Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I will fill you in on this one in the morning some time. 
I just finally got Kaitlyn to bed. No more of this letting her sleep in till 10 am. 
Totally backfired tonight.
I am setting the alarm for 7 am so I am off.
Wish me luck. I hate mornings!
Coffee is already on the mind. I think I just might need it.


Stacie said...

i love this coat...I want one.

Hope you got some rest...and coffee this morning!

Kristen said...

Oh I love this shot of you!

Seriously AWESOME!!

Hoping this morning is going well.

Kori said...

Coffee coffee coffee CAPPUCINNO...ha ha, it is from a movie but whenever I read something about coffee I think of it and it makes me laugh; maybe you have to see the mive to think it's funny. ANYWAY: hope the day is good, despite the late night, and I love the coat.

Kori said...
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mamatucci said...

We have started getting up at 7:30. No more sleeping in on weekdays.It is so hard though I hate mornings and I dont like coffee either gasp!Good luck to you all with the early mornings

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the red coat.

10am! Wow! The Bean won't sleep past 7:30...even if she's up until way late. Makes for a very long day the next day.

Anonymous said...

i missssss you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i shouldn't have come to your page... now i want to come home :P