and have some cheap a town that has almost nothing to do because no place is open past 6 on a week night... (besides the library and that gets old) you head to the local big box store that you are trying to boycot and try stuff on for fun and take pictures.


Isn't this what you do for cheap fun?

Bring a little cheer.

Dude. What's hangin'? (I don't even know what that really means so if I am saying something bad I am sorry, it just seemed so right)

Ok, ok, so he really needed an umbrella and we promised to reward him for staying in his bed all night long.

He got the umbrella, but in blue...and it was only a few bucks!
That just seems wrong, but it was so right for us!
It blows when the funds are low but it doesn't have to stop anyone from having a little family cheer on a dreary night.
Worked for us.


Thursday, March 18, 2010


Nine and a half months old.

Climbing and furniture cruising.
(And getting really stuck too)

Charming and flirting.

Watching and learning.




Hanging out.


Huds. Smiley and happy and very coy. He is forever attached to the leg of whomever is around or getting himself stuck in goofy places as he tries to climb on and over and through things.
And this is our first oral exploratory child. EVERYTHING goes in his mouth.
I have a much cleaner house and floor as I try to keep a step ahead of him.
Much loved.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Those days

You know the ones. Where nothing seems to go the way you envisioned it even though you never really envisioned anything. All you know is that you are annoyed, short and everything seems to spill, tip over and get messy.

I have had a few of those lately. Pregnancy has lot to do with it and so does the fact that we have been down with colds for the last month. We are just plain tired of it and are so glad to be getting better.

Ya, 'Hi.' This is me not showing my face or my body. Ugh. Even my fingers look like sausages.
I am glad that I am healthy and the baby is too but my gosh the weight gain this time around, yikes!
I already weight what I did when I gave birth to Kaitlyn and I am only 18 weeks along! This is scary! Even my bra's hurt. Just a stage, just a stage.....a very short stage, I know, I know. It just feels long day to day.

Anyway I am really not all glum, not at all. I have been busy painting (did you know I have two shows going on right now? I wasn't sure if I mentioned it or not) I should do a post on that some time. I should also get a few of those heavy posts sitting there edited and out too. I think way too much!
Oh and the art festival is coming up, I have one day left to register. I think I'd better get down to the center if I am going to do it!

Anyway, since we are feeling better and the weather is rockin' we have taken advantage of a few puddles out on the street.

They were ripe for a good splashing!

We have splashed and fell and cried and splashed more and gotten soaked and cracked ice to splash more.

Puddles = therapy for a tired brain.

And Hudson?
I will have to do a post on him alone but for now I leave you with this.

I hope you are all having a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

That lake house reno

Remember our cottage? That kinda dumpy dirty yet oddly cheerful and inviting place? The place we bought with the intention of flipping and fell in love with?
The one that we decided that we loved so much that we wanted to ditch the city and move out to were we can hear the crashing of the waves and have nightly bonfires at?

Well, we (Dave and a friend of his actually) have been working hard out there gutting and framing and redoing the floors and joists and bulkheads and supports.

It used to look like this.

And now it looks a little differently....

Ahhh, the dream in the making. Here's hoping it comes somewhat close.

Because I have been spending all my time working on the plans and this is what I see.
However Dave and I have slightly different opinions on how we want the kitchen to look.
The above is my choice so far. (finishing will be somewhat different but the program I have doesn't let me do really custom stuff without a lot of extra Internet work)

And now the ones below are what Dave prefers.

What do you think? I can see myself in both but I cannot figure out which would be the most functional and which one in the long run I would love most.

Please, any opinion is welcome, my head is starting to spin!