Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Did I ever tell you about the time I got hit on...

....with this belly?!
This belly that now hangs out the bottom of my maternity clothes.
This belly that when my mom saw it today commented that I am definitely very"great with child."
Yes, so great that my belly rubs on the steering wheel when I drive and I find turning corners to be rather challenging.
So great that I have now gained 40 lbs. 
40 lbs!!! Double what I gained with Kaitlyn!
So great that I try to get a nice belly shot and don't realize it is hanging out the bottom!
Boy do I look silly!

Anyway, here is the story of how I got hit on in this ripe state.
Last week I went to Costco with my sister and the kids to get a few things and to have pizza and a poutine of course.
While grabbing some lettuce from the refrigerated room this guy comes up to me. He is tattooed and has a shaved head, walks with an attitude and is shopping with his wife (I assumed) and four kids. 
The wife and kids were around the corner getting berries or broccoli  and he starts chatting. First he asks who my Dr is and then goes on with which doctors he would recommend. I thank him and start walking away.
 The guy follows me and is still chatting away and then finally makes his way to stating "Well you must be a little cheater!" as he eye balls my belly and then looks up at me again.
Creeped out!
I was thrown for a loop. "What!!! Why?!" I say.
He says, "well, you are having a boy?"
He then says, "Well then you must be a cheater."
I stare at him and say. "No, we go by the Chinese calender actually!" and walk away really fast without getting what I need.
Creepy. His wife was right around the corner with his kids. I am still baffled by the whole ordeal. He was just soooo creepy!

And that was that. My hit on experience. Nothing like they used to be that is for sure!

Anyway that is all I have for out of the norm stories.

OK.  Fast forward.
I wrote the above 4 hours ago now.
This post is taking a turn here.
I just finished watching a few shows with Dave and lounging around. 

Now I am sitting here in a lot of pain. I went for walk this afternoon and I'll just say I hurt down there. A lot. I am really distracted by the pain right now so rather than continue the post normally with little stories from the weekend I am tuning out.
I need a bath or something.

OK. I have to say something here.
Don't you love it when you forget to clean your child's face but can do it in photoshop when you realize it? Below is the original photo.
I do this a lot actually. I clean crumbs off the floor and boogers off cheeks too.

And I am off. I need to get horizontal!
Sorry about he choppiness here....my mind is totally elsewhere now.


bethany said...

hope it goes away fast, or else you pop that boy out quickly :)

ComfortablyCrazy said...

What Bethany said.

Gayle said...

oooohhhh, Labor?!

Stacie's Madness said...

woot, love the post...thinking about you, c'mon baby!

Brooke said...

Hopefully all that pain means you've had the baby by the time I'm typing this : ) Whacko in Costco. Good job for running away, although I am sorry you didn't get what you were there for. Can't wait for the post that says "he's here!"

Elaine A. said...

Well, I have to say, your Mother is right, you are "great with child!" ; )

What is up with the dude at Costco? That is just WEIRD!!

Hang in there girl, you and baby are almost there...

Kami's Khlopchyk said...

That guy at Costco was strange to say the least. I love your response though, he was likely as puzzled as you were!

Hope that little boy takes some of the pressure off. Or puts it full on and comes out!

BeachMama said...

Well, you are one hot Mamma ;).

I hope to read that you are on your way to the hospital, hope you are all ready!