Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Drumroll please.....

and the winners are....hand picked randomly from a basket by Kaitlyn...For the little birdie (flight) the winner is Bethany Actually, runner up with second place is Elaine a. who will be getting a similar gift. For the magnets (fancy) the winner is Beachmama and in second place and again with a similar gift is herM. 
 If you could e-mail me your shipping info I will pop these in the mail. Thanks!
I will post pictures of what you all get in my next post. Well the winners know what you are getting but I mean the runners up.

Now the kids are in bed, I have had a bath and am feeling rather sane. I am guessing the hour and a half walk after supper did us good. 

Where to start with the updates? I think I need to get back to blogging a little more regularly. I had 499 photos sitting on my camera from this weekend, that is stressful!
So here are a few starting with Saturday.
We headed out to the cottage for the day. Not our cottage but my parents place. We don't get possession of ours till July 1. Feels like we are waiting forever but it is giving us time to plan before payments on it start hitting us.
Auntie Em gave rides on her bike.
We looked for treasure in rocks down at the beach.
Caught a few rays.
And avoided a few rays too, though unwillingly. 
On Monday we headed back to the cottage again. This time with friends and family. We chilled down at the lake and found some neat stones,
peek a boo!
Took pretty pictures,
and goofy ones.
Threw stones and watched the waves.
Went for wagon rides behind the lawn tractor. Notice Ethan is not there. He was terrified of the idea. I thought he would be thrilled since he love tractors but apparently it is only at a distance.
The kids hung out on the swing and enjoyed the non stress of me yelling at them to stay away from the street. 

Back home we planted a few flowers,
and tended to the yard before saying good bye to daddy.
The following morning I went out to put the kids in the truck and after buckling up Ethan looked back and noticed the window.
I quickly took him out and stood back. It sounded like rice crispies snap cracking and popping away. Throughout the day pieces would just fall out smash on the street. Freaky!
Turns out this spontaneous shattering is a common occurrence in vans and SUV's. I was surprised but glad that it didn't happen when I was driving and it is now booked to get a new window, whew!
Ethan was relieved too!
I was a little worried since I had my art delivery to make but my parents rearranged their schedules so I could borrow their truck.
Off went 4 paintings to the salon with another booked to go in along with the price cards next week. 
I am feeling somewhat relieved of the painting stress. Only 12 to go! Ha, don't get me wrong, I love being so busy, I just need to get the balance right between art, family and house work. Right now the house work  is rather daunting!
I also dropped off my new business cards, aren't they awesome?! The red is what is on the back. They were a team effort between Brenda (from Secret Agent Josephine) and I. Actually all I did was tell her what I needed written on it and she took it from there. A few weeks later a package came in the mail.
 She surprised me with the back, she is so sweet!
Thanks B!
Back to my grind sans Dave. I found my sanity in this frosted mocha goodness. With the window of my truck crumbling as the hours ticked I hauled out the stroller and headed by foot to the grocery store. 
We passed this neon shrub.
Ate a few snacks, napped and smelled a few flowers. The grocery trip ended up being a 5 hour walk. It felt good. I kind think the Lord let the window shatter to slow my pace a bit. 
I needed to stop the craziness a while and take a step back. 

Later that evening dad and Phil came over and cleaned up what was left of the window and taped it up. One of our cop neighbors drove by a few times checking it out, he cracked me up. I can just imagine what was going through his head, I am sure he checked to see if something was called in. 
So that is our craziness around here for the last few days. 
Now I am off to bed, that walk tonight did me in. I just hope it does wonder on my thighs too!


Hannah said...

Yay, I can finally see your whole blog :-)
Wow, I feel exhausted reading about your busy life ... particularly that 5 hour walk! And that was pushing 2 kids in a pram, right? Far out!! If your thighs aren't thanking you, there's something wrong!
Love all the photos, and the artwork is G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. As are the funky business cards.

Anonymous said...

yay, thanks so much!! and great to see the updates :) off to email you my addy :)

SAJ said...

Yay! I'm so glad the cards finally got there. I had visions of them sitting in customs until the end of time.

Your paintings look fantastic. Also, spring is so beautiful up there. I think since we never have winter down here, we don't appreciate spring properly like you guys do.

JeniBeans said...

the paintings and the biz cards are awesome, anna! great job to everyone !

Glad you're getting your windshield repaired. here is a link to my post about mine, in case you wanna compare pics. lol

I hope you can see that entire link. =)

JeniBeans said...

and you can't, can you. ah's called aahhh one thing after if you DO want to see the pics, just look for that post. Its from March 17th so you can view it by date.


nicole said...

Love the cards! Enjoy the slower paced kidsa re a few years older than yours and I wish I had slowed down more. Happy Spring!

Elaine A. said...

Runner up? That is SO awesome!! Thank you Anna! I can't wait to see what i get! ; )

Let's see what else...
Love the tractor pictures.

Your paintings give me chills.

Those business cards are beautiful and you just seem like the coolest chick. Period.

Wish we were neighbors, really. I will just have to live vicariously through Kami, I guess...

Thanks again... E

Angella said...

Those paintings are fabulous! As are the business cards! I've placed an order with SAJ too :)

I honestly don't know how you get it all done...

Kami said...

oh Anna, I am drooling over the paintings, those are fantastically amazing! I hope your truck is all fixed up, what a crazy thing to have happen and when Dave is away no less.

Love the pictures too!