Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bunnies, candy, cookies and wet bums

Sunshine, glorious sunshine. This was one of my favourite things as a find the warm sunny patch on my mom's kitchen floor.

This morning Kaitlyn and Ethan spent nearly an hour playing with their shadows in the warm glow.
I was so glad for the distraction and cleaned as fast as possible to get ready for their egg hunt.

As it turned out Ethan was cranky and tired by the time I was ready and we ended up with the lamest egg hunt ever.

I hid all the egg's and goodies in pillows and blankets and toys on the sofa. Not much of a search, but more of a crazy dig with squeals.

After the sugar buzz started to wear off the tired cranky clinging began. I was trying to get a triple batch of scalloped potatoes put together for Easter dinner and it was not going well.

Ethan was miserable and stood pulling on my legs as I peeled and sliced 20 something potatoes. I found a blanket and layed it on the sunny patch on the kitchen floor, miracle, it worked!
He pulled the dish towels down off the stove and sat in the sun hugging them for the 30 minutes it took me to finish my prepping.
Kaitlyn was antsy and was in her first of two daily growly hours. Since she no longer takes a nap she goes through two hours a day of grouch city.
The first is when she should have a nap and the second is when she is crashing from not having that nap. If we let her she would take one around 6 PM but then as we know way to well she would then be up till midnight. As it is we push through the rough spots and she is in bed between 7:30 and 8 pm. Much better!

Anyway we kept plugging away and as the potatoes baked (under TT's watchful eye) we went for a walk to see Pretty in pink.

She lives one block away. Not even a 5 minute walk...really only a block. However this was the afternoon I decided that we didn't need a stroller. Ha!

It took us over half an hour to get there.
We explored every puddle, every sidewalk and even a few porches.
That was the longest block ever!

Ethan brought along a few comfort items. A magnetic pen and my dish towel.
I think I will have to bleach it now, it is black!

Kaitlyn kept running ahead and then turning back to yell, "Come on Ethan, come on, come on now!"
She would then spin and dance and twirl and then run up and down the little "hills" of driveways.

I wished so badly that Dave was there to help me coral them but he was working. Seriously, did you know you can get your cable installed on Easter Sunday?
He had bookings and worked a full day. I was so surprised!

When we arrived at Pretty in pink's she had all the fixings ready to make cookies. Kaitlyn loves to bake cookies and this was to be a fun treat for her. However for some reason she played shy and we ended up watching them get made instead.
Chocolate rolled in sugar, so delicious!

While they baked the crafts were brought out. Easter ornaments. How perfect!

Pip is so fun and no matter what has something fun up her sleeve.

Ethan has always had a little special place in his heart for her and flirts to no end. Today however he was a little distracted by her new phone.
What is it with guys and electronics?
Pretty girl/phone/pretty girl/ there should be any question!

We walked back home, well sorta. I walked and carried two kids, then carried one and coaxed the other. I am taking a stroller next time no matter what!
Anyway once we got home it was time to pack up and head over to my parent's for dinner.

Of course we had a blast. Can you tell?

I love being with family and this time made me miss our family back in Edmonton and Calgary. We love you guy's and thought of you today. It sure would have been fun to all be together.
Guess Dave and I will just have to get married again to have that kind of party though.

Playing "I am a birdie."

Now here are a few photo's from Saturday. I meant to post them earlier but forgot.
Neither of our children were too impressed with the bunnies. Rather fearful actually.

Though the candy bags and stuffed animals were a big hit.

We met up with a friend at the mall and after chasing the sugar high kids in circles decided we needed a wind down coffee break.

Of course half and half water and hot chocolate for the kids. Nice and warm for our bellies as we braved a chilly windy walk home.

I had promised to kids we would stop at a little playground a few blocks from home on our way by. They ran ahead together....

and then both fell in puddles at the same time only meters from the park.

Not fun!

Later that afternoon Em and Phil stoped by to make more eggs. Em and I worked away and this is what we came up with.

Sorry for such a long post...I will try to cut back in the future....whew!


Hannah said...

I love the way your kids were so happy to play in the warm sunny patch!! How delightful!

Your friend Pip sounds like a really fun person to be with, glad you had fun there.

And the family Easter dinner looks yummy - especially those Creme Eggs!! Mmmmmm ...

Oh, as for having a grouchy girl for 2 hours a day ... I can SO sympathise right now!! Tyler is 3 1/2 and still naps most afternoons. He has been starting to stay awake for 2 hours after going to bed (just talking, singing, etc) so we are thinking it is time to phase out the nap completely. He's a horror when he's tired ... he whines and grizzles and cries at everything. I'm SO OVER IT! So yeah, I know what you're going through!! This too, shall pass. For us both! :-)

Glenda - Minnesota said...

Awww... re: your egg hunt Anna... us Mothers we plan and plan for days ahead thinking oh we'll do this and that and get ourselves so psyched up and, "everytime" it ends up differently (their way) and at the time you get so disappointed and then looking back you finally let it go because "heh,they were happy and had fun"! I still do that with my teens!
Looks like you had a really fun day and yes, the sunshine helps tremendously eh!

Kami said...

you are such a busy girl, you are making me tired dude!

Looks like a fantastic weekend but what is up with cable installation on Easter Sunday?


Jay and I went shopping though so I guess I shouldn't talk. I bought a purple dress for $27!! I need shoes now, when are we going shopping?


mamatucci said...

Sounds like so much fun. Its so nice to have family around on holidays.

drowninginlaundry said...

Easter is SUCH a busy time for us too! I am pleased to see that your kids have rebounded from their illness!

Elaine A. said...

Love all the pictures, especially the ones of your family laughing! Looks like it was a great day! (well, except for no stroller!) ; )

Family Adventure said...

Great pictures, Anna!

And I so know about a five minute walk taking 30 boys STILL do that at 7 and 11 :)


Angella said...

Wow!! Busy day!

Sounds like a great time (except for the skipped nap). That's one of the toughest stages, hey?

Happy (belated) Easter!