Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter bunnies and pretty coffee

Ethan is turning in to such a little man. Although he is not talking yet he seems to communicate quite well with his grunts and ''uuhh's."
The thing that is cracking me up the most is his expressions....he is so animated!
Something I loved to do before kids was go out for morning coffee with Dave. We rarely did it and when we did usually just hit the Second Cup drive through. It's funny how after kids doing these mundane simple things takes on a whole new meaning and is accompanied by challenges.
I had this grand vision of us sitting and sipping, talking of dreams and aspirations. 
Who am I kidding!!!
After a few donut holes and a sip of hot (warm) chocolate Ethan kept wiggling and slithering down out of my arms and would run away and make googly eyes at other coffee sippers.
Needless to say we had a few moments of actual conversation and then after chasing kids decided that we should leave the proper sippers in peace and haul our hoodlums back home. 

I smiled but my brain was screaming, Aaaggghhhh!
After coming home I remembered our Easter decorations. Ha, a little late but better than never.

We washed the plastic eggs to prep them for our goodies hunt on Sunday.
Dave picked up little baskets for the kids so now we just have to figure out how to make a scavenger hunt simple enough  for a 1 and 2 year old.

Ethan...this kid! He kept trying to head butt the camera and thought he was hilarious.
I kinda did too and kept snapping.

What do you do to fill space with kids?
I am always at a loss of what to do so we break out the crafts. I am glad that Kaitlyn obliges because I don't know what else we would do all day.
She put the whole bunny picture together all by herself, I didn't interfere even once. Upon completion she marched off to give it to daddy.
He loved it.

I am glad it is Easter. The melt is on and there are grass patches showing every where. Skirt weather and flip flops are just around the corner. 
Not only is this weekend a time to celebrate the death and raising from the dead of our Lord Jesus but also a time to celebrate the new life springing forth out doors.
I love spring!
Last night I got the chance to get dressed up and go out for "pretty coffee".
This was a tradition started by a girlfriend of mine back in E-town around 7 or 8 years ago.
We would get all dressed up and go to a patio or a fancy restaurant and sip a glass of wine or coffee and have fancy food.
I love doing this.
I got dolled up and ready to go. Ethan tried to shoot me with a domino as I got my boots on....he shoot everything with anything. Must be a boy thing. 
Kami picked me up and off we went for some precious rejuvenating girl time.
We sipped and ate and gabbed and then went for a Starbuck's and gabbed some more.
It was so nice to get out without the kids. It is not that I don't want to be around them, but having adult conversation without poopy diapers or little monkey's climbing or running away, aaahh, it was wonderful!
That was a bad run on sentence. Ooops. No time to fix it.

When I came home the kids were still up (it was 11 pm) but within 15 mins were both asleep.
Kaitlyn had left this bunny on the table for me. Auntie TT helped her put it together as a surprise.
I love it!
Happy Easter all!


bethany actually said...

No need to explain yourself, every mom in the world knows the feeling of wanting just an hour without poopy diapers and chasing after cackling toddlers in shops and restaurants! You and Kami both looked lovely for your night out!

Hannah said...

Yeah, going for coffee WITH the kids is really not the same, huh?! We did it yesterday too and it was okay ... I guess at ages 3 1/2 and almost 6 they are a bit easier to handle, but still ... I prefer "ADULTS ONLY" coffee dates. Or 1 ADULT + 1 CHILD coffee dates. Those are fun.

You & Kami look gorgeous!! It sounds like you needed a lovely girls night out. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. Love that photo of Kami playing with her camera! :-)

Happy Easter to you!!!

Glenda - Minnesota said...

Ahhh it gets no better with teens. They seem to think they should always come with and then you feel guilty and remember they will soon be gone and then before you know it, it's a family date! Grrr :(

Kami said...

The bunnies Kaityn made are great, she takes after her talented Momma.

Ethan, that little monkey. I want to eat him up! Head butting the carmera, what a card!

Thanks for a fantastic night out... we never seem to run out of things to talk about. And it was great fun to dress up for fancy coffee.

I ate way to many wings though!

LOVE the photo of me, I am stealing that one:-)

Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures of Kaitlyn with Dave. Ethan is growing so fast and what a personality!
Miss you all, need to come for a visit there soon.
Have a great Easter, cannot wait to see the pictures of the egg hunt.

JeniBeans said...

yeah, that pic of Kami with the camera is really smooth-looking. Glad you guys got a night out together. =)

Karen MEG said...

Love it Anna! Those shots of you and the kids at coffee!!!! Ethan looks so much like Daddy.

Ian and I used to drive through different neighbourhoods with our coffee, looking at houses, dreaming about our future. If we do that with the kids now we hear "can we go home now?" "this is sooooo boring!" LOL!!

And lucky you, girls' night out with Kami! Looks like it was great fun! You girls look gorgeous!

herM said...

yay for mom's night out!! you both look fabulous :) and love the bunnys ... I'm in awe of your crafting supplies and patience. truly. happy easter!!

Kiki said...

Your little Ethan is so cute! Every picture I see of him I just want to kiss his little mouth. Both of them are addorable!