Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Settling into this new space

So friends yes!

You can change your feed's and favourites. I am here, this is it!
Now to answer a question that Chatty brought up and I am sure is on a few of your minds. Why the move if it is still blogger?
Well....you see....it all has to do with storage and bandwidth space. I was running out over on my other blog and did not want to have to upload all my photos to Picasa to keep blogger happy.
There is a small issue with my other account besides it being near it's busting point and that is the fact that I actually have 7 blogs (used to have 8) running out of it.
They are not all public and no I am not full of secret stuff.  A few are for bad vents, religious vents and experimenting with code. I am afraid to share them, maybe one day when I feel bold I will let you peek.
Anyway, needless to say I needed to move for space, breathing room. This is also a blogger account but a new one, fresh and full of space. Aaaaaaaaagggghhh, lovely space!
I was also able to incorporate the aspects I liked from the mac site I started into it, so it is a bit of a collaborated site.
Over there on the right hand side, yup right up there under my header, see the 'About me', and 'Welcome' and 'links'?
Go check them out. That is the mac part. Neat huh?
I am a little sad to think of not posting at the old blog, it has been good to me. I will remember it fondly and drink a toast or two to it. It shall remain in my heart, and archives of course!

I copy  and pasted my sidebar stuff over if you are wondering why my counter is so high, no I have not had that many hits here yet! 
It will just keep up where we left off at the old page. 
I still have a lot of tweaking to do but it will happen as I have time. 
Now I must get photos uploaded and get back to normal posting.

If you have any questions or notice any glitches please let me know. You can comment as normal or if you want to e-mail me I have posted an 'e-mail me' link at the top of my 'About me' and 'Welcome' pages. Might do it here too, wouldn't that make sense. Well not tonight, too tired.
Good night!


hannah said...

Ooh, I am totally curious and nosey about your 7 other blogs!!!

Kami said...

Looks great Anna! And you wil have to share the knowledge to illiterate bloggers like me.

Kamo is better, but has an eye infection... maybe thurs?