Sunday, April 26, 2009

Oh belly!

I am feeling like the time is coming soon, and I am soooooo not ready!
Who knows, this baby might just hang in there for another month and a half and put me way over due but I am not so secretly hoping it will decide to get out of there in the next 4 weeks...or less!
While we were away on vacation the baby was still in the normal position. Middle.
On the flight from PV to Calgary this happened.
It dropped.
This doesn't really mean much though since both Kaitlyn and Ethan did this around the 34 week mark as well. Kaitlyn held in there for two weeks and was born at 36 weeks and Ethan held in there until 40 weeks so who knows. It sure makes things a little more uncomfortable and I am walking a little awkwardly now but it is hanging in.

 I did freak Dave out in a huge way last night though when I started cleaning and dusting and organizing. 
It just needs to be done...that's all.
 The energy that I got to do it though is what freaked him out more than anything.
With all the baby talk around these parts the kids are really getting into the baby spirit. 
Ethan is still very convinced that he is the baby and soaks up all the cuddling and snuggles he can get.
Kaitlyn babies him and all her dolls and is quite excited to help take care of a real baby.
I have a feeling things might change over time but I might be wrong.

When I look at this picture it just doesn't seem so big. I can see that I have a month to go. However I just feel huge already!

And then when I took this to see what I looked like from my kids angle I realized why Kaitlyn has been telling me that I have a very fat belly.
I sure look different from down there!
Sometimes I just wish I could have the baby already but then I just think about things for a few minutes.
We don't even have teeny tiny diapers yet or vitamin D. I haven't washed the newborn stuff and have yet to find the receiving blankets. The car seat is not installed and I have no idea where my breast pump is.

I know that this baby will come when it does whether I am ready or not so I think I will get back to my nesting now.
Oooo, and the name  game. 
We still haven't settled on a boy name.
Any suggestions?


beck said...

Oh Ethan is so cute being the baby! Poor guy is in for a big change. =) Boy names... Jake (Jacob), Jude, Cole???

Kami's Khlopchyk said...

Wow, you can really see the difference, that little guy sure did drop! You look great Anna, beautiful!

Boy names? Yeah, no help here, I had enough trouble finding out two :) You guys will find the perfect one, I just know it!

Elaine A. said...

You are the true definition of "all baby!" I can't believe you are so close already. WOW!

Hannah said...

I agree with Elaine, you are a definitely "all baby", if it weren't for the belly I wouldn't know you were pregnant. Me, I was pregnant everywhere, LOL!

As for names, I know you'll find a great one. As you know, I also have an Ethan ... and a Tyler. So there's one suggestion!

Hannah said...

P.S. Sorry I never got around to commenting on your vacation posts ... I LOVED seeing all your photos! Glad you had such a great time.

Badness Jones said...

You look gorgeous....and I like Ronan for a boy.

Stacie's Madness said...

i look tiny everywhere but that adorable healthy belly.

My friend just found out her baby is a boy too, I am suggesting Lincoln to her, but she has a thing for president names (Daughters, Raegan and Kennedy).

Gayle said...

Anna, these photos are great! You look so good! The photo of Kaitlyn's hair reaching for the plastic play thing is so funny! I don't think I should suggest a name. My MIL doesn't like either of my boy's names, so maybe I'm not the best at picking them. (But I like them!)

cc said...

If Shawn and I had had a boy we would have named him Devon Robert.

Devon because we (I) liked it and Robert because its my Dad's and brother's middles name.

And yikes!! You did drop.

MJ said...

Glad you made it home safe & sound! The Mexican photos are beautiful! We liked Matthew as a boy's name but it is so popular!

Anonymous said...

Gosh I didn't realize that we would be able to vote for a name for the bb boy but if it is a contest like american idol I will start sending a hundred votes a day for my two favorites!!!!

#2..What else but Pontybone!!

I hope all is well ,we had a great time with everybody there.


Mrs. Wilson said...

That third photo looks more like you've got a basketball under there!! That's how I carry too - just right out there :)

BeachMama said...

Oh you are all belly!!

I hope you guys are all feeling well since your return from Mexico?

Boys names... Bubba Joe works here, even though that isn't his real name ;)

Karen MEG said...

You HAVE dropped, but you're only all baby! AMazing, you look great Anna, it looks like you are ready to have the baby, now that your trip is over :). Both mine were early, at almost 36 weeks (short a day) and almost 37 weeks. I was so huge I was ready, though.

Your vacay shots were all gorgeous, so glad you squeezed it in before baby came.

Anonymous said...

Those are some cool belly shots! You have definitely dropped! I am laughing that your dh was panicking over your nesting. I think mine would too. I think it is nice to get the view from your kids' perspective.

mamatucci said...

wow, you look totally different. Your pregnancy is going so fast for me.

Looks like mexico was a blast. We are going to max and Ruby Sunday at 2. Then I will be coming in the Monday. But I am not sure when cause he has been getting earlier flights and messing up my plans!

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