Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fresh air

It has been one of those weeks. The kind that just slips away.
It's not that it hasn't been good but sometimes I just get to a point where I kinda crash.
Life has been busy, too busy. I tend to push myself and after all the goings on over Easter weekend and having to have a clean house for a card party on Monday and then trying to keep going Tuesday, I crashed.

After a fun playdate with Little Mommy and a lunch out and then a jaunt in the park I could barely stand, I was zonked.
Do you ever feel like you just need a break, a really good long uninterrupted nap?
I did.
Thank you Dave for the nap time. I was so beat. Like my legs were weights and my fingers little lead sausages.
I could barely keep my mouth closed, it wanted to hang open and drool it was so tired. I slept like a...midwinter bear, I think. Well it was good anyway.

Today I decided to chill. Take my time and just go with the flow. No pushing, no screaming kids.
Well the screaming part didn't work out, seems no matter what Ethan puts up a fight when I try to get him into the house.

Maybe a part of my crashing physically and mentally had to do with all the fresh air we have been getting. Kaitlyn has napped the last few days as well and she doesn't normally.

Since it has been nice lately we have been outside a lot. Walks around the neighborhood, jaunts to the park and playing in the yard. Way too much fresh air!

We have kept busy, there have been crafts and outings, but the truth is that I am still wiped. With the kids going down early and wanting to get up before 7 I find that rather than blogging I am tumbling into bed hours early to keep up with them.
I am loving the warmer weather and the walks, it feels so great to be out doors.
Now off to get more sleep. I feel like a slug and a glutton for wanting to sleep so much but my limbs are getting so heavy and my jaw is sagging.

My brain is having a really hard time trying to find words and I am backspacing 5 letters typed to 1. I think this means I must tune out.

I have missed you all, good night!


R Family of 4 said...

I am also enjoying the amazing weather. It is about time it has been far too long of a winter.

Hannah said...

Hey, if your body is shouting at you that loudly, then you should listen! Sounds like you do just need a bit more sleep. I know it eats into your blogging/painting time, but it might only be temporary, until you feel more "alive" again?
Look after YOU, okay? xox

PS. Gorgeous pics!! What awesome blue skies!

The Chatty Housewife- said...

The weather there looks nicer than the weather here! I love the SK blue skies.

JeniBeans said...

Get some rest, you. =)

Erlandson Family said...

LOVE the shoe&sky pix! that'd make a good painting, no? i hear you on the never getting enough sleep... good thing we have husbands to give us some rest eh? i often wonder how single moms do it!!! till next time.......
katie e.

Family Adventure said...

Beautiful pictures...glad you are spending more time outdoors, and I'm sure that's why you are tired, too.

Heidi :)

Melanie said...

I have discovered that you have to take care of yourself in order to take care of your family. Sometimes things like house cleaning, blogging, etc. have to get put on the back burner in order to do this. I have to daily remind myself to take care of myself and my needs. It is not being a glutton or selfish it is just doing what you need to do for you health. So if you need to sleep, sleep. Talk to you later.
Love Little Mommy

mamatucci said...

When I was in regina last week,I realized the weather out there was nicer and your snow is melting way faster boo hoo. So,I am glad u are enjoying your weather. We have another snow storm warning here!!!! I am really starting to hate snow.

Kami said...

I am glad you are heading to be earlier, you need it!

I can't wait to start enjoying the weather, we havne't been out much this week.

YAY for spring!

Kimberley said...

WOW! You sound zonked!! I'll have those shoes up soon don't worry! :)

BeachMama said...

I love your grass! And the sunshine.

I know exactly how you feel. This week has been a busy one here, more because J has had a fever all week. Hubby and I were in bed before ten, twice! I find that you can go, go, go and then you need a week to catch up on it all.

Hope you get some much needed and deserved rest.

bethany actually said...

I love the photos! And if it makes you feel better, I will tell you that the same worn-out-ness combined with a virus made me sleep for 16 hours in a row yesterday afternoon/last night.

I hope you're feeling rested and better soon!

Elaine A. said...

Too much fresh air? No way! ;

Here's to a good nap and I love your photos, espeically the shoes!