Monday, May 18, 2009

My pregnancy and motherhood 'Blessing'

This was something new to me. I had read of a 'blessing' before but wasn't really sure what to expect. 

As it turned out there were only a few that came but it made for an intimate and really special time.  So for those of you wondering  what a 'blessing' is I will walk you through what happened this afternoon. 
It was a time to just focus on me, the miracle of pregnancy and motherhood and  to praise God for this precious gift. I know there is more to what it was all about and I'll do my best, here goes...
First they made me a floral crown. I had to smile as crooked as possible for the shot!
 Then a candle was lit. There were supposed to be a few candles lit, one for each of the women there but some forgot. This was something that was sent home with me. When I go into labour I can light the candles and remember that these women are praying for me. I think I will just light them when I am lying in bed at night doodling and think of them. I get all warm and fuzzy inside just thinking about it.
 If I go into labour and it takes a while I will light them and read through the blessings I received.  If it is crazy fast like Ethan's labour and delivery I have a feeling I won't. 
Next up we had some snacks and sat around and visited.
Then I experienced something humbling. Have you ever had a friend wash your feet, give you a massage and then lather them up with lotion? It almost made me cry.
Aromatherapy oils, herbs and salts were all added to the water. 
Kaitlyn was a little nervous at first but then joined in with Karen and gave me a massage as well.
What a gift, a blessing in itself. (I am also really glad that I had filed my heels and painted my nails last week)
As my feet got pampered the few friends that came read me words of encouragement, poems, scripture  verses and stories. 
Some of it was a great reminder of what pregnancy and birth is really all about. It was encouraging me not to get so caught up in the pains and discomfort of this late stage but to remember the precious kicks and flutters and the miracle of carrying a baby, another little human in my womb.
It was a reminder of the gift of pregnancy and motherhood and a reminder as to how precious and fragile life is. It was them showing hospitality and the joy of servanthood to me.
The 'blessings' on paper were then put into a scrapbook for me to keep.
Blessing me in ways beyond I thought possible.
My heart was singing with joy and gratitude.

I am so glad I got to experience this  'blessing' before the baby comes. I feel more ready and at peace and calm about the birth. I cannot tell you how this has affected how I look at things.
I was getting so caught up in the trivial last minute dragging on of things and now I feel so rejuvenated that I could stay pregnant for another year. Well maybe not quite that long but you know what I mean.

It also was really touching to hear how friends see me. It was funny too because some of the things that they admired about me were things that I come down on myself the hardest for. 
My being open, honest and the ability to take things in stride were things that were mentioned.
 While here I am wishing I would just shut up sometimes and not share so much. I wish I could get more organized and on top of things. Funny how we see things differently than those around us.

The fact that I had to clear a small patch on the kitchen table last week to eat at when I had a  friend over really made me feel like a cluttered fool.

Where the heck are my priorities?

 Since there just wasn't room for both our kids at the table and I wanted to visit rather than clean it off I just threw a table cloth on the floor and declared it time for a picnic.
I was embarrassed it had to come to that.  Why couldn't I just be organized enough to have a clean table?!
My friend, (who I think is totally amazing by the way and organized the whole blessing thing) thought this was great. She is funny like that though.
I struggle daily with priorities. I tend to put art and crafts and fun play with the kids above all household duties and even above making meals.
Finding balance is something that really gets to me. I do find it hard to see the good in what I do since I see others live scheduled organized lives. Coming to terms with the fact that I am always jumping from one thing to the next and then back and then on to another thing in my head is really tough. I know I don't fit 'the mold' and I am getting used to it.
I just never considered it an ability that I can leave art and craft projects out and not let it bother me. 
However sometimes it does  bother me, especially when I would like to have adults over. I am just not sure what they would think of picnics on my kitchen floor.
It sure does help when friends tell you they love you for it though. I guess this is probably the same reason I love them! Huh.
During this precious mushy girl time Ethan conked out in my brothers room. Phil (my brother) stole the camera for a moment so I wouldn't miss this.
He must have been really tired to mot even make it all the way onto the bed.
Anyway, back to me. I know, me, me, me. It felt kind of odd to have all the attention. I just babbled and chittered and chatted and spilled details of my life and experiences that I could and  probably should have kept to myself. However, you give me the floor and blab, blab, blab is what you get.
I can't wait now to go to someone elses 'blessing' and listen to them!
I almost felt guilty getting all the attention, I just wanted to give it right back to them and scream "I love you!"
My heart felt so big!
What a gift they gave!
Karen, my mom and Charity.
My sister's Emily and TT and my little Kaitlyn.

And these are some of the gifts that were sent home with me. (click the image to view larger)

I am still trying to wrap my mind around the whole afternoon. I have never seen such an outpouring of love from people that I have known for such a short time. These women are truly amazing!
The love of God that shines in them is something that is so beautiful. They just give and love and don't judge and they find the positives and they share and just keep on loving, I just don't know how else to say it. 
It was beautiful, encouraging, uplifting and empowering.
I just want to hug them all over again! (Sorry I missed you Monique, I should have pried my butt out of that chair and squeezed you tight. Just a warning, next time I see you you will get it.)
I hope this becomes a mainstream pre-baby-mommy-shower thing. It was amazing!
Thank you---you know who you are!
And if you are expecting or know someone who is....this a such a fantastic gift to get or to pass on!


Gayle said...

Anna, that is so beautiful! What a wonderful bunch of women. You totally deserved this!

Mrs. Wilson said...

What a great "blessing" day!! Awesome idea.

Stacie's Madness said...

how beautiful! you deserve it!

bethany said...

that is so wonderful, glad you have the friends and had that experience! never had one and it sounds like it should happen every time :). We did do a blessing for our oldest when he was about 6 months old ... all the friend/relatives got together in a room and passed the babies (his cousin too) around the room, and each person gave each baby a specific blessing. so wish I'd written them down, I can only remember a few! may the glow stay close to you in the next couple of weeks!

Anonymous said...

That sounds wonderful!
And yes - you are truly blessed, and admired - don't be so hard on yourself.

All the best!
- maria

Kori said...

I have heard of this before, and feel so, so glad htat you were able to have such a time. You are all so beautiful, and you deserve this.

Elaine A. said...

That's just beautiful and SO sweet and loving of your friends to do. And I'm glad it helped you feel better both physically and emotionally.

nicole said...

Sounds like a lovely afternoon.

Hannah said...

How beautiful! I just love this idea, and wish I could have had something like this when I was pregnant. Don't get me wrong, I loved my baby showers ... but this is something else entirely.
I have a friend due with her first baby in July, and I think I will try and do something like this for her. I am so glad your friends & family did this for you, Anna!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome experience! Definitely a blessing!

Anonymous said...

Glad you felt so blessed Anna!! I was an honor to plan it for you! Check out this website for resources for planning blessings other awsome stuff!!

Loukia said...

Wow! That sounds soooooo nice, you're so lucky! Where did you find such wonderful friends? What a blessing, indeed! And it's true that we need to really appreciate how blessed we are as mothers - there is no greater gift then that. :) That picture of your son is PRICELESS!q