Saturday, May 2, 2009

Coffee, coloring, and art

You know those days where you really need a coffee?
Those days where you start a post and 'save now' instead of 'publish' but you have your head so high in the clouds that you forget to look at your own blog for a few days and see what you did?
I am having a few of those.
I guess the fact that I am a nesting machine right now might have something to do with it.
I am a cleaning freak lately. Dusting and polishing and washing stuff. It is good.
I have been waiting for energy like this since I got pregnant.
Yesterday I did something weird though. 
I went into the bathroom at noon to get my makeup on and then planned on making lunch before taking the kids to Friday school. Once in there I looked around and though, yikes I need to clean, totally forgetting why I went in there in the first place.
45 mins later I came out, realized it was time to leave and then remembered what I had gone in there for. 
So we missed having lunch and I had to throw some apple slices, crackers and bottles of water in my bag for the kids to munch on through the afternoon.
The bathroom is sparkling though.

Oh, and then last night I lost my mucus plug. 
Not sure this means anything though. Time will tell.
On a completely different note. (bare with me, my mind is all over the place these days)
Kaitlyn entered a coloring contest  over on a friends blog last week.
Ethan chose to cuddle as Kaitlyn worked on her entry.

She really had no interest in coloring it though and it ended up taking her a few days of dots and scribbles and gluing and lines before she handed it back to me and said she was done.
She was then quite proud of it but would not pose with it until she was chatting on the phone and completely distracted.
 I am glad she still asks me to dial peoples phone numbers for her, I can imagine someday when she figures out how to do it on her own we might end up with a few strange bills in the mail.
Now since I already stated how scatterbrained I am I will just continue on that note.
How about some of the stuff we bought while in Mexico?
This is a carving that Dave picked  up from a beach vendor. We had gone down town and through tons of shops and he never found what he wanted. There is another that he loved but it wasn't complete so once the guy finished carving and polishing it he sold it to Ponty for us. 
And here is a lady that I fell in love with. I am still not sure where she will end up but I thought she was adorable.
The little sombrero man that I painted has found a home on the mantle. I don't know why he is still so glum though, at least he has some company.
Kaitlyn's creations have found a home on a window sill for now. Eventually I hope to have them out at the cottage on a shelf of some sort.
Oh, and the plate! Destined for the cottage as well.
I just love how bright and vibrant the colors are.

My big purchase ended up being this guy. There was something about him when I saw him and I just couldn't walk away. He was one of those purchases that you almost walk away from because you are not sure you want to spend the money and are not sure where you will put it but run back because you already miss it. I also knew that he would end up being one of those things that I would really regret if I didn't get. One of those things I would kick myself for and wish I had bought. So far I don't know where he will end up either but I like him a lot.

Anyway, there was one other thing I wanted to share and almost totally forgot!

I got a letter in the mail a few days ago saying that I have been accepted to participate in the local art festival and street fair later this month.
I am excited but at the same time am a little worried. I have a lot of work to do to get ready and all in the same month we expect the baby to come. Actually the festival day falls only one week before my due date. Should be interesting!
So if any of you are around on May 23rd come down and see me! I will be selling kid inspired art, my regular stuff, and whatever else I am able to come up with in the next few weeks.
Now to figure out the tent situation, and signage and the money stuff. I am so glad Dave has that day off!


mamatucci said...

I love the mask,I wouldve bought it too. I will see if I can come May 23rd. But if not I hope we can see you on june 9th if you are up to it? I will wait until its closer and see how you are all doing with a new bundle by then.Maybe just a quick backyard visit.

Mrs. Wilson said...

You'll have to put a reminder up on your blog a day or two before - I'd LOVE to come!

Gayle said...

The art festival sounds great! You are so brave to schedule something so close to your due date! Will Dave do the selling if you're not up to it? Your purchases are great and I love the painted pottery that you and Kaitlyn created!

Stacie's Madness said...

love the red mask...

for me, loss of mucus plug mean delivery SOON! *GIDDY* Thinking of you and wishing you an easy delivery.

Angela Fehr said...

with my third kiddo the loss of the mp meant labour 12 hours later. I cleaned house like a madwoman for 10 hours!

Hayley said...

Congrats on getting into Cathedral! What's your booth number? You swung by to see my last year (I'm the crazy chainmaille lady), so I'll definitely try to return the favour :) One word of advice; buy deck blocks or something heavy to weigh your tent down with, many vendors lost their tents to the wind last year. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email!

homemom1001 said...

Yay for the festival, they would have been crazy to turn you down! Now I can hardly wait for it even more!
Yay for losing the plug??? Okay, maybe not, but that baby is coming soon regardless!!

Elaine A. said...

I just adore your Mexico purchases and creations. And doesn't the loss of the plug mean baby is coming pretty soon?

Good luck with the art fair - how wonderful! : )