Monday, June 2, 2008

There is this lie that I have told.

I have this confession. I have said things like, "we should go camping some time", or "I love camping." 

I lied.

It is not that I hate camping. But I am not sure that I really like it either.
I think it is fun as we set up the tent and fetch wood and blow up the bed, but then I have to pee.
After the first potty trip the luster has worn off and I start to think the whole process is a little nuts.
Then we sleep with the flap open and gaze at the stars. I am filled with wonder and awe at the awesome universe that God has created. I worship and praise Him. I decide I love camping.

Then I get cold. I put on a touque and snuggle in closer to Dave. 
I listen to the loud drunk people at the next site over.
I long for my own bed.

The morning dew sets a chill in the air and we build a fire.
Off to pee again, this time with really bad bed head hair.
I see other ugly morning people plodding there as well. I wait in line. It stinks, we all stink.
Then I hate camping.

We decide to go into town for something fun to do and hope everyone doesn't die from our campfire stench. We pass all the pretty rental chalets.
I hate camping more.

I decide that I am definitely a resort-er not a camper. 

I think maybe this is deep routed.
 There were two times we went camping when I was a kid that stick in my mind. Both times were to Cypress Hills interprovincial park. One time in the condos by the lake and one time in the campground with a tent trailer.
The time in the condo we roasted marshmallows in the fireplace and slept in cozy warm beds with a great view out the balcony.
The time in the campground we were in with the masses with a potty down the road and water that was drinkable after a good boil somewhere down the road too.
I fell out of the side of the tent trailer in the middle of the night and slept on the ground under the camper till my parents found me.  I got bug bites. My sister ended up in the hospital for drinking the water before it was boiled. My dad split his hand open collapsing the trailer.
I should have learned then that I was not a camper but I was a kid and had a ton of fun anyway. 
My dad learned though and bought the cottage.

So what I am saying is this. If I say something like that to you, smack me. I am lying. What I am trying to say is, "Lets go get nice chalets and sit in the hot tub and not stink."
I know lots of you love camping so please do not be offended that I do not share this love. I don't quite get it so maybe tell me why you love it so I can understand better. It is so lost on me.
Thank you, really!

Now back to daily life as I see it.

Kaitlyn is really loving having control over what she wears, she thinks she is a mini me. She kinda is.
She has been learning to write her name and love doing her "school work."
Ethan gets a little side tracked. 
Kaitlyn climbs the walls. She is such a monkey.
A few days ago we went for a rollerblade to the park for a picnic then headed to my parents place for the afternoon.
My grandpa was there. Isn't he the cutest?!
I love him.
Ethan decided to chase a squirrel.
He lost it under the car.
He was so confused but had to give up since it had run across the street.

Ya that's me, playing with the self timer.
Saturday we headed out to my parents cottage. Dave brought his guns. They are only air soft BB guns and the guys have a blast shooting stuff.
Kaitlyn and I soaked up the sun.
And blew dandelions into the wind.
Cousins came too. Here is Dawson in front of the fort the boys built.
Kaitlyn and Ethan didn't fight. Well part of the time. It was awesome!

The flowers were all blooming and so fragrant.
Kaitlyn even picked me a flower.
"For you mommy"
Ethan hated every moment he had to be inside.
I tanned. You can't tell though, I practically repel the sun with my whiteness. Maybe I should say I pinked.

Remember 'Dowdy' the purple stuffy I made?
Well Ethan needed a stuffy too so we made 'Mmeehh'
He loves him.

And to sum things up here are a few paintings ready to be picked up. These clients are so kind and after they heard that we have two little ones offered to pick up rather than have them dropped off.
So sweet!

Anyway this whole post was rather mish mashy, as per usual of late but, remember way back at the top when I was talking about camping?

I really do want to know why or what you love about it. Maybe this will help me be a happy camper in the future or maybe it will only keep my happy with wanting to be a resort-er or chalet-er or whatever they are called.
Whatever it is I would love to hear it.
Hope you all had a great weekend!


mamatucci said...

I love the monkey picture. And the pitures at the lake they look the same age.

Hannah said...

You are so funny! I love how you wrote about your love-hate relationship with camping! I guess it has good and bad points, like most things. It's cheaper than resort-ing, but not as luxurious. I think camping is heaps of fun, but I don't like doing it for a long period of time. A week, tops. ;-)

LOVE all the pics!! Gorgeous!

Glenda - Minnesota said...

I love to camp but I have to have 4 walls and 4 wheels Ü

Kori said...

I love to camp. Because it gives the kids permission to do things they are not allowed to at home like walk around with food, throw rocks into the water, run with sharp sticks with flaming marshmallows on it. I love the freedom of being able to be as noisy as we want, I love the feeling of being outside and getting to play. I love the water, and the feeling of the dirt in between my toes. I love to fish, and love qually to cook it. We do have a large tent with an an inflatable queen sized bed; we also don't do all of our ooking over the fire, but instead have a propane stove and lanterns. So we are wimps in that respect. Also, I do NOT leave the tent without brushing my teeth and washing my face and armpits.

Elaine A. said...

Chalet all the way!! The last time I went camping it poured like crazy and I just felt wet the whole time! Yuck.

I also feel like the older you get the more back support you need while sleeping. Can I get an "AMEN?!" I need a mattress, not the ground.

You're Granpa IS the cutest! Love Ethan trying to chase the squirrel!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anna,
I love to camp. Sleeping in the tent is a treat. I love having the fresh air around me. I have learned through the years to make the bed a little different. I have an old wool blanket that I put on the floor of the tent. It helps keep out the cold and damp. Then I put the air bed down and put another wool blanket on top(more layers to keep out the cold and damp). Then I put a fitted sheet on top of that. Then I lay my blankets (yes more than 2) down. No sleeping bags for me. It's like a bed at home. I find that I am warmer and alot less damp. The other thing I do is make sure I have a really large tarp over the tent. It helps with the rain and the sun. Everyone laughs at me, but I have the last laugh when I am dry and warm and they aren't.
My tenting years are coming to an end. I am selling my tent at the next garage sale because if I go camping, I go with my sister and she now has a brand new trailer. I like to tent, but am not stupid. This year, camping is out of the question. The cold air really hurts my ankle. Maybe next year.
Love and miss you lots!
Aunty Kathy

Kami said...


I spent the better part of my youth LOVING it. That's because I didn't pee at night and my parents did all the work oh and I didn't stink because I was kid.

I believe in a nice resort BY a lake. That is all.


Miss you too. I'll email!

The Chatty Housewife- said...

The photo looking up at your grandpa on the swing reminds me of Em. I don't know why!

Why I love camping: bike rides, not falling out of the tent trailer (I supposed I wouldn't like it if I had) beach days, rainy days reading Archie comics and babysitter club books... and doing bible searchers in the tent trailer, all the bright melamine dishes and mugs, hot chocolate before bed, the smell of the campfire, interpretive center activities, hikes... there are so many more good memories where these are coming from. I loved camping. Most of the time we went to Good Spirit lake/campground or Greenwater.

Family Adventure said...

I don't camp. Too many bugs and too cold. Just like you said. Stinky toilets. Resorts: now we're talking!! :)


Kiki said...

Camping is an adventure waiting to be found! It has some things about it that I don't care for but the good far outway the bad! I love the smell of campfire!! If it weren't so hot in Tx I would have a fire in the fireplace year round. I love the excuse to eat all the traditional cheap camping food. I also look forward to campers stew! The sound of loud laughing drunks that seems to find its way to us amuses me. I love the sound of nature. I love swinging in hamocks. I love watching my children laugh themselves into a silliness that I recognize and dont do enough of. I think a lot of life happens when were camping. And I too enjoy the huge queen size blow up mattress topped with all the down bedding that fits in our car(for two-three nights!)

BeachMama said...

I will go camping, but I prefer the condo/cottage/resort trip. I don't complain, but am happy to be home in my own bed.

And look at your weather!!! Why didn't I get any of that when I was there? It is heading our way for the weekend, yay!!

Anonymous said...

good writing anna- you made me laugh...
ke :)

Anonymous said...

thank you for keeping your blog up to date so I can watch my grandchildren in their daily journey! They are simply beautiful! I can hardly wait to see them.
Lots of Love
ps I have a love hate relationship with camping as well. I love the fire, being outside and the freedom, but ug I hate bugs!!!!!

Kari & Kijsa said...

Such a fun post! Love all the family photos-too cute!!
We are happy campers if we are NOT camping!!

kari & kijsa

MJ said...

I'm not a camper, especially not a tenter. There's no way I can get comfortable on a blow-up mattress! I am a rustic cabiner altho can overnight in a trailer for a few nights, if pressed! You aren't alone!