Monday, May 12, 2008

Peek, it's me!

I am just going to sound like a broken record..I have missed blogging, again.  However it has been a very needed break. 

I am actually getting things done. I don't go near the computer most of the day and it has made a huge difference on the state of the house.
I was watching Trading Spouses- meet your new mom and there was this one mom who spent every spare minute and then the whole evening on the computer playing Star Wars games. 

When the moms swapped she tried to do the same at the new home but their internet connection was too slow to download the game. She seemed to go through a withdrawal and was cranky and distant. 
Back at her home the new mom was settling in and spent the evening talking with the new husband. He was not used to that and brought out videos of him and his wife back in the 'good old days.'
Days when they did everything together and spent quality time hanging out.
He was so sad and stated that he wished he could have his old wife back, the one who wasn't consumed with the computer.

I realize I am not that bad but close. 
It made me think of all the times I would get annoyed when I was trying to be on the computer. I realized that net life will go on, I may loose stats and readers since I don't get around to all the blogs I like to read as often as I would like. 
But, truth be told it is a break in  stress. Somehow I was feeling stress over keeping up. 
What matters is the here and now in my family life. 
I will blog when I get the chance and not stress out over it.

I have a ton of photos to share when I get the chance, soon I hope. I will sit and  plop them on, along with my give away.

For now here are a few pic's from the day and I am off to bed.

I really am excited to get back on here and share all of what we have been up to, there are ceramic crafts, four new paintings and a wickedly clean house!


I have caught up on all the laundry, vacuuming, floor washing, sheet changing, clothes sorting and toilet scrubbing. No wonder I am so beat, but it is a good kind of beat, the kind of beat that leaves you satisfied that you can sit back and chill without anything hanging over your head to be done.
I feel light, now to plunk out some semblance of a schedule and hopefully keep up. Maybe this is the time to get back on the FlyLady wagon.

All I know is that I hope that I can keep this up, for Dave and the kids. They need the clean space, they thrive in it. I need to do my art and create and I think I can somehow strike a balance, time will tell. 
Now to bed with my sorry tired butt, I will have to do a proper update next time.

Hope you all had a great Mother's day!
My favourite part was when Kaitlyn and Ethan ran up to me with cards and Kailtyn squealed, "Happy mother's day, I love you!"
Anyway, more on that later.

What was your favourite part?


Family Adventure said...

Life first. Blogging much lower on the priority list. You are right - the computer easily becomes an addiction.

Happy Mother's Day to you.


Hannah said...

Yep, really easy to get sucked into being on the computer all the time ... I reckon if I didn't have a husband & kids I would probably succumb to the forces pulling me here 24/7 ... but yay for a darn good reason to keep my "REAL LIFE" going, my family has to always stay more important than my online life. Good to be reminded of priorities though, eh?

Glad you had a good Mother's Day - you deserve it, you are such a good Mom!

SAJ said...

That photo of Ethan with his arms crossed kills me!!!! So FUNNY!!

My favorite part of mother's day? When BB and I went and bought ourselves flowers. Because we can.

Holly said...

awww, ethan's grumpy picture is so adorable... :)

Catharine said...

I love that photo of Ethan with his arms reminds me of my kids LOL! For Mother's Day I got breakfast in bed (toast smothered with Nutella, sprinkles and chocolate chips - what a bunch of sugar to put into the system first thing in the morning!) At least they brought me coffee to wash it down with - other years it has been hot chocolate with waaay too much chocolate. I got a bunch of homemade cards which are so sweet and personal and Luke came running in first, "Happy Muvver's Day!" and Kurt was right behind, "Happy Smother's Day!" Everyone got a kick out of Kurt at church as he decided to stand in the greeting line and wish all the ladies a Happy Smothers Day.

Rod took me to the nursery and we picked out all our flowers for the yard and all our baskets. It was fun and we all had a good time. The kids came home with armloads of half dead blooms that had fallen off the plants and onto the nursery floor. After that we went to Hole's for Rodney's fuscia basket and we were so glad we went to a different nursery for our flowers, because it was 3x as much at that crazy place!

Glad you had a great day and don't feel bad about blog-land...many other bloggers are saying the same thing now that the weather is nicer. I think there is a lot more time for blogging during the winter when it is so dark for so many hours and so cold outside that you spend way more time indoors. Look forward to seeing the photos when you do get a chance to put them up!

The Chatty Housewife- said...

I've had to start being brutal about deleting blogs from my reader. It just takes too much time! And it would help if blogger uploaded videos and photos a little faster!

Don't forget to stop by my blog and enter my giveaway!

Misty said...

It makes me smile to see your children enjoy art work, just like their Mama.

BeachMama said...

I agree with Heidi! Blogging is fun and great but so not a priority. I also know how you can feel like you just have to log on and post. I myself have been taking it easy with the computer for the last week or so. Mostly because of Cosmo, but also because I realized I hadn't washed my floors in a long time and Apple's knees on her pants were getting dirty, I felt terrible. So I took a break and cleaned my house! AND we have been getting outside in all this gorgeous weather, blogging always slows down in great weather :).

Kami said...

You hit the nail on the head here Anna, I need to reset my priorities too!

Yay for getting caught up on housework, it is so satisfying isn't it?

That picture of Ethan? YOU HAVE TO FRAME IT!

He cracks me up:-)

mamatucci said...

Cute pictures. Funny how when you dont have your own house to clean, I kinda miss it! I cant believe i am saying that ha

Glenda - Minnesota said...

Ohhh... I do understand Anna, thats why I go away for a couple of days here and there also Ü

Your pic of Ethan is soooo funny! It's soo good to get those type of pictures when they are younger. Kaitlin used to make this one frowny face when she was a toddler and I can picture it in my head but I sooo wish I had it on film!!

Elaine A. said...

That second picture is just great. I love his folded arms and smug look! HA!

My favorite part of Mother's Day was when my oldest said, "Happy Mother's Day Bubba (yes that is what he calls me), I love you!!"

I am glad you had a good one and that your house is clean. It always feels so good to get everything clean and organized.

See you when we see you Anna ; )

Kori said...

I LOVE that middle picture of your pouty boy; my O does that, too, and it never fails to crack me up, no matter how obstinate he is being. As for the PC time, I don't have one at home, which I often hate but maybe I should look at as a good thing!

Amy.E said...

Good for you arranging your priorities to fit the people who matter most! Balance is a good thing to have. Will continue to enjoy your blog no matter how frequent or infrequent the posts may be.

Karen MEG said...

You've been busy, busy being there for your family and that's the main priority, it really should be. It gets bad for me sometimes too; but at least there are some people at the other end of the blogosphere, there's a little more human contact rather than just fighting Darth Vadar and the stormtroopers LOL!

Kiddies are soo cute! I'll always come back to check up on you and the kids. You take the best pictures, and the highlights of your time with them always make me smile ;)

The Chatty Housewife- said...
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