Thursday, July 30, 2009

Road trip

It all started at 4:00pm a few weeks ago now.
We piled in the truck after dodling all day, headed out to get the oil changed and get on the highway.

A beautiful day for a fun trip.
I had hit the dollar store for fun little gifts to make the trip more interesting.

We would play games every hour and the kids would get rewarded a funky pen, notebook, coloring or sticker book, crayons or other stuff like that.
I wrapped everything up in paper to make it more fun and add an element of surprise.

We played draw on finger puppets.
Five hundred rounds of eye spy.
Count how many.....road signs, semi trucks, cars, trees, etc.
Flash cards on the fly.
And whatever other silly made up thing that came to mind.

When it got late and dark out we read a few books, watched a movie and then I handed out car, truck and train stickers and drew the kids road maps to put them on.

Ethan then fell asleep and Kaitlyn and I read one more story.

Then it happened.

Thunk! Screeeeech! Grind, stop.

Dang deer!

Dave saw one fly by and then the next one hit.
The bumper got pushed right into the tire. It doesn't look too bad but it was a terrible grinding when he stepped on the gas. You could almost smell the burning rubber.
We made it over to the side of the road and Dave went back to make sure the deer wasn't in the middle of the road. Then we had to figure out what to do.
It was 11:30pm and it was pitch black out.There was a huge storm rolling in. Lightning and thunder, no moon, just blackness.
Thankfully we were at the junction of a small town so we decided to try and hobble in for help.

As we started off Kaitlyn hid her hands in her face and muttered, " I knew we should have left tomorrow."
Ahhh, so wise!

Once in the town we tried to find something open. We could turn left without too much grinding but turning right was horrible. It felt like would rip a hole in the tire.
Nothing was open except the town pub so Dave went in.
There were around 6 people there. One was wearing a ball and chain and another was wearing a veil. The groom to be was slurring out that he wanted to buy his friend a drink and the bartender let him know that he already did. Then the guy said he wanted to buy him the next drink, the bartender let him know he already did that and the next and the next.
They were all smashed!
Dave asked if anyone knew anyone who could help. They didn't.

Next we tried the town motel. It was dark. The thunder was rolling. It was creepy.
I was nervous as we pulled up. It was one of those places where the sign swings and creaks and it is, well, dark.
Dave went up and banged on the door. I had the chills. Too many small town scary movies for me!
A guy came to the door. We woke him and he wasn't impressed. He said there was a cop shop in town somewhere and shut the door.
This is a small town. Really small. Could he not say to just go one block south and two north and then turn right?!

Anyway, we found the place and banged on the door. The cop was out of town. Go figure!

So since we had no where to go and no to help Dave got out his tie down straps and tried to carefully pull the bumper off the tire.

I t didn't work too well so he ended up prying and banging on it with the tire iron. He was making quite the ruckus and eventually the noise woke up a neighbor who came out to see what was going on.
Turns out he was a John Deere mechanic (I sent up prayers of thanks!) Yay!!
He took us around to his shop where he had some equipment and helped Dave get the bumper pulled out enough to take a look at the tire. After the once over he announced that it was all cosmetic and we were good to go.
Back on the road we went though not at full speed. We were still out a headlight and the bumper was still too close for comfort.
Finally after 12 hours on the road we reached Edmonton. I was so glad for my bag of little gifts and the DVD players!

We made a quick stop at the lab where I used to work on the way to see our old house.

The kids had to try the old school dental chair.

Then we headed back to Grandpa and Grandma Grumpy's to figure out what to do with the truck.

I couldn't help but break out a felt marker and make the situation a little humorous.
See the words right up there? You might have to click on the image to see it better.

Dave ended up going over to his Dad's shop and they hooked a chain around the bumper, hooked it up to Dave's dads semi truck and pulled it out further.
We were good to go for the rest of the trip.

Now I just realized I forgot to upload the pictures of the kids on the carousel at West Ed Mall with Grandma. Drat!
Some other time.

We spent the time in Edmonton hanging out with family.

Splashing in the yard.

Having a BBQ and just relaxing a bit.

Soaking up the moments.

The kind that calls for cool summer dresses.

And sweet little shoes.

Great Grandparents got to meet out latest addition.

And the kids got to dig out the trikes.

Then we headed back on the road and down to Tees, a small town where Dave's Grandparents were to be buried.

They had both passed away earlier this year and we went to place them in the ground and say good bye.

I love these two photos of my bro in law and nephew. Like father like son.


A quiet moment.


Sprinkling dirt.

The resting place.

After the tea we headed down to Calgary for the night.

Ethan and Pappa had fun rolling around in the yard.

It always seems every trip we take out to Alberta is just too short. I had wanted to visit friends and just hang out. I think we really need to get out there for at least a week to make it worth while.

Off topic now but I cannot help but throw this in. Kaitlyn. Her style forever cracks me up and reminds me that there is not need to be so serious when it comes to clothes.

Good morning sunshine.

And back on the road. This time headed for home.
With a gazillion potty breaks.
On the topic of pottys. Ethan is doing well, most of the time. When I get lazy he does too. Accidents happen but for the most part he is good about making it in time. He can hold it though, and will run around looking for the potty holding it the whole time.
(we move the potty around depending on where we are in the house)

Changing topics again.
Isn't this little afgan awesome?! Not sure why I uploaded the blurry picture though. Hmmm...
It was in a surprise package that came in the mail last week from Bethany Actually.
Love it!

And for Kaitlyn and Ethan she included little gifts.

Thank you BA!

Now I have a lot of other stuff to share and get out.

But I had to get the trip post out. This is how I document stuff for myself too and someday I hope to look back on all these posts in a blog to book format and relive memories.

Don't know why I threw in this picture though. Hmm, next post I will fill with Hudson smiling shots to make up for it!
Oh and the art. I'll have pics off all my latest projects. Three biggies went out over the last week. 4 x 6 feet, 4 x 4 feet and a 3 x 4 footer.
However today I don't want to think about painting. As I mentioned before I really get into different places in my head when I paint so much.
How about living in a recycled glass bottle house with recycled glass countertops and shattered glass mosaic walls. How cool would that be?!

Anyway, enough of that right now. It's snack time!