Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Contest closed

Winners have been drawn, and two bonus winners too. Kaitlyn decided that we needed "Mooora winnas mom."

Now I am working on the post...hope to publish it by tonight. I am doing the solo parenting thing this week with Dave out of town. TT is still here and family is helping but somehow I find without his support I am cracking. Doesn't help that the back window of my truck spontaneously exploded yesterday and I had an art delivery. 
Then last night the kids came down with colds in the middle of the night. The house is a mess and the lawn need I sound like a country song yet?

We did have an awesome long weekend though so I really cannot complain, but yesterday nearly did me in! 
I ended up on the phone bawling my eyes out with two kids screaming on my lap at 10 pm. Dave's phone was out of range and all I wanted was to hear his voice. After 10 mins of continuous redialing he was back in range and boy was I glad. I miss him!

Anyway I will get to the real post with pictures and the winners right away, well at nap time I tonight anyway.


JeniBeans said...

The same thing happened to my van a few months ago. I think I posted about it. Weird how they do that, huh? Oh well. Hope it all settles down for you soon. =)

Glenda - Minnesota said...

Thats scarry about your window Anna, wierd eh?

Hope your day goes better and that hubby gets to come home soon.

Family Adventure said...

Glad you finally got a hold of him!! :)


herM said...

I'm with you, minus the exploding windows, hang in there girl! Soloing stinks, but the homecoming is great and something to look forward to :) Just passed the halfway mark here, and SO glad. Hugs to you, and may the colds go away soon!