Monday, March 10, 2008

Interruption of life


I am glad to be back. Life kinda took priority over blogging this past week.
So here is the run down on what happened.
I tried to upload a few pics but will try again later, I am having server errors, oh joy!
Monday night the kids got sick with the flu-as you already know, and they continued to throw up till midnight Tuesday.
Then Wednesday they were able to drink water and nurse and keep it down, but then the diareah started.
Kaitlyn and Ethan bot slept the whole day and only woke to guzzle water or full their diapers, I was glad they slept....I did too.

By around 5 pm that evening they both started to get sick again and went down hill fast. By 8 Kaitlyn was no longer chatting with us, wouldn't answer questions and would just stare off in the distance when talked to. She was pale and lethargic and I started to freak out. I called healthlink and talked to a nurse who demanded that I call an ambulance, I freaked even more and started to sob.
Dave had already started the truck and we drove ourselves to the emergency within minutes.
No sitting in the waiting room, they took one look at her little face and ushered us right in.

First they tried to give the kids Pedialite. Ethan spit it out and Kaitlyn threw it up. Next was graval. She threw it up too.
Finally they hooked her up to an IV and started her on a drip. Ethan seemed to be turning the corner for the better so he was discharged.
After one bag of fluid the nurse unhooked Kaitlyn and capped the needle in her arm. We went home for the night and where to return in the morning.

Through the night Ethan got sick again and by the time we were back at the hospital in the morning they both needed to be hooked up to IV's.
We spent the day in ER waiting for beds to come available in the children's ward and by 4 that afternoon only one had.
We were then told we would be transferred to another hospital where we would be accommodated. I made it clear we would all have to be in the same room, they both needed me and I was assured that we would be.

An ambulance was called for our transfer and then I was told that we couldn't all go together and I could go with one child and the other would go in a second ambulance.
If I wanted them to go together I must remove my cars seats from my vehicle for the transport. I said "no". Installing those things was a major pain in the hoo-haw and they have both been approved by the fire department. I wasn't going to mess with them.

I finally convinced the hospital to cap the kids IV's and I drove them over to the other hospital myself. Dave showed up as we were getting ready to leave and he followed us over as well.

Once up in the ward at the second hospital we were told that the kids would be in separate rooms down the hall from each other.

I freaked!

The nurse was so rude and called the other hospital to see who's fault it was that we were told we could be in the same room. Like it mattered.
Apparently it is against their policy to allow more than one child to a room.

After some bickering and pleading and another call to the other hospital the nurse decided they could make a one night only exception to their policy and let us room together.

Our stay was not pleasant. The nurses did not go out of their way to make us feel welcome and I could hardly wait to leave.
They talked about how we were a pain and difficult since we were not abiding by their policy within ear shot.
I was appalled and could hardly wait to leave.

After a long night and a day on IV's the kids were doing better. Not 100% but well enough to go home.
Thank goodness!

We came home Friday night and next thing you know Dave is getting sick.
He was up all night, poor guy.

Katie brought home wings for me as a treat and I got food poisoning and got sick once in the middle of the night.

Saturday was spent lazing around and then Sunday everyone was back to normal.

What a week!

No repeats any time soon, please!


The Chatty Housewife- said...

Since the flu was going around, don't you think it was probably the flu, not food poisoning? Just seems like it probably was!

I am so sorry to hear about your troubles with sick kids and the hospital. I can't believe they have a policy like that, it doesn't seem like it makes sense at all to spit up siblings.

I will be praying that you are all better asap!

Mary said...

Wow, what a nightmare! I'm so glad you're all better now. We've had several bouts with sickness around here, too. I was afraid at one point we might end up in the ER due to dehydration with Little Miss Priss, but thankfully she kept taking water and Pedialyte for us and was better by the next day.

hannah said...

Oh my gosh, what a nightmare!! I'm really sorry to hear about all this, it really is the last thing you needed to deal with.
I really hope you are all feeling better now and that you stay healthy for a LONG time!

Angela Fehr said...

Yikes! What an awful, stressful time for you guys - hope you can be out of coping mode for a LONG while after all that!

SleepyNita said...

Crazy. Poor kids, and poor you! You had to have been exhausted!

All the crap with the hospital really must make you miss being close to the Stollery here in Edmonton....

Hope your husband isn't too whiny (like mine is) when he is sick - I tell ya a sick whinny husband is so much worse the a sick clingy kid.

nicole said...

good heavens my dear...sounds like you need a moment or two to yourself...or a drink!! It is a new week and I hope you are back to your regular crafting self.

Kami said...

Oh Anna how utterly horrific! I thought something must be up since you were not on-line. I was hoping it didn't involve the hospital though.

I think you did exactly as you should have - why in the world would they split you up? Both kids need their Mommy when they are that sick. Nurses. Sometimes they really can be a pain in the butt.

I hope this week is 1000 times better for everyone!

Let me know when you are up for a playdate - you need a HUGE starbucks girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

After reading this wished we lived closer. Hugs and kisses to all!
Tried to get my boss to have a road trip to Regina - so far no luck.
Miss you all,
Mare and Dad

BeachMama said...

Oh Anna, that is just so awful. And people wonder why I don't like hospitals. These kinds of incidents are more the norm than the great care ones you hear. I am glad that you are all over it now, and you probably had the flu too, the wings just triggered it. That's what happened to me anyway, I thought it was something I ate, then realized it was just the flu.

I pray this week brings you back to a much more normal routine and do as I do and spray your house down with Lysol to kill any lingering germs (I use the linen scent), but I do swear by it.

Oh yes and stock up on some pedialyte pops for the freezer and gatorade for you and Dave.

Catharine said...

That was one crazy week! It is hard enough to have one child that sick, let alone 2!!! I am glad you are all on the mend. I agree with the other comments that it was some nightmare you went through with the hospital. I don't know why people can't be more empathetic and wonder how they might feel splitting up their very young children in a hospital. I remember being admitted by myself when I was 9 and I bawled my eyes out when my mom had to leave. I am glad they finally made the exeptions for you. Take care of yourself and your family my friend - I will pray for you this week!

Melanie said...

I am so sorry you had to go through all that! I have had some sickies here myself both Skyla and Skip have been sick with a bad head and chest cold since Friday but nothing compared to what you just went through. I hope everything returns to normal fairly quickly for you. And I also hope to meet for a play date soon too. Take care.

mamatucci said...

Oh my, when you said you guys had been sick. i didnt realize it was this sick. Hopefully we are at the end of winter and the end of sickies!!!!

cc said...

Kudos to you for not chewing the nurses out. I would have.

Feel better soon.