Friday, May 9, 2008

Connecting longish listy dots

First of all I want to say thank you! I am so flattered I just have to share. Despite my choppy irregular blog posting of late I have been honored to be blogged about elsewhere.
 My sweet and hilarious friend Brenda from Secret Agent Josephine received the painting. It was so fun  to see the two Baby bugs come face to face!
Then Kami did a pot about her bag, gosh, she made me blush!
And if that wasn't enough Elaine gave me an award! She is so kind and gracious!
I am so tickled it makes me want to do a give away! 
No not the painting, nice try!
Something else, it is in the works still, soon though!
Now remember this painting? Well it was only one post ago that I wrote about it but it feels like forever!
Some how I have really fallen off the bloggy wagon. I miss blogging and last night sat down to write. I was tired and kinda cranky, too much on my mind and I didn't feel like doing the actual work. If only I could think the post into being!

Anyway, the painting.
Some of you said you were interested in it and wondered if it would be for sale. It is for sale--with a catch.
The dimensions are 30x 36 inches (2 1/2 feet by 3 feet) and it is a gallery canvas, about 2 inches deep.
The price will be $199.00
Some of you might gawk, but this is a really good deal for an original. The costs are high for this size,  nearly half that price is soaked up in costs alone. The second half is to cover my labour. 
Sometimes I feel that I am expensive but then I look at other original prices, some sell this size for over $1000! Well someday I might have to charge that, but this is not a living for me, I do it as a stress release and as a passion. If you see a $1000 price tag anytime soon either I am super famous (not likely) or we are broke!
So thank goodness I don't have to charge that!

Now about the catch. This painting is reserved for the downtown salon show. If you purchase it it won't be delivered right away. It will still go into the salon show but with a sold tag.
 After a few weeks I will rotate it out and ship it then. If you choose to wait on it it might just get snapped up at the show so you will need to let me know right away before it gets hauled down there.
You can e-mail me or let me know in a comment.
Now if you do want it  I will pop it up on my etsy shop reserved in your name and get the details worked out.

Kaitlyn has been busy by my side working on her own artistic creations. However when I ask her what it is she is not quite sure, I am sure excited to see what it turns out to be though. A few more colors and dry times and coats will tell. 
I think I will reserve this one in my name, I am one of  her biggest fans!
Now in other daily news. We have been keeping busy with playdates...
one with little mommy and her kiddos,
Afternoons in the yard with just us,
and then a birthday afternoon at Kami's. (her birthday of course)

The kids celebrated  by having a blast on their trampoline, way better than gymnastics!
It seems that since the weather has turned we are outside so much and the fresh air really does  us in. Bedtime seems to happen earlier for me and posts sit in my head. 
I think it has been a good thing because I would have just been venting otherwise.
More on that later.

On with our daily doses.

Next up....the front yard as seen by Kaitlyn.

She sure has an interesting perspective. There were also a lot of tummy and knee shots. 
It is funny, reminds me of when I was her age and the world to me was just full of knees.
Now remember last post when I mentioned finding treasures in other peoples trash?
It is not like I am a garbage picker or anything and it is not that I need free stuff. I don't meant to leave an impression that I am on the prowl cause I am cheap, nothing like that!
I just like to find treasures in junk! (I get it from my mom)
Like this wheel barrow! 
It was next to a trash bin calling my name and is now the biggest hit in the yard for the kids. It is in perfect condition, a little faded but great! Thanks whoever you were that pitched it, we love it!

OK, now what I was going to say before about venting. I have been getting restless again, feeling listless and out of sorts. I finally made the connection, hello PMS!
This is why I am always fine a few days later. I know I am an emotional roller coaster at the best of times but now, ha, I am connecting the dots! 
For future reference, I must not make life decisions during those days, they would be totally out of wack, like choosing wall paper while pregnant, that was a disaster! 

Art was strange when I was pregnant too, enough about that though, this is probably why I didn't paint last night, I would have done pink swirls on an orange flower painting or something. Yikes!

Now I am off, the kids are napping and I need to get some cleaning done and some paintings wrapped to prep for the salon show. 
Have a great weekend!


Misty said...

Best wishes for lots of successful sales of your art. Your work is beautiful.

JeniBeans said...

I love what you've got going in that one beside kaitlyns painting...(love hers too. is that a leaf?)

Kori said...

I already tried to post once and it just disappeared-so will try again. First, I am really, really, REALLY need and love that picture, and it is NOT expensive at all-if I didnt have these pesky four kids and an empty fridge, I would buy it in a second. Literally. Also, I love your photos, and thanks for stopping by my blog!

Hannah said...

Your painting is gorgeous, and I don't think $199 is too much. If you can charge more, you should! I love Kaitlyn's "work in progress" too, she seems to have your talent and is really intently looked at her canvas, not just slapping paint on. Artist in the making!

mamatucci said...

wow, for only being a hour and a bit away, it seems your weather was that much better!
I love your painting, I wish I knew what color scheme i was going with in the new house!

Elaine A. said...

Oh Kaitlyn is going to be as good as her Mommy... so cute that she paints with you!!

I do love the green dot painting, if only it were in my budget. It is a great price though!

Good luck with your salon show.

(great wheelbarrow by the way... ; ))

HotRodHanna said...

Your paintings are fabulous! I wish I lived closer, I would be a frequent customer. Love your style.

Family Adventure said...

I love seeing life through Kaitlyn's eyes. :)


Kari & Kijsa said...

Happy Mother's Day! Hope you had a wonderful day with your family.

kari & kijsa