Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Winter coats and the beach

I am so glad that I didn't commit to doing a dress a day! Today was freezing!
So I guess that I will start this fashion month with outer wear. I did have to dig for it so in my books it counts. 
 It does scare me a little if you are coming here looking for advice or tips. I am afraid unless you want to know what was in last year or the year before the year before that I am of no use. 
I am just not cool enough to keep up with what is in right now. I love what is out there but my gosh, I am not young and single with a disposable income and not rich.
I can dish what I know but please forgive me if I am a few years behind.
I do not wear socks with heals (apparently that is hot) and I haven't mastered the art of miss-matching.
I do know that if you want to dress up a plain bland coat you can throw on a chunky bold accessory, a funky hat or a scarf.  I think that any outfit can be a great outfit as long as you bring your personality to it.
So now I will get on with the mammoth post I promised. It should be one of the last for a while as I get caught up.
It was hard to believe that we were down on the beach just two days ago soaking up the sun and today we went out dressed for winter.
Ethan was so unimpressed with the cold he just wanted back in and Kaitlyn after realizing it wasn't a warm rain only lasted 3 minutes.
We spent the rest of the day pittering in doors crafting.
With water dripping  outside it only seemed fitting that we stuck with that theme.
And we became kings...
and queens of the deep.

And now I am going back in time. With crafts on the mind I will share more of that first.
 The last few days have been totally  jammed packed with projects and company so crafts have been my refuge. 
Ethan made roads,
while Kaitlyn made ice cream.
Next it was on to painting their pasta art and then butterfly paintings.
Skipping along, I have to show you this.
While getting dressed to go out to dinner last weekend Kaitlyn came to me with her "beautiful money." Only the pennies need help since the silver coins are good enough as is.
We left the change at home and rushed out to meet Grandma and Poppa for dinner.
This photo was just too funny not to share. The bistro was a dimly lit place and the photo was nearly black. ( I hate using flash) I edited out the shadows and this is what the photo showed. 
Ethan standing there with his bag of cars, just hanging out. He just stood there soaking it all in. He doesn't say a word but he understands every thing he hears. Mysterious one he is.
The next morning we all met out at the lake. Grandma and Poppa had just driven out for a short visit and we got busy soaking up the moments.

After a walk down to the beach Kaitlyn and Poppa settled in the living room chatting back and forth while supper got prepped.
They talked on the phone to each other, told stories and ...
made faces. Two peas in a pod those two.
Dinner was fresh from the market gardens and gobbled quickly.
Then Ethan disappeared into his books. He is obsessed with all things truck.
Sunday morning we said our goodbyes and gave big love squeezes.

Some squeezes had to be stolen.
Thank you for coming Grandma and Poppa, we love you!

Now we are back to normal.  I've got an order ready to ship (more on that tomorrow) and am getting caught up in town.
And to top off all our craziness we have a huge storage unit in the front yard and reno's of the city house are getting underway.
Maybe I should add a hard hat to my fashion file!


JeniBeans said...

What a busy bee you are! lol

Well, glad things are going well with the house(s) and that you had fun with your family.


Kami said...

That dress, so cute!

Glad you had a good visit and BAH for the rain. BAH!

Stacie said...

love your ring AND your scarf...I can't believe it was THAT cold up there. WE were still in the 90s this weekend...not trying to rub that it. :)

Glad you had a good weekend!

Anonymous said...


Don't forget to jazz up your hard hat. You can do alot with ribbon and jewels!

love Aunty Kathy

Kristen said...

I just love your long posts. And kudos to you on uploading all of those pics. It takes FOREVER!!

Looks like you all have been having a fabulous weekend. The photos are amazing!!

Loving the ring too!!! Did you make it??

Kori said...

I like the rainy days like the one you described; not all of the teim, but they are sometimes a nice change.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Thank you for the best weekend! I am glad we had time to build sandcastles and prepare for our trip next spring! I loved the choice of places for dinner on Friday, I loved visitng the cottage - even though I didn't go into the basement! But most of all I enjoyed my time with all of you. My heart breaks every time I have to say goodbye.
I am so proud of you and David - the wonderful time and life you make with your family fills me with joy.
I left Regina thinking and planning when we can spend time together again.
Lots of love, lots of kisses etc.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the crowns they made! Looks like it was a good day. I hope they adjust to the cooler weather since it will definitely be coming for y'all!