Monday, September 1, 2008

Fuel and fashion

Have I ever told you how much I love my coffee?
I love it thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much!!
Especially organic. It is soooo smooth.
Oh, and it has got to be black. Mmm.
I know some of you don't like coffee and prefer tea, juice, pop, water or energy drinks and that is fine. We can still be friends.
So now as we sit and think about sipping whatever is is that we like to sip lets talk.

I do have a mammoth post from the weekend to get out but I just got through sorting and editing the photos and am too pooped to upload them all.
Instead I will tell you what I was thinking about doing this month.
Halloooo! (waving)
I am a cone head.

And bald.

Oh, ya, so about this month.
I declare it borderline-bonkers fashion month.
Not high fashion. (Not sure what that even is)
Not couture fashion. (That would be fun though)
Not trendy fashion. (I could try but would need a little help)
My fashion!

And....da, ta, da......I will do a post a day (well try) and include in some form or another one of the pieces from my closet.
You are belly laughing now at my notion of the post a day. 
I know. Like I said I will try. OK.
 I may fail, yes it is likely but I figured it is something to get me motivated to get me digging into my closet and  to get back on here more regularly.
About the clothes. I tend to wear the top  layer of the pile and forget that I own more than two pairs of jeans.
I was going to do a dress a day month but I got chilly thinking about it.
Did I mention that it is 10 degrees C here right now?
I am already looking forward to a steamy cup of coffee in the morning!

So tell me what is your favourite drink, your pick me up?
(I know that I may spell favourite differently than a lot of you. Spell check is red flagging it now. It is the Canadian way and since I learned to read and write in french first I still do have some french tendencies. Because of that I love spell check!)


JeniBeans said...

I used to drink NOTHING but Dr. Pepper. Since dumping sodas I have re-discovered Le Croix sparkling waters. My "favourite" (there goes that spell check again lol).

I really love my morning coffee, though... and I usually have it in the afternoons now too. Around 3-ish... and sometimes even in the evening... weird, no?

Looking forward to your fashion posts! =)

SAJ said...

Coffee! Coffee! Coffee! All the live long day.

Also, I wish I learned how to read and write French first! I can't speak a speck of French or spell it! But I can call something a really nasty name in Spanish if I need to.

:) Love you. I can't wait to see what you pull out of your closet!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the colors in that first shot. I'd have to say that coca cola is probably my favorite, but one I dont' indulge in too often.

Angella said...

Diet Coke. Hands down. Coffee cleans me out ;)

nicole said...

coffee, lattes and ices americano' you see a theme?

Kami said...

coffee... specifically Carmello brew from Second Cup....mixed with decaf or I am bouncing off the walls.

Can't wait to see your fashion posts! Maybe I'll learn a thing or two from you. I have two pairs of new boots and one on the way from Aldo on-line... I NEED help!

The two I have no are going back though....

Kristen said...

First of all, you are so silly with your pics of you in the coffee maker. You totally made me smile!

Secondly, I am a hot chocolate drinker, but I love the smell of coffee. Reminds me of the hubby!

Finally, I would love a daily post about your fashion. Count me in as one interested reader!!!

Can't wait until tomorrow!!

Hannah said...

I am a Coke Zero addict! I have one can every day with my dinner. I look forward to it aaaallll day. Get headaches without.

I don't drink coffee (hate it!) so this is my "vice". When it comes to hot drinks, I adore hot chocolates made by my hubby (better than ones from a cafe).

Anonymous said...

black tea, raw sugar, heavy creme. mmmmmmmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

I spell favourite the same way! Hee, those people from Michigan. My fav. drink is COFFEE!! And I am all out :( .
Love your pics and stories, Mara

MJ said...

Very funny for a conehead! LOL! Very funny!

Coffee ~ cream (for the dentist ~ wink) and sugar!