Sunday, March 16, 2008

Easter crafting and new shoes...

...but of course not at the same time. Though I am sure I will some how find a way to combine the two sometime in the future.
Friday afternoon crafting. This  was the fastest crafting session I have ever been a part of! Kami came for a playdate and brought coffee, she is such an angel!
Silly me suggesting to do a craft 8 minutes before they had to leave. We had fun thought and next time we will just have to plan ahead. 
We had to take a few photo's, ain't we cheeky.
Of course we can be cute too.

A few Easter cards got made.  Now being sent out, that is another story.
After our play date Great Grandma and grandpa came for tea and brought apple cake. Anything with apple in it my grandma rocks at baking, must be a grandma thing....they just put all their love and passion into it.
I was still buzzing from the coffee with Kami after settling the kids down for the night and was able to tackle a few paintings.
Ethan is sleeping well again, thank the Lord!!

Welcome to my studio.
A shipment ready for the store. 
When Kaitlyn got up Saturday morning and saw that I had been painting she insisted on getting her stuff out.
All her "favite colours."
It ended up that I had a bit of a girls day out Saturday. After spending the morning taking my art down to the store and fabric shopping with a girl friend I continued on with the me time and headed out shopping with my sister TT
Ethan put himself down for a nap. Daddy was happy!

I came home with my arms full of goodies, the first for Kaitlyn. I just couldn't pass this cute set up. Then it was time to model the finds.
I was so excited to go shopping without the kids, I could hit every rack and try it all on. 
Mind you the down fall is that I therefore spent way more money.

But I love what I got. It was so much more fun than shopping online, there is an instant gratification to it and I get a sort of  high, I used to love shopping, and I did again on this trip.

My first set of ballet flats. They were the splurge item. Leather and to die for comfy...almost better than bare feet. 
There is another outfit as well but the camera died and I couldn't find the second battery so when I wear it I will snap a pic.
Today we celebrated my sister-in-law's birthday. My mom cracked me up with her interpretation of  21 on the cake.

Dave and I spent the afternoon lounging around napping while the kids played with Em and 'Phuph'. I love lazy Sunday afternoons.
Multi tasking. This guy is mad about cell phones and with 7 adults in the room who were able to produce 9 phones he was in cell phone heaven.
At home he has two play ones and the little red one goes every where he does, even to bed.
I interrupted my nap for a few minutes for tea time. Mmmmm, warm tea and a wing back chair, the perfect napping retreat.
Mom, dad and the kids followed us back here for dinner and crafting....and to watch the latest episode of Corner Gas. I have really gotten into this show and now can hardly wait to have a hoot every week when we tune in.

That rounds out our weekend. It was awesome and low on my stress scale. Having a clean house makes all the difference. Being able to invite someone over short notice is great, now just to keep it this way, ha, ha, isn't that what I always say.
I should have company every day for a week to keep me motivated and get me into a rhythm.


cc said...

I am glad things are going so much better for you this week. I love the painting on the far left, they are all great, but it's my fav.

Hannah said...

Your paintings are amazing, Anna! I just love all of them, and would love to have some hanging in my house!

Your outfits are all so cute! Yay for retail therapy! I went on a huge shopping spree yesterday too (with my sister ... no kids ... bliss!) and spent some of my big fat bonus. Woohoo! I never thought about modelling my clothes for the camera tho ... but perhaps I should?!

Glad Ethan is sleeping well too - that's so awesome!

Family Adventure said...

Your mother's 21 is hilarious! Great cake.

Glad you had a good shopping outing, and may I say you look great. Love the red trench!

Have a good week,


BeachMama said...

What a fabulous weekend! And you made the cards :).

I have to admit that I had a pang of jealousy watching you model your beautiful clothes. Not only because you are in awesome shape, but because you may actually have somewhere to wear them. Right now, taking J to school doesn't quite qualify as dress up nice time.

Your paintings look wonderful, I hope they sell quickly at the store for you.

Amy.E said...

Yay for fun with the family and "Corner Gas"! Sounds like a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I am the same way with a clean house--thinking I need company to come every week so I will keep it clean! :-) I love the red coat and the blue flats!

bethany actually said...

Oops, I was the anonymous commenter. :-)

Kami said...

I love that dress, and that coat! And the skirt, shirt and flats. You have such good fashion sense.

Wher you shopping?

Glad you had a great weekend and that Ethan is sleeping well again.

And that picture of Ethan in the rocker - that is ADORABLE!

Kami said...

Um, yeah, so about that proofreading...

that should say where were you shopping?

The Chatty Housewife- said...

I love the new clothes, but as for those yellow shoes- I can't walk in heels! I really can't, I wish I could though. :) I loved the flats and your outfits and K's ensemble and E's little sleeping colored belly. So cute!

Misty said...

You outfits.... your art work.... and you.....

You're all cute.... and amazing!

R Family of 4 said...

Looks like a busy weekend. I really doesn't get much better than shopping by yourself. I love your paintings.

BTW the milkshakes - Grainfields
The Nachos - Smittys
Just make sure you go for the nachos first ;-)

Elaine A. said...

Hey there, thanks for coming by to see me. So your Kami's friend that I saw on her blog too! She's great so I just know that you are too! ; ) Love your art by the way. And LOVE the pic of your son asleep in the chair!! See you later!

Angela Fehr said...

I love your new yellow shoes! And being tall, I'm a big fan of ballet flats - not so practical in the snow, though!

The painting on the left (blue with blossoms) is my favorite too, you should post it on your art blog!

Kimberley said...

Hey you finally got a coat like that yellow one you wanted to buy!! I just bought a red coat! Don't they just make you feel fabulous? I'm heading to visit Coralee tomorrow and we'll be doing tons of shopping! I CAN"T WAIT! :D

mamatucci said...

Your kids are so cute doing art. I wish i could do some with Matteo, but hes too hyper and still eats crayons!! Soon I hoope, you guys will be our inspiration.