Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hair chop and eye bling

OK, the eye bling part is not in this post but to get to it follow the link at the bottom of this post.
Remember that I promised to show you what the second place winners got. Well actually I don't think it is really second place because I like these gifts as much as the first ones.
Second winner for flight gets this little pink pendant.
And second winner for bling.....gets this set of magnets.
I love this set and had so much fun making it. It is the busts of famous artists.
Now for another artist bust....
here is mine. Actually this is me pre hair cut and with my hair all natural.
I actually wore it out of the house too and it was for a big day.
A blogging get together with Kami and Beachmama. Little mommy had to opt out with a cold and Candace didn't make it either but it was still a fun time.
If all five of us had been there how cool would that have been?! 
I really do love this blogging community and would love to meet so many more of you!
Kami, Beachmama and I. Oh and Apple, she is so cute!
Killing time while the kids napped in the truck. 
Still killing time. You know this bird pendant in my etsy shop? Well I figured that it was getting lonely sitting in it's package waiting for a new home so I took it out for the day, I think I might have to buy it from myself, I love this birdie!
Anyway, in actual news around here we are keeping busy. Insanely so!
Trips out, time in the yard and time loosing my mind.

It has really been a few roller coaster days. Highs and lows and everything in between.
Being home is the worst. The house is once again a dive.
I cannot stay ahead and paint, yet I cannot stay sane and not paint.
I wish I could just sleep, play and paint and not clean or do dishes or laundry.
Then again that would just be too fun!
So tomorrow once again my mission is to put all the fun aside and make it a cleaning day, ho hum!
It is so much more fun hanging outside.

Now back to my hair.
I got it cut again. A little more bold this time and I wanted fullness.
I got it! (dismiss the fishy lips, I was trying to make my double chin disappear)
And the top and my toes.
Ethan thinks his mama is hot! Really though he does love it and pets and pets it.

Out for a run with the pepper grind.
That is my girl.

Now before I bid goodnight, I am so wiped, I want to guide your attention my art blog. I posted a few new ones and a few old ones that I just found in a file.
One of the new ones I really love. You might think it is weird but it was so fun to do and it is whimsical. It is 3 x 4 feet and is called 'Crystal' when you head over there.


Hannah said...

Ethan is right - you ARE hot!! LOVE love love the haircut, and the colour. It looks AWESOME!!!

Elaine A. said...

I love your hair!! I think it's so cute that Ethan can't stop petting it.

And look at Miss Thang with her purse and pepper mill. Too funny!!

Thanks for the preview of my flight. I cannot wait to receive it! Thank You Anna!

Kori said...

I love the hair. So chic and smooth!

Misty said...

CUTE hair. VERY cute, Actually.

Ang said...

I'm having the opposite kind of day - I actually made painting my first priority, forget the laundry! Oh, and I started a mommy blog, can you believe it?

Kami said...

LOVE the hair, but then I always like your hair. Can it ever really look anything but fabulous?

And the paintings are fantastic as always! I cannot wait until you get to ours :-)

Angella said...


Love it!

BeachMama said...

Your haircut looks great! I only wish I got to see the after in person too :).

It was great to get together again this year. Hopefully if I make it that way again next year we can make it a bigger event.

I am still not unpacked and have a couple of photos to post.

Thank you for my delivering my bling winning in person as well as my oil on canvas, I will hang it up and send a photo so you can see how it fits perfectly.

MJ said...

Love your new haircut!

I hear you with the push and pull of motherhood, wifehood and needing to satisfy that noise in the head demanding attention too. The balance thing is so challenging!

mamatucci said...

hair looks great and i love love the dandy picture!

Kathryn said...

Love, love, LOVE the haircut! So cute!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I'm so glad you did. Love your blog! I've added you to my reader! :)

Family Adventure said...

Gorgeous hair cut. Really cute and it suits your face!