Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Counting down to the art festival and a baby

I am really starting to freak out....just a little my head.
The Art Festival Street Fair is coming up this Saturday (the 23rd) and the baby's due date is creeping closer.
I am pretty ready, OK, I am not really ready at all but am trying to get there for the festival.
It's the baby thing that is kinda weighing heavy on my mind.
What if I go into labour the night before?
What if my water breaks that day?
What if I have the baby tomorrow and I am fresh out of the hospital with boobs bursting with engorgement for the festival?

But then again I am probably just freaking out over nothing and the baby will just wait until June. Why do I do this to myself?
What does it profit except for some rattled nerves?!
I must get my head in check and focus!

So, let's get on with the preparations.
I have been trying to get ready by doing some last minute touch ups and digging out of my secret basement painting stash, well, I don't really have a secret stash but I have a few pieces that I haven't shared.

The kids have been keeping busy destroying the living room, painting, and crafting as well.

Here are a few that are in the print shop getting prints made.

And a few others kicking around. (the boots are staying though)
We started to set up our small kiosk tent. I think it is around 8x8 or 10x10 and the standard white top. However there are no walls and it has been sitting outside behind my parents garage for four years. 
It is a little rusty.
So Dave decided to invest and got a huge garage style tent. We will just set up two of the sections and part of the walls. I hope it works...we might just stand out like a sore thumb amongst all the little tents and tables but we'll be covered.
We have an hour and a half on the morning of the festival to get the tent set up and all the art displayed. I sure hope we can do it. (I mean Dave)

On my list of to do's there is the float situation, a log book to keep track of what sells and plastic sleeves of some kind for the prints.
The table will need to be covered and I have yet to create a banner. My banner designer friend (Hi Maria, waving sheepishly) is probably scolding me though the screen right now. 
I totally forgot to get what I needed sent off to her.
So I will have some sort of painted canvas little thing to say who I am. If all goes well this year then I will know and be better prepared for future festivals.
Kaitlyn has been quite busy crafting her own thing while I craft and would much rather that I sell her stuff than me sell mine.
She has laid claim to all the kid inspired stuff and is quite adamant that she "NEEEEEEDS IT!!!"
I did think that her double sided hand puppet was quite clever. She directed the cutting of felt and did the rest.
Ethan started to make a lion puppet of his own but never got past tracing his hand.
While he played cars endlessly Kaitlyn kept going by moving on to paints.
She is really quite abstract with her techniques. I wish I could learn from her, I am just so controlled, even when I try to be abstract or sloppy.
A few of the 'windy day' paintings have been whipped up. I shouldn't say whipped up, they take forever to create with their multiple layers and dry times. Then with my hand forever going numb I only get to sit and work on them for a few minutes here and there.
So the kids and I have made magnets instead. (notice the dots? Inspired by BA's  amazing dottery) My hand can survive this. I think the prices will be revised though, the wood ones would be a steal at $4 a set. 
What do you think is reasonable? I don't know what I would or wouldn't pay. 
Pricing is tough.
My mom has decided to contribute as well and has been working on some magnets of her own.
Oh, right, I almost forgot about the pendants. Above is one I made for Kaitlyn a few months back.
And above is one (click on the photo to see the detail) that was custom ordered through my shop by a friend for a friend for her birthday.
I have painted the large wood ones before (10 years ago,I will upload a photo of them one day) but fell so in love with the miniature ones that I just had to make more.
And then since I couldn't stop at the pendants I decided that they might be cute as magnets.
I am not sure if they will be for sale yet or not since Kaitlyn is quite in love with them already.
Well see.

Now back to the preparations. Dave just called and is done work early. Nice for me but not for the pocket and he is off to get hooks and try to figure out how to hang paintings in the tent.
Are there any ideas out there for this?
The only thing we can come up with is to use either dog run fencing and the square S hooks or use that thin board with the holes in it. I cannot remember what it is called but it would be sturdy and we could use the hooks with that too.
I keep thinking there must be a cheaper and better way to do it but I have never paid enough attention at past festivals to see what other artists do.
So if there are any ideas I am all ears!


Stacie's Madness said...

no help here...just wishing you easy vibes, it will all come together, baby will hold on until the night after the festival and all will go well.

that is my prediction ;)

Karen MEG said...

Wow, Anna, all your work is so wonderful! I have no advice about your paintings (I'm no artist), but I do want to wish you luck with all of your wares, and that baby will hold off until AFTER the festival. Then baby gets all the attention, right? Hang on baby!

Amy.E said...

How exciting! You'll be a hit! Sounds like you have the beginnings of a plan for your display. My only suggestion (if space allows)is to make sure your tent is stroller-friendly! You've definitely got some kid-friendly product, so providing easy access to moms can't hurt.

Kori said...

I have no idea what to suggest; too busy falling in love with yet another one of your paintings...and being astonished at how wonderful you look!

Glenda said...

Ha-ha you just look so dang cute girl! Love that belly!

BeachMama said...

Anna, look at you go! I have seen everything from the peg board (with holes) to wires hanging to easel's. Just go with what looks best.

I hope you have great weather and that baby hangs in there for you. Can't wait to hear how amazing it went.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck with the art festival !
You'll be great!

* Shaking fist at you for not getting your banner done. But Maybe next year~


Anonymous said...

I wish we lived close and could come by the festival! The Bean could pick something out for her room! Hope all goes well with the festival and the baby!

Elaine A. said...

I hope baby hangs on until after the festival. And I hope it goes well. Your art is so wonderful that I'm positive it will. Good luck!

And by the way, you don't even look pregnant from the back, but I guess that's usually the case! HA!

R Family of 4 said...

You look amazing! Good luck with the street fair. I hope the baby stays put for you. Take Care

dreamingviolet said...

some ideas here. Maybe you could find somethings at the hardware store that you could rig up to be similar to what they have. There are also some good looking products for the next time you want to do a show.
Another thought, the wreath hangers that hook over the top of the door {look like a giant flat S-hook usually about 18-24"} so you don't have to drill a hole, maybe hooked over the frame of your tent. Would probably be able do a "cascade" of paintings with other hanging materials hooked onto the hook behind the painting. Only problem is getting them on short notice since it is "out of season" sort of for them right now. If it were November/December you would see them everywhere!

Good Luck with your show! and hang in there little baby boy so your mama can sell lots of paintings!

Gayle said...

No ideas from me. I hope you have great success at the festival! You look so good, Anna. Can't wait to see that baby!

Loukia said...

First of all - you look so great pregnant! You do not look pregnant at all in that picture where your back is towards the camera - you're only all belly, lucky you! And your art is just so fabulous. I love it. The magnets are too cute. You should maybe personalize them... like, people could send you pictures of their children and you can make the magnets look the children? So cute, you are very talented.

mamatucci said...

everything looks great. Wish I could come out.But not until Monday. You will do great,have fun and feel free to have the baby in the evening of the 23rd then we will share the same Birthday!

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

No ideas, but good luck! Hope it works out well and that the baby stays put. Your belly is so gorgeous!

Take care.

Anonymous said...

I am sure Fernando would know, but I think I am too late. Good luck with the festival it will be wonderful....maybe the baby will come tonight???

Love You Lori

Loukia said...

How did the festival go?

Anonymous said...

Now that you and dave have managed to take on Mexico, your show ; and that other event BB3. I hope that you can relax and enjoy the summer.
I cant wait to see your pics of your tent as well as thr other booths.
LOL Ponty