Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Baby brain

I am still here and still very pregnant. I am starting to feel like a broken record and if this baby ends up going full term or overdue then for sure you will all be terribly sick of hearing me ramble on about pregnancy.
However it is one thing that is always on my mind. It is consuming. I go over what we have, wonder what the new dude will be like and worry about the birth.
I am terrified of having a baby in this city. Both Kaitlyn and Ethan were born in St. Albert, AB and now I realize we were spoiled rotten there.
We checked into a private room. (All rooms are private there) The room was large, had a bed for me, of course and a lounge chair that converted to a bed for Dave. There was a bouncy chair and a bathroom with a shower and a sitz bath. You labored, delivered and recovered in your room. The baby never left the room either. The nurses would wheel in the weighing and baby cleaning station and everything happened right there in front of us.
Down the hall was a room with bouncy balls and other labor getter-throughers and then there was a kitchen for us to use.
From what I have heard so far about birthing in this city it is a little different. You get moved around and share rooms and bathrooms--eek, that freaks me out!
I have heard a lot of stories from moms and none of them say it is great here. They all have stories.
I am trying to stay calm and when I think about it too much I want the baby to stay in as long as possible so I don't have to go there. 
I just pray it all goes smoothly and I have one of the few good experiences. I think I understand why so many people opt for home births here.
Strange how things are so different in different cities.

Anyway....there I go with baby talk, I warned you, I am all baby brain these days.
However we still carry on day to day life. Cleaning, going for walks and hanging out with friends.
We are finally getting some of the house and yard stuff done here in the city.
Hopefully this gets us a little closer to our moving to the lake plans.
But I don't think much about that these days...baaabbbyyyyyy!
Seriously, broken record!
I did take a time out on Sunday to go for tea.
One weekend a month the Government house hosts a Victorian tea.
Mom and my sister in-law had been the day before and I thought it would be fun to get just Kaitlyn and I out for some girl time.
Mom and Emily ended up coming with us and we sipped.
And sat pretty.

And ate dainty candies, scones and desserts.

Emily and Kaitlyn got served sandwiches by accident. Emily started eating it and when we told the lady she took them away while Emily was in mid bite.
It was funny to see as she just sat there and chewed and then stated that she wished she had eaten much faster.
The lady then came back with the mouse and cookies the the girls had ordered.
A delicious and dainty time.
I had really wanted to see how Kaitlyn would do without Ethan next to her. I wondered if she would just sit still or get restless.
 After about 30 mins she did get restless and began to ballroom dance and waltz in the corner by our table. She loved the music that the lady at the grand piano was playing and she danced and danced, twirling, curtsying and bowing.
A few old men a few tables down found it quite entertaining. 
I figured it was our cue to go.
Back home it was back to baby brain.
I guess it is on my mind all the time since it is hanging out there so far and the back and pelvic pain never let me forget.

I know we have to carry on though. 
On Monday we got the news that Dave's Grandpa passed away. He has now lost three grandparents in the last few months. He hasn't talked much about it though, I think he is still processing but now that I have said that out loud I am sure I will get an ear full when he gets home.
Maybe I should get him to write a post about his Grandpa. He was a pretty amazing man and had so many incredible life stories to share. 90 years of life and 70 spent with his wife. (who passed away a few months ago) After she passed he was never the same. Broken heart. Their love was fantastic.
 I should really leave it up to Dave. He knew him his whole life unlike me.
Another thing I have been plugging away at is the paintings for the festival.
I have a few of the child inspired pieces ready.

Today I am waiting to see about getting prints made of some of them. I am hoping that it is not too expensive and turn out nice.
Anyway Kaitlyn and a sticker book are calling and then I think the dishes and laundry are next. 
Back to my baby brain frenzy.
I feel so domestic again!
I hope the energy sticks around for a while!


Stacie's Madness said...

man will all be over before you know it...and it will go great, I just know it. :)

Kori said...

I wouls totally love to kiss your belly-and I mean that in a platonic-I-am-done-having-kids kind of way. You look GREAT, and I love the new pics, and I will send good energy vibes up there to you.

Gayle said...

The tea looks like it was so fun! The desserts and sandwiches look lovely.

Try not to worry about the hospital. You will be in and out so fast, it probably won't matter what it was like! And, you look so good, Anna!

Kami's Khlopchyk said...

I know you have heard stories about the hospital here but it isn't that bad. Honest, I would be happy to go back and have another isn't ideal but no place is really. I actually don't know anyone who has delivered at home here, I didn't know we even had any midwives available to make that possible?

Good luck to you my friend, praying for an easy labour and delivery of you new little man!

Brooke said...

Oh Anna, I hear the new city, new hospital pain. I LOVED the birthing center we used in the Seattle area. And almost everyone here uses midwives, so I don't know much about it. I'm praying for you that the experience is good. That even if the hospital is not the same that you are gifted with WONderful nurses who make up for any of the ickyness.

Brooke said...

Oops, P.S. I'm not pregnant. That last comment made it sound like I had a birth in the immediate future. I don't for now. haha.

mamatucci said...

I think all provinces have cities with there problems. Where I had the kids there were lots of horror stories. Including a lawsuit right after i had Frankie. There were ups and downs with both of my kids but I didnt let the hospital be what I remembered. And usally now you are out so quick.

I need some domestic over here,feels like a slump. I hope the baby comes soon but after your show.

SAJ said...

You ARE all baby right now! So let it take over your brain!!! We don't mind at all. Besides it's just your body doing it's job the way it's supposed to. Somebody has to do all the worrying. :) I will be praying that things go smoothly at the new hospital and if not smoothly then at least make a great story or something. I have a feeling you'll be a pro.

Love you.

Elaine A. said...

Hang in there, friend! You can see the light at the end of the tunnel and so can that baby! ; )

Love all your creations as usual...


Loukia said...

Oh my goodness - did you do all these paintings? I LOVE THEM! They're so great...