Saturday, September 6, 2008

The extra mile

I woke up this morning to a cheery husband, dressed children, a box of donuts and a huge Caramel Macchiato (sp?). It sure makes a huge difference when we refocus on us and start going that extra mile for each other.
It's the little things that make it work. The constant oiling and dusting. Paying attention to the little details and doing favors. It brings back the spark.
Warms the heart.
I learned something else today and should have a good smack upside the head for not realizing it before. Sheesh, sometimes I am so dense you would think I was born in the middle of a forest and never made it out!
We are a great team! 
Duh! (smack)
Why else would we be together?! (well there are other reasons, of course)
Today we tackled the touch ups and finishing of the closet. Truth is we keep each other going and feed off each others energy. Doing reno's together works for us. In our first house before kids we worked every night after work painting, changing fixtures, ripping out and rebuilding. Together. 
I am not saying we are going to tackle anything like Amazing Race any time soon though, ha ha that would be going a little far, but when we put our minds to work together we really get things done. It is a balance thing. I cannot imagine a day without him despite our differences.
While we worked away Kaitlyn got busy coloring new clothes for her paper dolls.
Then it was time to get ready to head out. Tonight was the birthday party for Dave an my brother Paul.

The whole family decide to join me for the photo shoot this time.
The kids get quite the kick out of the flashing timer light.
More shoes. I love em. Dave hates them. 

So we distracted him with hats.
And come on, who doesn't love a good hat?!


Anonymous said...

Yep, those little things go a long way. Kudos to y'all for re-grouping and re-focusing. That's what it takes. It's always so much better on the other side.

Love the photo shoots!

Anonymous said...

We will take a copy of the family shot for Christmas this year.
Love it and you all.
The Grumpy
PS Happy Birthday (belatedly) to Dave.

JeniBeans said...

Happy Birthday Dave and Paul!

Love the shoes... =)

And yes, we're the same as you. We work great together.... but sometimes we forget. =)

mamatucci said...

your right the little things do count.
you all look so happy in the family shot and Kaitlyns smile is priceless.

I like the shoes they matched perfectly with the dress

The Chatty Housewife said...

I love the blue flats- adorable.

You have inspired me to re-kindle things around here with all your thoughts on marriage and relationship and effort and what not. Even without kids it is easy to let things slide and let things that you love about each other fade away until you forget what they even were.

Kristen said...

Oh I just love the shoes, the family pictures, the fact that he brought you breakfast and dressed the kids!!

And I really really really love you in that hat. Seriously, it is so stinking cute!!

Do we get to see pics of the wallpaper you twittered about? I am curious! :)

Angella said...

I can't wear hats to save my life. You, however, look adorable.

Catharine said...

I love the hats - although you look like someone completely different in the last photo in the blue hat. If I just saw the picture randomly, I would have thought you were my friend Yvonne!!! Very cute!

Oh, BTW, I should make my hubby read this post...I am a little jealous of your caramel macchiato (my FAVOURITE Starbucks drink!)

Temeculamom said...

You guys are too cute! I love the first one of the whole family.

MJ said...

Love the hats! Did Ethan & Dave salute you?!

I too am envious of the caramel mochaciato!

Stacie said...

love the family shot, and them joining you in your crazy quest of fashion week/month/day. ;)

love the shoes and hats aren't half bad either.