Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pregnant forever

I am really feeling like I will be pregnant forever. A few weeks ago I would have sworn this baby would come any day. Now I just feel like it will just hang in there all summer.
Not a great feeling but a strange one.
Today I have an appointment. 
Not exciting.
I still have not had an internal exam and the Dr said she won't do one until I am past due next week.
This is driving me nuts!
My last Dr did one every week from 34 weeks to see how things were progressing. When I was dilated 3 cms for a month I knew it, and understood why I was in so much discomfort. I also understood why Ethan was born with two huge hematomas (no idea how to spell that) on his head. 3 cm's worth each.

Anyway I am glad the the festival is over and that this is the new focus.
I still cannot find any of my tiny undershirts, that is something I need to get on!
According to what the Dr said last week this baby is nearing the 9 lb point now. I really, REALLY, hope she is wrong!

 Thank you all for being so kind about the festival. I really didn't feel like it was that successful considering the amount of inventory I had but the truth is that I did have sales and covered my costs and that is what matters.
Today I am trying to get photo's edited and uploaded, time to stock that shop!!

I hope you all had a great weekend, I am just finally recovering!


Kori said...

Nine pounds? NINE? Are you kidding me? If it was me, I would be giving Dave a miner's helemt and some rubber gloves so he could get in there and start massaging that cerviz. NINE pounds?

Kristen said...

Hang in there friend! So sorry and yes, hoping the nine pounds is WAY off for you!

If it is any concellation, you look fabulous!!

Hannah said...

I can sympathise, the end is always hard. Both my babies' heads were engaged before 36 weeks so it was very uncomfortable for me in the last month. And to make matters worse, my Ethan was ELEVEN DAYS overdue! The scan I had at 41 weeks showed he would be over 9lb, but luckily it was wrong and he was only 8lb 4oz! :-)
Hang in there, at least you know you WON'T be pregnant forever! Can't wait to hear the news soon!

Gayle said...

My doctor overestimated my third baby's size, so I'm hoping the same for you! And you still look wonderful! Pregnancy suits you!

BeachMama said...

Well Apple was 9.5lbs and if you remember my Sister's last guy was 11 lbs. Big is OK, as long as you are prepared :).

Here's hoping he's only 8.2 like J was, even though they estimated him at 10lbs.

Kiki said...

Waiting for some baby info??? Hope everything is going well! And yes, big is fine! You can handle it!! 9 is better than 12!(with teeth)

MJ said...

Glad to read that you survived the Festival and are hangin' in there! Soon that baby will come! So, so soon!