Sunday, May 25, 2008

Are you feeling cheated by my canvas affair?

I am once again at a lose. I don't know where to start. I have no brainy bits to share, no crazy brain storms. Besides in the art department. I cannot keep up with what I dream. I get frustrated and cranky.

All I want to do is paint! 
However I am also a mom and wife and this whole painting gig is getting in the way.
I think about it all day, all night and then every spare minute I run to my canvas to dab on a bit more.

I used to have an affair similar to this with this computer and the internet and blogs and e-mails and IMing and facebooking and surfing and shopping and twittering. Have you noticed my absence?
It is not that I do not love you anymore, please don't be jealous, it is not that I have a new love, I have just rekindled an old one.

At this point I am trying to get caught up while also doing little projects on the side that just burst from my head without warning. I must let them out lest they consume what I should be focusing on.

So in a bit I will be back more often, I miss you all!

 Oh, before I get on with the update I wanted to say that I had promised photos of the second place winners gifts. I forgot to upload the photos before my cameras batteries died so sorry, next time, but in the meantime I will get them in the mail!
Back to the update.
Kaitlyn dresses herself. Sometimes I let her out of the house in what she chooses.
Not often though.
We have been kicking back enjoying spring.
Smelling the blossoms, they are consuming!
Playing in the yard.
Shooting a few hoops.

swinging in the breeze.
Sharing hugs.
And playing Mary Poppins.
This little sister of mine sure cracks me up!
Ethan decided to chase a cat.
It chased him back.
He chased it back.

And caught it.
He was so proud!
I was so shocked!
He was so gentle.  He seems to be the animal lover in our family. Kaitlyn couldn't care less, kinda like me, only I am always freaked out I am going to catch some freaky bugs or something from them. I am not a pet person at all. They are cute and soft and long as they are someone elses, kinda like babies right now.
On Friday I was kinda loosing my mind. I had to take a drive to clear my head, drop the kids off at my parents and go paint shopping.
I think these few days without Dave did me in. I so look forward to him coming home every night. He is my partner and my relief.
When we came home there was a package in the mail, with chocolate!
I have never loved such rich dark chocolate like I did this day. I almost cried it was so good. I think it lifted my mood, it was like a happy pill!
Thank you Nicole!
We got busy right away cutting and gluing and ta-da...
we made a flower.
Then I got busy letting a few wayward pieces out of my head. 
I had this kid theme get stuck in my head that day. This is the first four of a whole series.
I have them up on my art blog now so if you want to see them larger click on the orange words.  I also have 5 other new ones, some huge ones to get up there too. 
I had intended to do it tonight but like I mentioned before my camera battery died so it is charging now and they will get uploaded next time.
Saturday the kids and I headed down to the Cathedral art festival.
I wanted to get in and have a booth but this year I am just too busy. Maybe next year.
We did have a great time though listening to the music, watching the dancing, checking out all the art and jewelry and eating yummy street food.

I came away so inspired my creative bone was itching and I along with Kaitlyn's help prepped 4 canvases. 
I must say I also got a little grossed out. I cannot handle some of the sword swallowing or nail into the nose stuff, I kinda gag and have to run. I think I'll stick to the tame stuff.
Like hanging with the kids.
And trying to live in the moments without getting too caught up with what I want to do.

I am glad that Kaitlyn shares my passion. 
She is like my reality check. If I sit and doodle up a new design she marches up and says, " Not now mom, come now to my room, we are playing."
Off we go....painting waits with the dishes and e-mails, dolls must be fed and trains must me chugged.


bethany actually said...

I love the photo of your sister throwing the basketball! Awesome. Also, Annalie dresses herself and I let her leave the house like that 95% of the time purely because when we're out in public I entertain myself by imagining what the passers-by are thinking about her outfits. ;-)

Hannah said...

I think it's awesome that you feel so passionate about your painting!

Love the photos of Ethan & the cat!

Anonymous said...

yay for passions and fitting them in ... and LOVE the jumping mary poppins pic! off to look at the new art ...

Family Adventure said...

Your passion is inspiring. I wish I had something I felt so strongly about it. Go ahead, indulge and enjoy!!


Elaine A. said...

That "Mary Poppins" picture totally rocks!! You take such great shots! Is there anything you are not talented at? Geez!!

Love the kiddie canvases too... : )

nicole said...

Glad you made the the kid theme paintings. Bravo on fitting your passion into your motherhood. Have you read "the Creative Family" by Amanda Soule. She talks a lot about including kids in your creativity. Check it out.

Kori said...

I love your photos-and your painting, which we all know.

Misty said...

Priceless, I agree. It's hard to remember to soak up ALL of it.

It's also hard to balance it all, eh?

Kami said...

You have been busy! I love that black and white photo at the end, the hat! I love it!


Great to see you yesterday :-)

mamatucci said...

I love you new paintings,Beautiful!
I still love the Orange crush one, wish I new what colors to paint my house. Oh well still a long way from that.
I remember Frankie wearing some pretty funny outfits,Thats what imaginations are for.

Angella said...

You are so amazingly gifted with your painting! Well, and everything else.

Good for you for taking the time to do what you are passionate about!

Including being a Mommy :)

Karen MEG said...

Anna, I just love your posts! Such wonderful photos - that Mary Poppins one is so cute!

Little G is also the animal lover - partial to cats too. Not so me (I'm actually quite allergic!). Ethan sure is a brave little guy!

And your artwork is so wonderful! I so wish I had a talent for art; unfortunately, skipped me and went to my sister. Such is life!

Tracey said...

Lovely pictures, and the paintings are very cool! Glad you're rediscovering your love for painting...

nicole said...

thanks for the hand comment! I think my hands look like me grandma light's hands might have looked like when she was younger.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna,this is Brooke Giesbrecht (formerly Kilcup). I have to tell you that I share your thoughts on pets entirely--they just aren't for me. And at this point in life with an almost one year old and a 2 1/2 year old I share your thoughts on babies as well :) I love reading your blog!