Friday, May 16, 2008

Absolute ridiculousness, oh and a giveaway!

This posting infrequently thing is actually driving me a little bananas. I am storing way too much up in my head and then the pictures, I can barely get through them let alone pick a few from each day to share. 
Despite the fact that I have been enjoying the break by painting my butt off I am finding that I now need  a painting break, so here I am. 
Vicious circle here let me tell ya!
Like I am chasing my own tail, sheesh!

Anyway, feel like a give away?
I have a few up my sleeve, so here are the first two.
This is a little birdie pendant I made and painted and below is a set of magnets. I shall call them flight or fancy. Flight for the bird and fancy for the fridge bling

Now here is your challenge. Make it through this mammoth post and when you get to the end I will guide you on what to do to get your chance to win....see you at the bottom.
And for a better shot,  fridge shot with funny shadow. Hmmm.
This is a major catch up so I will do my best with patchy memories, here goes!
This goes way back to over a week ago. We hit up this little ceramics studio to create a mother's day gift. I had intentions of making gifts there for Dave's moms too but after choking out the money for what we started we have decided they will have to wait for another trip.
Sorry mom's, your gifts will have to wait till we see you, we love you though, it is just a breakable issue. Both to the items and to the bank.
However we had fun. Well, I had fun. The kids were a little intimidated by the jolly French shop owner who joined us at our table with stories from the globe, but after a few minutes settled in to work on their master pieces.
 OK, maybe that was a bit of a stretch.  Ethan got distracted by the napkin, he is into disposable art I guess.
I worked on a mug as fast as our 30 min time constraint allowed. It was a gift to me, sweet me, ha, ha bawwhaha.
I was going to gift it but then decided it was so me I just had to keep it...well that and the fact it came with a to-go lid. That sealed the deal....ha, ha no pun intended.
 Sheesh, I am cracking myself up tonight, you would think I was drinking or something but nope, just a little squirmy in the brain.
Sorry folks for the corniness, I am sure when I re-read this in the morning I will just shake my head and groan.
 Now mom's---as in Grandma A and Grandma Grumpy if you would fancy something like this please send some vibes so we know what to get started on for your way belated mothers day gifts, thanks!
Oh, yes and here are the flowers from auntie 'TT'. Thanks my sweet sister, you really put up with so much living here! I am sure you can hardly wait to get into your new condo...the peace, I can hardly imagine it!
Kaitlyn delivered the cup and saucer to Grammy. Tea pals.
The gift from 'TT' was this fun Chinese tea set with tea flowers. I cannot remember the real name for the whole thing but I love it. I have been eye balling one of these for me but my collection is near the bursting anyway. This will have to be a special treat time at my moms.
On with the week.....
Ever noticed how much I love my kids crazy hair?
Or crazy antics?
They just give me more reasons to love.
Pic-nic. It lasted a whole three minutes. Then the kids took turns running around in between bites, it sure was a treat!
Geese feeding play date.
Kaitlyn was quite infatuated with the "mama geeses baby chichens."
Oh, right, I almost forgot, here is the completed mug. After the glazing and firing the colors turn out quite vibrant.
Green makes me soooo happy!
The size is a happy size too, well for me and coffee, mmmmm.
Did I mention the hair?
Yup, I love it. If she wasn't mine I might think that her mommy was  a little nuts and should get out a brush and pony, but hey I love the whimsy of the wildness.
Can't get enough.
Or chalk, it is an every day thing.
And painting, can't forget that! We have been working away, the show will go on! Tuesday actually is the date set for delivery. I still have a few to finish so this weekend I have to buckle down big time!
Speaking of buckling down I did so with my roller blades.
 I am loooooving the evening heat!
Playdate with the neighbors. We have been doors away for a year and a half now and we finally managed to get together. I hope it is a habit we get into. Being close is so nice and having new little friends to share swings and orange slices with, even better!

Jaunts in the park round out the day. No wonder I barely get on here!
I think we are trying to  pack the whole summer into a few days. 
I guess we are just a little excited to finally be getting out and enjoying the sun.

Once again some flyaway hair. I do love me some wispies, guess it could be because mine are so out of control. I choose to embrace!
Now back to the giveaway part.

This is going to be tough. I want you to go back through all the photos and name the one that you loved the most.....JUST KIDDING!!

Actually all you have to do is tell me if you prefer flight or fancy in your comment and then I will do a random draw for both choices and declare two winners in my next post. 

Getting this far deserves a prize without any more work!

Once the winners are announced I will ask you to e-mail me your mailing info and take it from there.
Good luck and have a great weekend!


The Chatty Housewife- said...

Anna, I love the whispies too!

I love flight. It is so so so cute and I have been drooling over your birdies. The magnets are cute too but I have stainless, so they wouldn't stick.

Glenda - Minnesota said...

LOL, that Chinese tea thing is crackin' me up - I have never seen anything like it!
I LOVE how your mug turned out, you should make a whole set and sell those too!
I also am just LOVING this weather, can't stay inside long enough to blog Ü

Angella said...


I like the magnets, but we have a stainless steel fridge - it's not magnetic!

So I'll say "flight" :)


I love,love,love your mug!

As for flight or fancy I seem to be drawn more to the 'flight' it seems more original plus the lovely magnets would get lost in the clutter on my fridge or bulletin board.

bethany actually said...

I like flight.

And I love the mug! You know I am a fan of lime green inside a mug. :-)

herM said...

fancy would be my choice, love magnets! and crazy hair? I'm
SO with you on that one! My youngest gives me a run for my money when it comes to capturing his crazy do's. thanks for sharing all the pics! enjoy that mug, things taste better out of cool mugs don't they?

Melanie said...

Hey Anna,

I love the fancy. Always need fridge magnets. Great mug too. And we have to get together soon for a mommy night out. Hope you are having a great weekend.

MJ said...

Great cup, Anna! Glad you kept it for yourself too! Enjoy your coffee!

cc said...

I love flight, and the photo with the glasses and potato head eyes.

BeachMama said...

I fancy myself to be a fancy gal ;).

I love your photo updates. You pack so much fun into such a short amount of time, I truly find it amazing.

And the whispies are just so cute. My hair does the same thing when I tie it up.

mamatucci said...

Looks like you have been up to alot. Sounds like loads of fun. Funny how springy summer weather brings on the business.

I like fancy,have a thing for magnets!!!

Karin said...

Flight! Cute bird. The picnicking pictures are darling.

Kat Bryan said...

I like them both. However, since my frig is pretty crowded, I'll choose flight because as you know, there's always room for jewelry...or is that Jell-o?

Thanks for having the contest.

Kari said...

I love all the piccies! Your mug is amazing! (that's the size I use for my coffee too :)

I'll pick fancy but I love the bird too!

Elaine A. said...

I love flight - such a darling pendant!! I bet coffee tastes extra yummy out of that mug that you made. So cute!

Angela Fehr said...

Love the shot of Ethan's hair from underneath! Sammi had a baby mullet for a long time - she was 18 months old and people still couldn't tell if she was a boy or girl!

I love flight, by the way!

Heather said...

I loved this post - lots of topics and very cute pics! I would have to choose flight - that birdie is just so cute. I've never been much for jewelry - but now that I have to wear a uniform its a way to express myself so I have been getting more excited about it!

Amy.E said...

Love the picnic picture! Never would have guessed that they didn't sit there like angels for the whole picnic - they look so content there!

I'm all for fancy - beautiful magnets!

Misty said...

I am going to say fancy. I need cute magnets.

And..... the hair whispies... ADORABLE.

Your mug... PERFECT. You should really sell those too. They rock.

And the tea.... that's a riot...

And I, too, love warm weather, play time, and picnics.

xo Misty

Kari & Kijsa said...

Love that sweet hair!! And your mug is fabulous..great gift to you!!! Love the 'flight'!
Check out our post today for a fun freebie magazine offer!!!

kari & kijsa

Kami said...

Hee hee, you are a goofball Anna but that's why I love you!

And that you post pictures of my best side too ;-)

I have had the pleasure of winning some of your fantastic handy work already so I'll opt out of the draw and wish everyone else luck:-)

Hope you had a great weekend!

SleepyNIta said...

I like them both but I will pick FANCY in honor of my swanky new fridge! It seriously needs cute magnets; not just pizza delivery ones.

Mandy said...

Hmmm..they are both so cute but this time I would have to say fancy. I have a thing for fridge magnets...just ask my poor husband who is always knocking them off. Oh and I love, love, love the kids hair. I had two who had the craziest stick straight up hair and I loved it! Oh and long and rambley I know but...your mug is gorgeous! I have a thing for mugs too!

A.Sister said...

Well I like both, but I will choose...flight! I love the cup you made too!

Kori said...

I love your photos and your work SO much, I can't believe it took me utnil today to add you to my list. REally. You are so talented, and an awesome mama to boot.

jessilynn said...

You seem like a really fun mom. Your kids are gonna have great memories when they get older.

I will go with fancy since I collect magnets and those are really unique so thank you for the giveaway! :-)