Saturday, May 29, 2010

An old flame renewed

I am working on pounding out a few posts to get the photo's caught up.
Another rainy day and we went to the Art festival. I was soaked up to my knees and had soggy feet but was otherwise happy. We had gone prepared with a plastic cover for the stroller and an umbrella so we plodded along despite the drizzle. Street fries were consumed, arts and crafts were looked at, soap, jewelry and finger puppets bought and of course I came home with a fresh hit of inspiration. OK, I should have saved that for another post, those pics are still on the camera.

Also if you are wondering why a lot of the late photos have been kinda grainy and crummy it is because they were taken on the old point and shoot which lives in my bag, pocket, dash, never where it belongs. I know there is a case somewhere!

Anyway, now that we are back and dried off here we go.

With the gloomy rain (which I am actually ok with this time around for some strange reason) why not bring in a little sun from over a week ago.

I lounged and loved and soaked up the heat that we had.

The kids and I planted a few bedding plants that they picked out.

And we got all muddy with splashes from the hose.
That and peered over the belly to make sure my feet were still there.

Oh, and after a year I finally renewed my pro flickr account. I forgot how much I missed flickr!
I must be careful though because it also brings out my nasty internet addiction............I will not sit and cruise friends photostreams all day.......I will not..........


Back to the lake for that reno

What someday should be our living room view. Oh, the dreaming.

And with Shawn's (Dave's friend who was helping him) final day out there the Tyvek wrap went up on the exterior. Shawn cut holes to amuse the kids.

All the window and door holes are framed and we are ready for that order to come in!

The play room and dining area view. I think there will also be a little coffee corner nook for me to sit and bird watch. I love being in the trees!

The last two window holes were completed.

Of course the kids wanted to help. They went around pounding on the staples.
I am sure it helped.

All wrapped up.

The kids and I try to stay out of the guys way. We watch, we play and of course we interrupt accidentally.

But then we are back to the yard and our little make shift out door room.

The nap station under the big tree was quite a hit. I wish I could fit.

And the cherry trees were blooming, mmmm....


Working on a green thumb

This year we have a garden!
My first garden. Not that I haven't gardened before but this is my very own. Not at someone's farm, not in a pot, this is the real deal.

However I couldn't do it alone and Dave was working on the one day that I had to get it in.
My grandpa with his many years of gardening experience, my dad and brother all came out and pitched in while my mom watched the kids.

It was the perfect day. Warm and sunny.

We planed ...

and planted.

I hope it grows!

And it has rained for the last week. I am glad we got it in when we did, grow little garden, grow!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Comical relief

The funny one in our family and it is a good thing!

Apparently I think too much and you have to work pretty hard to get a belly laugh out of me.

He does try though.

And sometimes it works!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

size test

Hokey doodle, I can make em big!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Random days

I thought about doing a post about 15 minutes in my day and about how a few children left alone can destroy a room in a fraction of that time.
I feel more random than that tonight. Not sure what I feel like really. I just had a really all over the map kind of day. Like I am pms-ing but not really.
Happy, annoyed, happy again, irritable, grateful, snappy, sappy, frustrated......

You know, one of those days. Full of highs and lows and somehow at the end it all seemed ok when Dave walked through the door. Balance was back. I am realizing how much he really means to me. Not that he meant nothing but I am seeing the impact of his presence on our family in every day life and how much I appreciate it when he is around.
I think I might have a hero.

Oooo, I think I might just be at a sappy stage again. Let's just move on now.

Randomness is what I am about.
So random this will be.

A special moment, one that makes my heart swell and feel joy.

In fact maybe this will be my theme tonight. Joy. When I look back I don't see the stressful little moments but the many awesome ones. Joy in the little things.

Like how swollen my feet are when I am pregnant. Joy that I am expecting, I still freak out a little when I pass a mirror.
It is just crazy!

My bump and a goofy half smile, no make up and just out of the bath hair.
My huge bump! Oh the comments I get daily when people hear I still have three months to go.
Yes, I should be huge by then.

Watching Kaitlyn and her imagination grow.

The creative dancing before bed. Though it is late, (way past a normal bed time and I just want it quiet so I can read) I have to soak up these moments.

Ethan's "samurai dance."

Drawing on the computer. Giggles are always involved.

Craft days with friends.
Although this day Kaitlyn decided she didn't care much about finger knitting at all.
It is the time spent with friends.

Hudson's first steps. Five in a row.

And then since he is so excited and giggling he buries his head.

And then back up again for an encore.

The most creative use of a breast pump I have ever seen.

My boys.

My man. Hero.

Quiet times. Tractor sounds.

Nurturing moments. More giggles.

Hammock time.

I love you's.

Dirty sweaty husband.

And then to top it all off a night out with the kids (while Dave still plugged away out at the lake) to see the musical Seven brides for seven brothers.
That is one of my little brothers on the left in the striped red and white shirt. I missed getting any really good shots of him since I video taped his scenes instead.
He can dance!
Someone in my family has coordination and can dance!

He blew us away!

There is a little joy. The ones caught on camera. There are so many more that I miss but these serve as good cues for my brain.
The awesome moments caught between the fights over who's foot went over the invisible line on the couch and the tears that ensued.
The peaceful clips between the screams of "There's a bug, there's a bug, save me!" or "I had that first so give it to me!" or the bickers, Ethan trying to tell Kaitlyn what she thinks and Kaitlyn coming back and screaming "It is not true I know, I really did do that!"

And then the singing about How big God is and how Mrs God was married to Noah, mmmm, hmmm.

And I wouldn't give up a second for the world!