Monday, September 8, 2008

Pain in the heel

Casual again and with a hat to hide my bed head hair.
Today was a day that I wanted to get caught up. Dave had to work a long day (early morning to late evening) and so I figured it was a good time to get the house in order.
Ha, ha!
The morning flew by and nothing but some play time and a load of laundry got done. I didn't even dress for the day until one.
We played dress up...fairy dress up and twirled around the house. Then I decided to make cinnamon buns for snack.
I had some help. Had a few spills and then the buns went in. They were edible but nothing like Kami's. We managed to butcher one of the easiest recipe's ever!
The afternoon was when I had planned my productivity. I thought I would wrap this painting order and move on to the mess.
I did not anticipate it taking longer to package up than paint. 
It should have been easier but I did not get the card board from my sister before she left for Croatia so I had to rummage in the basement for something.
Folding that stuff against the grain is a pain in the heel. 
By the time I was done that I got our clothes all back into the closet and then plopped in the rocker.
Dave walked in.
So much for the clean house. 
I told him that I promise to get it cleaned up.
 He laughed.
 I said, "Well I will, I just haven't told you when."

After supper and a good evening of dancing to the same Wiggles song over and over and over and over we finally wore out the mini-me's. Sweet dreams. 

 Change of subject.
Sorry for the choppy post, I am weary and my man is waiting....gotta huffy, I mean hurry, sheesh!
I just uploaded this and had to show it to you.
You might notice that the house is a little messy. Well like a hurricane hit it. OK, it's pretty bad. I am working on it.

OK, first off Ethan is a little possessive of 'his' piano. (It is my brother Paul playing with him)
Second, watch to the end and see Kaitlyn...

What is with that?!


SAJ said...

1. what's the story behind that wedding dress!
2. Dave plays so well!
3. All of you are cute.


Stacie said...

you are so cute!

love the piano's really cute.

SAJ said...

doh! Sorry Dave and Paul!

The Chatty Housewife said...

That video is hilarious! What was she doing?!? I am laughing so hard, what a cutie.

Elaine A. said...

Looks like you were doin' all of Ethan's laundery since he's "nakey" in that one picture! ; )

Your postin' like a mad woman lately, I can hardly keep up! HA!

Kami said...

Wow you were busy while I was gone! I can't even imagine what happened with the buns?!

Cool outfits girl!

Anonymous said...

Taking time for fairy tales is much more important than cleaning.