Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter craft grooving

Yesterday was so full that it nearly burst...or maybe it was me that nearly burst. I was pretty frazzled by the time Dave walked through the door at 9 pm.
Not that it wasn't fun. We had a blast, however when we do so much a certain little miss should really have a nap. She started crashing around 6 and was pretty cranky till she went to bed. We kept busy and plugged away with distractions.
By the time I sat down here at the computer my head started to bob and by the time I had a few photos loaded I was resting my head in my arms.
I went to bed.
So now before we get going on the activities of the day, here is yesterday unraveled.

The kids and I  had the pleasure of meeting another fellow blogger today. We really barely got to talk much since Kaitlyn and Ethan kept running willy nilly through the mall. 

Why when I want to visit and have grown up conversation is it that the kids spill their pop and then run away? 
Great first impression I am sure!
A moment of two children in one place...this is for you Grandma....Kaitlyn is crazy in love with all things Mickey.
Tee shirt weather.....yaaaaaay, I feel so alive!
We crafted our butts off today. First up, baby chick hatchlings.
Kaitlyn picked all the colors and glued on the beaks and eyes. Then after they were completed she informed me that "chichins don't live in egg houses" and proceeded to crunch up their little shells.

On to the next post 6 PM craft. This was more frustrating than fun. Nothing would go her way so we ditched the craft table and headed down stairs.
Ethan is sure improving!
The mess we left in our cranky craft wake.
Once down stairs Kaitlyn asked my to sew her a "toy aminal". She approved of the fabrics and showed me what she wanted.
A doggy elephant. Hmmmmm.....
She loved it, thank goodness! Although I forgot to put arms on....I won't tell her.
It's name is "Doddy"
And even has a tail.
Please don't laugh at my sewing skills...this is not my strong point.
I am not going into business, don't worry, I know non of you would want one of my poor little armless  'doddy's'.
By the time I was sewing the top closed the kids were ready for bed and  the time was right. Off they went.......aaaaaahhh, precious quiet!
Oh, I forgot...we picked up this cute tote at the thrift store as well, It is perfect for the kids to drag around.

One other thing then we are off to get today rolling. 
I did a trial run of an Easter egg last night.....a little hint of what is coming up today. 
I didn't like how crayon and food dye worked so we are doing it the real Ukrainian way instead.
Whew.....that's it folks, have a great day! 


Misty said...

VERY cute crafts today.....

Glenda - Minnesota said...

Man I'm tired just readin' about all you guys did!! Ü

beck said...

That stuffed animal you made is ADORABLE.

Kami said...

What a great day! I love the Easter egg. Can't wait to see when you do it the real way ;-)

Kamden is still sick... goign to the doctor this afternoon... wish us luck.

Hannah said...

I just cannot get over what a cool mom you are! You do so many fun things with your kids. It puts me to shame :-(
I love Kaitlyn's "Doddy" ... very cute!

BeachMama said...

Love the crafts! And to whip up a stuffed animal so quickly is very impressive.

As for a visit, I hope to be there in May again and I hope to get some Starbucks and Craft time in with you and Kami. I can't wait :)

Kami said...

oh and that animal - SO cute.

I am missing all the warm weather. But I am enjoying so Carmello coffee. Kamo is sleeping right now and we are off to the doctor. If I see that nurse I'll be sure to give her a high five ;-)

mamatucci said...

those little cicks are so cute!

(((((HUGS))))) sandi said...

LOVE meetin' fellow bloggers and net buds~GOOD for y'all! WOOHOOO! I'm so glad you're lovin' the Kohlkase music~can't get enough right now myself~even with just one CD~LOL!!!!! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

MJ said...

Wow, did Ethan do that picture all by himself?!

Loved your Easter eggs too! Hope you win in the competition! I like the non-traditional element of it!