Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Creative with clothes

(photo taken with the old little camera before it died a slow and mysterious death)

Yesterday was amazing. Beautiful out! It was a Slurpee and a walk in the park kind of day.
With Dave having the day off today we planned to head out to the cottage for the day. 
 I am feeling pretty good again despite having every pre labour and false labour symptom in the book this little dude is hanging in.
Thank you all for prayers and well wishes, I have a feeling though that this baby will just arrive when he wants to and not when it will be convenient for me. I am just hoping that I am not in labour for the street fair or trying to recover that day from having him the day before.

Off, track, so I was saying we had planned to head out to the lake. I wanted to walk down to the beach, maybe tan a little, play in the sand and hit the slide and swing area.
And then we woke up this morning.
It was pouring.
And then it started to snow.
It is now calm and cold. There is only a dusting of snow and I am sure it will melt shortly.
It just kinda cracks me up.
Shorts and t-shirts one day. Jackets and toques and boots the next. Ahh, spring in Canada!

Anyway I had planned on writing about our Easter hunt and crafts but kinda got off track. 
And now it feels like time to bake cookies.
Oh, before I go there is that photo above.

Our kids dress themselves. Can you tell?
I never really thought about laying out clothes for them. Once they could dress themselves or pull clothes from a drawer they have been quite happy to choose what they want to wear. If they can't get it on they bring it to us and we help.
I have recently learned that this is not the norm in a lot of homes. 
Do you dress your children or do they dress themselves?
And I know this is not a relevant question for some of you with older kids or without kids but for those of you with kids did you dress them and if you did for how long?
I am very curious....and bored today.


Kori said...

I LOVE the fact that Owen can finally dress himself. As soon as all of mine could manage it, I quit helping or choosing unless it was for some special occasion. Want to wear the top to your dinosaur halloween costume all year? Go for it. Want to wear snow boots, swin trucnk, and your big brother's t-shirt? good look. Yeah, I just really don't care all that much, and it makes them happy AND there is no fuss in the morning-everyone wins, right?

bethany actually said...

Annalie has been dressing herself ever since she was old enough to pull things out of her dresser and put them on. Which you can occasionally tell by the creative outfits she comes up with! I have a whole flickr set devoted to Annalie Fashions. :-)

homemom1001 said...

I always have let my kids dress themselves once they are old enough - now they even dress each other! One will bring another an outfit and say "Here I thought we could match today" or whatever. The only day that doesnt' happen is Sunday - we try and pick out our clothes Satuday night, because it is such an early morning, so I do some helping with matching...

Kami's Khlopchyk said...

My kids never cared when they were little so I just picked out their clothes. When Jack hit school I started getting him to pick his own and now Kamden does too. And we talk about what goes and what might not be the best combo. They always want to know if they match. I think they might get that from me :)

Gayle said...

Like you, as soon as my kids could dress themselves I let them pick out their own clothes. I feel, why not let them have control over what they're wearing? It did used to make for some interesting outfits! But what the heck!

(I keep checking your twitter updates to see if you're in labor! heehee.)

Angela Fehr said...

I let my kids dress themselves for the most part - but I reserve veto power if the item is too nice to wear in the dirt, or not warm enough for the season.

I have a friend who is very careful to dress her kids "cute" when she goes to town and we had to laugh at our different approaches. I let my kids wear whatever to town, most days, though they prefer to wear the clothes earmarked "town clothes" which of course are their nicer clothes. Sometimes it's the hats and boots that make even town clothes an interesting combination!

Hannah said...

My boys are 4 and almost 7, and they have been dressing themselves since they were about 2 or 3 years old. On Sundays (church) they know to wear "good" clothes, and on the other days they know that anything goes. Well, Ethan has a school uniform so that makes his job a bit easier, LOL!
Sometimes I am envious of mothers whose children let them dress them in cute co-ordinating outfits, but then I realise that my kids have their own unique sense of style and I definitely want to encourage and not stifle their creativity!
Tyler (my youngest) has a particularly strong sense of his own fashion. It's not always pretty, but I've learned that it's not a battle worth fighting. He needs freedom in some areas, because he's a strong-willed child, so this is one are he's allowed to be himself!

mamatucci said...

I have always dressed my kids. I dressed Frankie until she was 6 and done Kindergarten. Then she went to private school and she had to wear a uniform. After school she then dressed herself. Weekends I would pick out the clothes or help at least. Unless it was a play day. I dress Matteo everyday. Sometimes he tells me if he wants to wear a certain shirt. I think I may be alittle anal about it if I am being honest! I know alot of my friends let their kids dress themselves. But really my kids dont question it,and now I have a fashion crazy 12 year old that is very creative, with her styles.

Elaine A. said...

Ben's been dressing himself for about a year now. I just have to tell him if he needs "school" clothes or "play" clothes and then he's good to go. Sometimes he comes out with some pretty interesting things but it's not a big deal to me. I love the creative dressing! : )

BeachMama said...

J has only been chosing his own clothes since the fall. Out of habit I would lay out clothes on his bed and he would get dressed. He is pretty good now, and have only asked him two or three times to change something. I wouldn't care if he wasn't heading off to school, but kids are harsh so I make sure he matches :).

BeachMama said...

Oh yes, and Apple dresses herself and I just tried to make sure that whatever she chooses from her drawer matches, a little trick I learned from my Mom when it came to dressing my Dad ;).

Kimberley said...

Hey there - checking your blog again after a long blog-reading-fast for lent and to catch up on the chaos around here!

I love coordinating clothes and hang everything on those dual shirt/pants hangers so a whole outfit is already put together for them on one hanger. Camden gets to choose a "play clothes" or "church clothes" hanger and dresses himself from there (started putting his own clothes on at almost 3). This way I have a "guideline" and he has a "choice". I took a parenting class 2 years ago that taught me how givivg children choices in small stages with guidance(ie, what to wear, eat, play with, etc) develops strong decision making skills, but giving them every choice too young can give them struggles later with being demanding, entitlement and rebellion, because they are so used to making every decision for themselves and not being ok with "not choosing" if mom/dad/boss/God decides something for them as life gets more complex. Giving them the choice of what to wear (with some boundaries) goes way deeper than developing their style, it is a small but GREAT way at that young age to start developing their strength in decision making so they are trained to not fear making decisions as they grow up. You are an AMAZING Mommy for giving them this FREEdom and STRENGTH!!!!!!

Loukia said...

OH, man! Sorry about your yucky weather! So far, we've doing okay in Ottawa although it is more cold today and rainy. I'm hoping the rain goes away for the long weekend!

So cute that your children dress themselves... my oldest son, who is 3 and a half, doesn't. I just go in and pick up what he is going to wear for the day. He usually never complains, although sometimes he has a preference over what shirt to wear. It would be so interesting to see what he'd pick out to wear on his own!

Mary said...

Wow, it looks like a lot of kids dress themselves! I was wondering if this was normal, too. My kids ages 2 1/2 and 4 1/2 dress themselves,too. They like to pick their own clothes out and they're pretty good about matching. I do make them dress nice if we're going out somewhere. My kids are so independent sometimes!

cc said...


In general they can wear their clothes in any combination they like, BUT if we are going somewhere and I'll be taking photos, they can choose from outfits that I coordinate.

Lucky for them this means special days like birthday parties and some trips to Disneyland.

It just isn't worth the fighting.

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