Thursday, September 18, 2008

Top 'o' the morning

I think we have turned the corner. 
Last night Ethan was down by 7:30 and Kaitlyn followed a couple hours later. Way earlier than the last week.
I think we are getting back into a routine and that is what is making the difference.
Thank you all for the comments and e-mails and prayers! I see that routine is really what works for most of you and that is what we messed up this summer. Getting back to that again is comforting!
In our everyday life things are plugging along and despite being tired yesterday we still managed to have fun. If I had stayed home I would have been cranky and on the couch. Getting out actually makes me feel more alive and it worked wonders on us all.
The kids and I headed down to the farmers market for a few hours.
Soaked up some music...there were four different types of musicians on different corners so we really got spoiled.
Then our stomachs started speaking. Franks was calling and we managed to wrangle an early spot in the line ups. Still a ten minute wait but nothing compared to the wait for mass of people gathering behind us.
Totally worth the wait too.
Coffee break time and off we headed to get a spiced pumpkin latte.
Then with Java in hand I was quite content to settle in under a shady tree and watch the kids play in the park.

I was a little too comfortable and suddenly realized that the meter was ticking on the truck and when I checked the time we had to run for it. It had only expired by a few minutes and thank goodness no ticket!
Back home we cracked open our spoil from the market as Dave rolled in, home early!
With the afternoon still open we packed up and headed to the lake.
With the kids sleeping by the time we hit the city limits we decided to make a stop and get some fresh fall produce.
As we pulled in to the gardens the pumpkins were being unloaded.
The colors and smell. Intoxicating.
With arms full we headed back out on the road.
One of the things I picked up was cheddar cauliflower. I have never had this and the bright orange  color threw me off but also intrigued me. I think I will attempt a soup with it. I'll fill you in when it happens.
Once at the lake the kids were awake and ready to go. We picked apples and headed down to the beach munching on our sour snack.

Of course we had to pack a few things for the kids. Why we even take the stroller, I have no idea. I guess it is for my exercise.

Time out.

Then back up and into the city.
Maybe the fact that the kids had sniffly noses helped them go down last night but maybe it also had to do with us really working on creating that safe homey feel and following our old routine.
Whatever it was I hope we can do the same tonight.
I can hardly wait to get around and say hello again. I miss you guys!!!


Stacie said...

I was never a routine type person, at least I didn't think so, UNTIL I had kids and now *I* am cranky if they aren't in bed by a certain time. It makes a difference in ALL of our lives.

You pack so much into one day! Pumkins? OH no...I can't believe it is getting to that time of year...ALREADY!

Kori said...

I am so glad to hear that it was better last night! It is so hard when they just can't get back into the routine, for everyone. Owen has been, after two years of being THE bast sleeper in the world, getting up in the middle of the night and having a hard time going back to sleep-hence we are all cranky in the am. I love the photos of the pumpkins; my favorite time of year, and I can hardly wait for our annual trip to the pumpkin patch!

The Chatty Housewife said...

So glad to hear that things are getting better.

I love how Ethan is holding his hot dog so boyishly and safely, it is such a great photo!

"really working on creating that safe homey feel and following our old routine."- I think this is the key! It's what I remember from growing up and what I love about watching my friends with their children these days. There is something about a routine that helps with the feeling of security. Everyone knows what to expect and when. Fussing or being crabby isn't going to change it, because it is what it is. Creating a warm, calm and confortable atmosphere in the home is something so special and we need to hang on to that. Even with just the two of us and our little puppy it's important! There is something about fall that reminds us of this. Maybe it's because we stay in more and burn candles and drink hot tea. :)

Badness Jones said...

What lovely photos...I think I need to take my kids out to a farm to pick apples and pumpkins....but I've definitely got to stop at a Starbucks first for a Pumpkin Spice Latte....

Kami said...

Love all the picture especially the first one of the family, you are all too cute!

I love me a routine, glad you are finding your groove. :-)

Next week for sure we are getting together, this is getting ridiculous!

BeachMama said...

I have only just now gotten Apple into a routine. It took Hubby going away for a week, but oh I am soooo happy.

And I hope we get some of your nice weather so I can pull out a sundress, like you :) (I won't look as great as you do in it though).

And I love your farmers market, I have been there and gone to that park after too!!

Hannah said...

I'm so glad things have turned a corner! I really do think routine is the key, at least it works in our house. I'm sure it will work in yours too, but you have to stick with it. Sure, it can be boring sometimes, but I think the benefits outweigh that.

Love the photos of your day - it looks like you had a great one!

Oh, and yellow REALLY suits you! I can't pull it off.

mamatucci said...

Glad u had a better night. It sure was beautiful today and so warm.

Elaine A. said...

I can hardly keep up with you these days girl! So much goin on.

I adore that pic of Ethan chowin' down on his frank. Awesome.

p.s. yay for sleeping Kaitlyn! Routine does Rock!

bethany actually said...

So glad a routine is working! I saw your coffee and thought, "Second Cup!!! I miss Second Cup!" We used to go get coffee there after church almost every Sunday the two years we lived in Ottawa. :-)

Angella said...

Routine is King at our house. The kids are happier, WE are happier.

Hooray for routine!