Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Puke everywhere!!!!!

We are the house of sickies today. Last night the kids started throwing up around midnight and now here we are after 5:00 in the afternoon and they are still puking.
Every towel is soiled, sheets toast and pillowcases. I will be doing a trip to Wally-world for a new foam topper for our bed and new pillows.
I hope it is over soon!
While sitting on the toilet this morning I thought I should check the mail. I hoped there was a package or something to brighten my day. I sent up a little prayer for a pick me up, anything!
Maybe it wasn't even a prayer, it was more while I was talking to God, I just threw in "wouldn't it be nice to get a package" in the middle of whatever it was I was taking up with Him.
It may seem strange but I talk to God while I am on the can. It is quiet in there with the door closed, just seems to work for me.
The kids continued to throw up, and I continued to change towels and clothes and bathe them when there was a knock at the door. 
I had no bra on and was looking rather saggy and frumpy but opened the door anyway.( I did have a shirt on, tee-hee, I am not that freaky!)
There stood my aunt Deb and cousin Erika. I told them not to come in and kept them standing on my frigid front porch while I opened the package they brought.

I realized after I thanked them and closed the door that they were the answer to my tiny little flippant message to the Lord. I choked up. 
He knows me!
I guess that gifts are a little higher on my love language list than I put them, they are like little hugs that just keep hugging every time you  look at them.
Thank you Aunt Deb, you made my day in more ways than one, I love you!
I feel kinda sheepish admitting that gifts, little material things do such a thing for my soul but I guess that is just how I am wired.
 I am not writing this to say send me stuff, not at all, I am just really grateful for friends and love, love comes in so many ways and these cute little cups are overflowing with it today for me.
I may have read way too much into this but now you also understand when I give a gift it is a little package of love.....and I will have some to send out shortly, yeee-haw!
I love give aways and this one will be good, well I think so anyway.

Now off to do some laundry before the lil ones wake from their naps on the living room floor.


Kami said...

OH no! I guess not thursday then? This seems to be going around, I hope the puking stops soon.

Take care!

YAY for the gifts from the Lord :-)

cc said...

Sometime it really is the little things that make a difference in our day. Any other day it wouldn't have happened, but today you really needed something to help get you through.

I think we have the same comforter that the kids a re laying on. The back side is dark purple and purchased at Target?

hannah said...

Oh no!!!! I'm so sorry to hear this ... sending get well wishes your way and hoping that you & Dave stay healthy!

No, you are not reading too much into the gift. God loves you and he wanted you to know it! Angels in diguise, and all that. :-)

The Chatty Housewife- said...

Oh please feel better soon everyone! Those mugs are adorable and definitely a good pick me up! A great answer to prayer- the Lord understands and obviously wants you to know that he is listening to you. :)

Anonymous said...

oi vey - sorry to hear about the puky babies! I hope they're better soon!!!
I love the fact that you talk to God on the can!

Take care hon!

-- maria

Karen MEG said...

Awww, that's too bad that your little ones are sick. This bug seems just rampant!

I love your new space too, Anna, looks great!

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about the puke :( hope it stops soon!! and yay for gifts and packages and letters, they're the best!

BeachMama said...

Oh I hope the pukies are gone for you today. We have had them here and it is just not fun.

And what a nice blessing from your Aunt and Cousin.

Jovi said...

oh my goodness, i hope you are all feeling better! what a tough night/day :( glad you got a lovely gift to cheer you, however!!

Melanie said...

That really sucks. Puke is one thing that I just cannot stand! Even the small amount of puking I did while I was pregnant was too much for me. Neither of my children have ever had illnesses where they have puked besides the normal spitting up. It is probably not realistic to hope that it doesn't happen for a very long time but I consider myself blessed that it hasn't yet.

Anyway, I hope your little kiddies get better soon and that you or Dave don't catch what they have, that would not be good. Take care and I hope for a playdate soon.

Badness Jones said...

Ah honey....it's so awful when the babies are sick! I hope that you all feel better soon. And I think we all like little gifts, it's not the 'things' or that we're greedy, it's what the gift represents...someone who loves you and thinks of you....I love presents too, giving them and getting them!

Sandy said...

Hope everyone feels better soon!!

Family Adventure said...

Happy New Home!!!! :) Love it.

I'm sorry the kidlets are sick. Sounds like a big mess (sorry, bad pun). Hope they get better soon.